Mystic messenger

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you encounter a weird messanger app, and you meet six new people!



Unknown (ray)
Jumin Han
Jahee Hange (female)

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Jayla: to be honest picking it up gives me an excuse to delay going home
  DarkMythic / 4d 19h 7m 22s
-mc entered the chat-

mc: i can always send it to you instead of picking it up
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 5d 1h 45m 13s
~jayla entered the chat~

jayla: i start holidays in a week. When would you like me to collect the gift?
  DarkMythic / 5d 6h 44m 4s
mc: it is fine for you do not have to do such thing for me
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 6d 48m 26s
Jayla: i wish i could buy you a present but i don't have money.
  DarkMythic / 6d 48m 59s
mc: well i like being kind jayla, and i do hope u stay well
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 6d 53m 25s
Jayla: oh! That's very kind of you mc! Very very kind
  DarkMythic / 6d 56m 37s
mc: alright alright i also sent u a gift if u wanna get it
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 6d 1h 1m 25s
Jayla: i'll be fine as long as i stay in this box...
  DarkMythic / 6d 1h 2m 4s
mc: do you need help over there or are you going to be okay
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 6d 1h 4m 36s
Jayla: i'm hiding from carson and his little group today
  DarkMythic / 6d 1h 5m 10s
mc: that is really good, im glad at least they are okay

///lmaiooo yess that is so relatable
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 6d 1h 8m 56s
Jayla: yeah stuff like that happens a lot

  DarkMythic / 6d 1h 10m 58s
-mc enters the chatroom-

mc: oh wow that sounds pretty intense by the sound of it, are they both okay
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 6d 1h 24m 51s
~Jayla entered the chat~

chris? She is a musical prodigy and sam, she tries her best and is just as good. They've been rivals for years. Chris finaly went too far so sam retaliated.
  HermitsKitty / 6d 4h 57m 16s

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