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There were stories told to the children of your village about a mighty race of steel warriors, forged deep in the mountain and given life by the wisest wizards the world had ever seen. It was said they were created to fight in a great war that never came to be and to this day there have been sightings of these massive automatons roaming the country, seeming to take no notice of the things around them. The villagers warned their children to stay away from such monstrosities and if you spotted one, to run and tell the elders so they could contact people who were prepared to handle such a foe. It wasn't known if these... Things... Were friend or foe but something of that size and power is not something to be trifled with.

(you) were told these same stories as a child to keep you from wandering away from the village. They told the children that if you got to close the towering being would snatch you away and you would never be seen again. But what happens when you stumble across one such being towards the base of the mountain your village was near?

This is a work in progress and I'd love to see how you spin your own ideas on it! Please send me a PM if you're interested!


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The men seemed taken aback by her words. [+green "It... Didn't hurt you?"] The man asked, laughing nervously. [+green "Friendly? That THING destroyed a village all by itself!"] He yelled towards her, glaring up at the golem.
LX lowered its shield, not seeing the men as a threat now that it had a good look at them. [+blue "Take her with you now. I have no interest in interfering with your people."] The hulking beast said with authority as it turned, slamming the large tower shield into place as it began to move back into the woods. The man ran forward to Oraara's side and grabbed her arm, calling after the behemoth. [+green "You can't run forever!"] The man seemed relieved that he didn't need to fight such a towering monster.
He then turned his attention to the girl before him. [+green "What were you doing with that thing?! They're dangerous!"] He said angrily.

Off into the woods a ways, LX was moving through the trees at a normal pace for it, brushing limbs and bushes out of the way with ease. [+blue "Interesting. The girl was willing to stand between the threat and myself."] It muttered, mulling over this new information it had gathered.
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[left [pic]] [font roman Oraara stared between the villagers and the golem before stepping in the middle with her hands held out. She didn't want anything to break out, and most certainly didn't want either side to battle, and so she tried to maintain the peace as much as she could. She was nervous and wasn't sure if this would even work, but there was no harm in trying.

[b "Lower your weapons please! I'm fine, okay? This... thing, is friendly. It hasn't done anything to me. Look, I'm completely okay. Please just - stop."] She pleaded to the villagers and showed there was no harm to done her at all. Oraara hoped that the villagers would understand and see that the golem was no threat at all, but the girl had barely any authority in the village and was only young - they had no reason to listen to her.]
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The golem watched the men approaching, the men seeming on edge. As they got within 25 meters of the towering golem is drew itself up and lowered its shield into a defensive pose. [+blue "You there. I do not wish harm upon you. Please take the time to listen."] It boomed, glancing over its shoulder to the girl standing behind it. [+blue "If you would please."] The golem said quietly, turning back to lock gazes with the men before it.

The men looked shocked by the sudden appearance of something so large. They readied their weapons to fight but took pause at its words. [+green "Oraara? Is that you over there? What are you doing?!"] One of the men yelled, sounding panicked, lowering his weapon into a fighting stance. [+green "Get away from that thing before it attacks!"] He yelled, his voice breaking, showing that they still did not trust the behemoth that stood between her and them.
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[left [pic]] [font roman Oraara had vaguely heard about the village attack a couple of months ago from one of the village elders and looked away with minor sorrow as the golem explained the small tragedy. The story the elders had told her was much different and a lot more gruesome. [b "That was never in my version of the stories."] She'd absent-mindedly say while listening. [b "The massacre thing was though. That was [i everywhere.] Pretty sure your kind were infamous in my village for a little while. That reputation lasted a long time."] She'd lightly chuckle as if the statement was a poor attempt at humour before keeping herself quiet for a few minutes.

