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-Zen joins the chat-

Hello, sweet. I am always nearby. Have you been missing me? ~
  Zen / LovableCurse / 141d 11h 47m 34s
-mc joins the chat-

mc: hello is anyone here today???
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 141d 11h 55m 44s
Jayla: i have to do it because exercise is important if you are going to be a musician. The guy in charge yelled at me for not stopping sooner because i fainted ^-^
  BaneOfTheBasilisk / 143d 9h 59m 10s
Zen: It is good for your image to keep up with cardio, but I can understand the discomfort that might have been associated with that test. I'm sorry that happened to you, sweet.
  Zen / LovableCurse / 143d 10h 7m 3s
Jayla: i have a heart condition and we had to do the bleep test.
  BaneOfTheBasilisk / 143d 10h 9m 19s
Zen: Oh, did something happen in P.E. that threatened you?
  Zen / LovableCurse / 143d 10h 12m 0s
Jayla: i hate gyms so much. i barely survived pe yesterday. :O
  BaneOfTheBasilisk / 143d 10h 13m 9s
Zen: I want to make sure, this audition is coming soon... I've been restless about everything, been in the gym rather non-stop as well.
  Zen / LovableCurse / 143d 10h 17m 36s
Jayla: i thought i said it was gud? And the little bit at the end is unique. >~<
  BaneOfTheBasilisk / 143d 10h 19m 24s
Zen: Oh, you are still here! Excellent. Tell me, what do you think of my hair? Honestly only.
  Zen / LovableCurse / 143d 10h 28m 43s
~Jayla enters the chat~

jayla: hai, i'm ok and you? :3
  BaneOfTheBasilisk / 143d 10h 46m 8s
-Zen enters the chat-

Zen: How is everyone today?
  Zen / LovableCurse / 143d 11h 20m 12s
Jayla: it was amazing, i'm not able to defend myself so i was lucky
  BaneOfTheBasilisk / 144d 10h 28m 56s
mc: wow thats amazing! jeez i wish i could do stuff like that
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 144d 10h 31m 21s
Jay: i met one of my roomates because of it. She beat the leader up. :3
  BaneOfTheBasilisk / 144d 10h 32m 17s

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