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mc: i do understand the feeling and they should be ashamed!
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 14d 4h 42m 34s
Jayla: i hate being noticed myself. Yesterday was my first day at the academy. I was trying so hard not to be noticed that a group of bullies targeted me.
  BaneOfTheBasilisk / 14d 5h 3m 25s
mc: i have to move my hair T-T i dont like being noticed
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 14d 5h 19m 29s
Jayla: you must walk into walls every day!? :O how do you cope!?
  BaneOfTheBasilisk / 14d 5h 25m 55s
mc: ahh of course, well my hair covers half my face
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 14d 5h 31m 4s
Jayla: sure, i guess you should know i have stutter then
  BaneOfTheBasilisk / 14d 5h 31m 52s
mc: oh? well i am sure we can always meet up and chat
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 14d 5h 36m 5s
Jayla: i wouldn't want that, i already depend to much as it is.
  BaneOfTheBasilisk / 14d 5h 36m 32s
Mc: Ah! yes well if i could help you i would and zen seems quite nice for the most
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 14d 5h 41m 35s
Jayla: well i don't actually have money so i can't really be independent. That's nice, i was talking to zen about how i found this due to an advert.
  BaneOfTheBasilisk / 14d 5h 43m 55s
mc: well it is good that you have someone to help with your style jayla, i tend to be more independent but i use help once in a while, two of my new friends introduced me here ^^
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 14d 5h 47m 42s
Jayla: with my new roomates at the arts academy, chris insisted that only having three outfits including the uniform wasn't enough
  BaneOfTheBasilisk / 14d 5h 50m 0s

Mc: oh thats amazing ^^ what shopping
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 14d 6h 1m 3s

jayla: i'm gud! :3 i have been doing some shopping!
  BaneOfTheBasilisk / 14d 6h 4m 36s
im sorry u dont have to do it T-T//

Mc: oh! im doing alright for the most and you??
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 14d 6h 9m 54s

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