It took some time for Oraara to notice the men exiting the village and advancing towards the forest. She was too distracted to really notice anything. It was only until the golem had pointed them out that Oraara really noticed. She'd move close to the trees and peer through the low hanging branches. [b "I guess they did notice...]" She'd say beneath her breath. [b "I don't exactly have the best reputation in that village. They'll never believe anything I say."] Her statement was partially true, albeit dramatized. The villagers were hesitant towards Oraara and knew her as the local mischievous troublemaker, but that didn't mean they didn't entirely trust her. Oraara would sigh deeply. [b "I know. I don't want you to fight either... not while I'm here at least. I guess I could try."]]
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The golem shook its head slowly before speaking, repeating its earlier statement. [+blue "People fear what they do not understand."] It said quietly, its voice rumbling with the electronic sound it carried. [+blue "I attempted peace with a group years ago. They reacted like cornered animals."] It said, sounding almost sad. [+blue "It was a small village... Maybe a days travel from here. You must have learned of the massacre."] It said, turning to look at the girl, its featureless face almost eerie in the filtered lighting of the trees.
There had been stories told of when one of these beasts had torn through a village, slaughtering all who stood before it. All that was left now was half destroyed buildings and rubble.
[+blue "Our kind were made to fight a war... One that never came. We were left to rot in our holding areas. I know not if any others are still active."] It said, seemingly willing to talk to the girl as she had been kind to him so far.
The golem turned its attention back to the village, noticing movement as a small group of villagers had been moving out of the village in the general direction that LX was in. [+blue "Do you believe your people will listen to you if they see me? I do not wish to fight them."] It said, glancing over at her before leveling its gaze at the group of five or six men who seemed to be cautiously approaching the woods.
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[left [pic]] [font roman Her cover was completely blown and Oraara would stand. There was no point in trying to hide anymore. As the question was asked Oraara would suddenly look bemused. [b "I... uh."] She didn't truly know. She was starving for more information and that hunger completely took over. She'd walk beside the sitting golem and stare out into the village also. The villagers all looked very small from this distance. [b "My people have called you a monster for so long... but that's not who you are. I don't know, I suppose I just wanted to know more."] She'd continue gazing out into the village as she spoke. [b "I don't even know what I'm saying. I was terrified of you only a few minutes ago but now I'm not. Maybe this is just one of your species tricks."] She didn't really believe that but used the excuse as a reason to be almost content now.

She'd sigh. [b "You said you only destroy those who attack. My people don't know that."] She'd thoughtfully say. [b "I think they sorta created their own monster."] She'd then turn to the golem as soon as the question was asked. It made some sense. [b "They're so used to me wandering off I don't think they've even noticed."]]
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The golem had been content watching the villagers go about their days, finding it interesting to see them interact with each other. While watching them it had again been going through its data on itself. The girls words had stuck with it. Why was it here? A question it knew it might never have the answer to. Hearing the girls voice, it turned a bit to look over at her. [+blue "You followed me."] It stated, sounding almost curious as to why the girl would follow something it was taught to fear. [+blue "You village intrigues me. Your people seem calm and happy and yet they attempt to destroy my kind."] It said, its voice low. LX looked back over to the village, resuming watching the people. The golem was sitting against a tree, the shield biting into the bark as it rested on its back. It turned to look at the girl once again. [+blue "Why did you follow me? If your people see you near me they will take it as a threat."] It said, speaking firmly. [+blue "Should you not return? They will begin to wonder."] It said, glancing back over to the village. It did not fear these people. It knew that if needed it could wipe this place off the map but it had no need to at the moment.
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[left [pic]] [font roman The way the golem spoke almost fascinated Oraara. The creature sounded more articulate and sophisticated than the elders in her village. This made her feel a bit more comfortable and less timorous in the presence of this hulking thing. She thought about the golem's statement for a while. [b [i You people fear what you do not understand...]] The phrase kept repeating itself over and over again in Oraara's mind... [b "I suppose that's true."] She ended the sentence with a half-hearted chuckle. [b "You're a lot different than what I imagined you to be."] It was clear the girl was slowly starting to become brave. The creature was starting to actually become an actual person in her mind...

She was about to ask more questions until the golem started leaving. She watched it turn away and move into the dense forest with a look of upset confusion on her face. She seemed to do a one-eighty for early as she wasn't afraid anymore... at least not that much.

