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mc: yes do tell us jayla i do want to know also, before i go make preperations
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 141d 11h 52m 44s
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Zen: Nu, what is your news? You can't tease me like this, I am too curious a thing...
  Zen / LovableCurse / 141d 11h 54m 26s
mc: so when do you think swo zenny i have one close to my house
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 141d 11h 54m 55s
Jayla: hm i shall return another time perhaps and say my news later.
  HermitsKitty / 141d 11h 55m 40s
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Zen: Welcome, Jayla, darling. And we ought to, sooner rather than later.
  Zen / LovableCurse / 141d 11h 56m 46s
mc: awwwww you look so adorable while the matter of having hair cover my face! OOh we should do coffee
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 141d 11h 58m 16s
Zen: I have another one, on my way to practice ~

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  Zen / LovableCurse / 141d 11h 59m 26s
mc: physically laughing zenny, alright i shall wait than
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 141d 12h 1m 7s
-jayla joins the chat-

jayla: hello everyone

  HermitsKitty / 141d 12h 1m 21s
Zen: So I caught your eye in my many, dashing pictures... hm, perhaps I have another one lying around. Give me a moment
  Zen / LovableCurse / 141d 12h 2m 20s
mc: i am well actually and that is true zenny plus i know u from modeling
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 141d 12h 4m 39s
Zen: Both? I am quite the show stopper ~ It is nice to meet you, dear. I hope you are well?
  Zen / LovableCurse / 141d 12h 5m 20s
mc: zenny u make me laugh, we havent really actually met im mc and its the charm and looks
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 141d 12h 6m 56s
Zen: Ah ha, I knew it! Was it my charm, or perhaps my devastatingly good looks?
  Zen / LovableCurse / 141d 12h 8m 7s
mc: oh zeny ur here that is amazing i actually have missd u
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 141d 12h 9m 8s

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