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mc: right! that is correct zenny!

//oh lord i feel somewhat weird but happy at the same tme
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 141d 11h 55m 39s
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Zen: Being in top shape is so important, though, it makes the difference between being called back and being ignored. Not that I have much of an issue in that department, I am merely maintaining ~
  Zen / LovableCurse / 141d 11h 56m 57s
mc: oh its okay we are usually fine with anything most of the time
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 141d 12h 6m 34s
Jayla: looks don't matter, it's the emotion in a singer's voice that lures people to listen zen.
i'll try not to sing anything sad, i can't make any promises though
  HermitsKitty / 141d 12h 7m 18s
mc: that sounds perfect jayla, ill make sure to tell the owner about it
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 141d 12h 10m 4s
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Zen: I'm sorry, I am hyper-focused at the moment on memorizing so I might be of some entertainment later when we meet. I might also be on a treadmill, looks are just as important as my beautiful voice.
  Zen / LovableCurse / 141d 12h 10m 22s
Jayla: i just wanted to make sure i was thinking of the correct person. And mc if you want, my band can perform at the meeting
  HermitsKitty / 141d 12h 11m 10s
mc: yes he is actually he also wears glasses, why??

//i just did//
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 141d 12h 14m 5s
Jayla: seven is the one with the bright hair am i right?

  HermitsKitty / 141d 12h 15m 24s
mc: hes very persistant so it does seem. I know people like that zenny, i wish that they could do it for the sake of not having a heart attack though. I have to buy ice and put it in the tub than if they dont -.-
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 141d 12h 16m 46s
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Zen: That's awful, Jayla... I'm so sorry to hear that.
And there is no getting along when seven is involved, you might not know that yet... he's... eccentric.
  Zen / LovableCurse / 141d 12h 18m 24s
-mc joins the chat-

mc:im back, i had to get those two to get along
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 141d 12h 21m 14s
Jayla: i guess... He did shoot my mother. I would kill for a buiscit right now
  HermitsKitty / 141d 12h 21m 40s
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Zen: Is he cruel to you, your father?
  Zen / LovableCurse / 141d 12h 23m 51s
mc: alright zenny

-mc leaves chat to a different one-
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 141d 12h 26m 51s

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