The urge to follow the golem lied heavy in her mind. She wanted to follow but felt crazy for even making the suggestion to herself. She shook her head to herself and turned to the trees leading back into the village until the urge became too much. She had to follow...

She was extremely good at keeping herself hidden. She had played many games of hide and seek when she was younger and always won, and had snuck out of the village countless times without being caught. She didn't know if the golem could sense her presence at any point and didn't really care all that much. She just wanted to know more about it. She kept her body low to the ground and crept quietly behind the golem. She didn't realise it was walking to the village until some of the cottage roofs would poke out from beyond the trees. What could the golem be doing?

[b "My village?"] Oraara would suddenly blurt out. [b [i Nice one, Rara.]] She'd mentally scold herself for the mistake.]
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The towering golem looked down at the girl as she approached it. [+blue "I know not of why I am here. You people fear what you do not understand."] It said as it turned and trudged off into the forest, snapping branches easily as it moved. Soon even the towering shape of the golem became almost impossible to see in the thick overgrowth of the forest.

As it marched through the trees, the golem was wondering to itself. Would the girl say anything to her village? If she did, LX assumed she would be chastised for even going near it. LX almost felt sorry for the girl but it didn't know how to process such emotions. It was still learning all of these things as Warforged weren't made to think, they were made to fight but after so long of just existing, the beasts had begun to learn emotion.

The girls words echoed in its mind. Why are you here? Why was it here? It didn't know the answer but knew it must keep moving forward. Soon enough it came to the edge of the forest and could see the village it assumed the girl had come from. It watched the villagers move about and seemed... Curious. It had never been inside a village or town so it had no idea how these places worked. Most times civilization meant threat to the golem. It moved back into the trees and hunkered down, watching the village intently.
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[left [pic]] [font roman Oraara listened to the beast and stared down at the ground in thought. She was still afraid, but the more the creature spoke, the more her fear would slowly dissolve away. She started to doubt the stories the village elders told her even before the golem started speaking again. [b "I was always told differently."] She'd begin with her voice soft and quiet while still carrying a tone of worry. It was true all the stories were overly exaggerated into scaring the children of the village, and Oraara started to realise that. [b "Everything was a lie then...?"] She felt almost betrayed by her family.

She walked forward a little and looked up at the golem. She had so many questions inside her head and wanted to ask them all. [b "I won't say anything but... Why are you even here? I was afraid of your kind for so long..."] She wanted to desperately ask more questions but didn't want to push her luck any further.]
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The golem stared curiously at the girl. It didn't see her as a threat after a moment and lowered the shield to its side, its 'face' never leaving hers. The girl was obviously scared. That's how LX wanted it. These people were always easier to handle if they feared it. [+blue "We only destroy that which seeks to destroy us."] It said, its voice rumbling. [+blue "Your elders tell you stories of our kind that are... Exaggerated."] LX said in its booming metallic voice. LX turned away from the girl, looking off into the dense forest. [+blue "I do not seek your destruction. If you tell your elders of my existence they will hunt me down and I will be forced to destroy them."] It said, turning its head back to look at her. [+blue "Be on your way. These woods can be dangerous."] It said as it began to move off into the forest, slinging the large steel tower shield onto its back with practiced precision.
The stories had made these beasts out to be bloodthirsty monsters but face to face with one, it was very docile, yet defensive.
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[left [pic]] [font roman Oraara felt trapped. She didn't know what to do and wanted nothing more than to just run away, but for some reason, her body felt incredibly stiff. The mere sight of this gigantic behemoth frightened her terribly and all the stories started invading her mind again. She didn't want to be killed or attacked by this thing...

