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Zen: Hurry back, darlin.
And is it? What are you going to do with all that free time?
  Zen / LovableCurse / 9d 1h 36m 10s
mc: your welcome zenny, i have to go deal with 707 and unknown now
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 9d 1h 36m 31s
Jayla: it's no problem. Oh crud. I forgot the holiday break for the academy is coming up...
  HermitsKitty / 9d 1h 37m 7s
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Zen: With all of this overwhelming support, there is no way I could possibly fail ~ Thank you both, sincerely.
  Zen / LovableCurse / 9d 1h 39m 19s
mc: oh?... tht sounds good im gonna go make sweets
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 9d 1h 39m 33s
Jayla: i can help with your lines i also do drama at the academy
  HermitsKitty / 9d 1h 40m 52s
mc: i do believe in you zenny! Ill cheer you on from home if anything
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 9d 1h 43m 7s
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Zen: Oh, mc here is putting together a meeting. I am working on lines at this moment, so it might be a little later this evening... I have to nail this audition!
  Zen / LovableCurse / 9d 1h 44m 12s
Jayla: the only annoying thing is that the drummer is an annoying prodigy who likes to critisise everything. She also happens to be my roomate
what is this event you are planning?
  HermitsKitty / 9d 1h 48m 4s
mc: that sounds good how about this evening? i can bring stuff???
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 9d 1h 49m 8s
mc: oh that is amazing, i am so proud of u jayla!! gosh now we can celebrate"!!!
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 9d 1h 51m 27s
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Zen: I am studying my lines for an upcoming audition, but I suppose I could use a break sometime soon... whenever you are free, you can help me with my lines.

And congrats!!!!
  Zen / LovableCurse / 9d 1h 51m 32s
Jayla: i am in a band :3 i do guitar and singing. It makes sense as i'm in the music house at the arts academy. Suprising i got in the academy in the first place as they don't usually except the nearly homeless.
  HermitsKitty / 9d 1h 52m 15s
mc: i know that you are here i did ask what the thing u were trying to talk about it, my my jesus
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 9d 1h 55m 15s
mc: yes do tell us jayla i do want to know also, before i go make preperations
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 9d 1h 57m 27s

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