She watched helplessly as the metal beast slowly started rising into a defensive position. It looked incredibly intimidating and Oraara wouldn't dare try and challenge that. She couldn't peel her eyes away whatsoever... She never expected the thing to actually start talking to her. [b "What?"] She stammered out with a shaky and clearly nervous voice. She had no idea what this creature meant. [b "Destroy? But..."] That threw her off guard for a moment. Destroy? No way. Every legend told to the girl clearly stated that these beasts destroyed everything in sight or at least tried too. The stories were told to her by the villages' oldest children and Oraara knew fully well that they could've been joking to scare her, but she couldn't think about that now, and that was all she had to go off from. [b "Aren't you the ones that destroy?]" Perhaps questioning the golem was a little foolish... Oraara quickly regretted that straight after the question was asked.]
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The golem had been running through its information on itself as it sat wedged between the boulders, wondering to itself why it was still active. It knew about the war that never came to be. All Warforged did. It knew its purpose was to fight an enemy that never showed its ugly head. Its thoughts were interrupted by the sound of approaching footsteps. As the footsteps grew closed, the being felt power return to its limbs as its 'rest' ended. It did not move though, not wanting to alert whatever was approaching to its presence.

LX knew the girl could see him. She was staring right at it. Having no facial features of its own, LX could do nothing but stare back with its steel helmet. The Warforged was like a cornered animal, only wanting to remain undisturbed. All at once, the large beast seemingly came to life, pulling itself up to full height and hefting the large shield back onto its arm. It looked down at the girl and in a modulated voice called out to her. [+blue "Do you seek to destroy me as many of your people have done?"] Its voice was vaguely male but there was no way to tell. It stepped from between the rocks, its size and power on full display as it brought the shield up into a defensive position, used to being attacked by beings similar to her.
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[left [pic]] [font roman For nearly her entire life, Oraara had been warned about the giant steel warriors lurking within the outskirts of the village. Old stories and legends of these mythical beasts had been passed around from child to child until the unseen monsters had become the villages' bogeymen, but Oraara was never truly phased. The young girl had always been fascinated by the old legends and craved more details about these behemoths each time the stories were told. Nobody ever satisfied her curiosity, however, fearing that too much knowledge would get the girl in mortal danger, as the girl had a reckless tendency to venture past the village.

Today, Oraara had decided that staying within the village was getting too boring, and the need for exploration was chewing away at her mind. She itched for some adventure, and the opportunity to discover. Everyone was circling around the village centre for the recently imported fresh goods, and Oraara's family had joined them. This left the opportunity to sneak away, and Oraara took that as soon as she could.

Oraara would quietly sneak away from her home, and past the border of the village. The trees surrounding the small townlet aided Oraara's escape, covering her every move and camouflaging her quite well. Being away from the village always made her feel overwhelmingly happy and free. A small taste of freedom and her hungry curiosity finally quenched once again.

She'd skip past the trees and foliage. All distractions ignored without a second thought. She had previously heard rumours about a mountainous region not too far from the village and set her mind onto finding the base. She wasn't quite sure on what to expect, however, but the thought of something new excited her.

The base wasn't too far, and Oraara had already reached the edge of the treeline before the hour had finished. The trees stopped dead and right ahead was a stone-floor covered in soft speckles of white snow. The mountains were nearby, but Oraara couldn't see the usually dominating structures anywhere. She knew the surrounding area could be a little mystical at times and would step over the treeline and onto the base. Looking around for any signs of the mountains, Oraara could see nothing but more and more boulders and stone... and an extremely large boulder nestled between two large rocks. Something inside Oraara set off her nerves, and her stomach dropped. The old stories of the iron golems started invading her mind, and Oraara would lightly gasp. Was this? No... How can this be? They were just stories. Silly legends used to frighten the village children! All Oraara could do was stare...]
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The towering golem made its way through the trees, its footsteps shaking the branches around it. As it neared the base of the mountain, it looked around, seeming to check its surroundings. Not sensing any danger the large metal beast settled itself between some large rocks and went into a resting mode, allowing power to leave its body even as it was still sentient. It could see and hear as normal but this allowed it to pass time without making nearly as much noise. It had placed the steel tower shield in front of it as a makeshift wall as the power left its large limbs, one hand still gripping onto the handle of the shield, locking it in place as it went into a low-power mode. To anyone seeing it, it would appear as though the Warforged was deactivated or powered off, unaware it could spring to life at any moment.
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