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[b Leonna:] Umm..well I'm what your holder might call a dork.. I like historical fictions and romance things..Like Outlander and Reign... I love the beach and sunsets...and just the sun in general. -hides her face-
  UniCal/Valor~ / SheDevil / 3d 18h 44m 28s
[B Emmeline:] Anything that your willing to tell me.
  ωн / SSerendipity_ / 3d 19h 28s
[b Leonna:] -tilts her head- What would you like to know about me
  UniCal/Valor~ / SheDevil / 3d 19h 2m 43s
[B Emmeline ] Dont apologize! Enough about me. Tell me about yourself.
  ωн / SSerendipity_ / 3d 19h 4m 43s
[b Leonna:] Right! Just was thinking generally. I'm sorry
  UniCal/Valor~ / SheDevil / 3d 19h 6m 31s
[B Emmeline:] That is true. But that's a lot for a pregnant woman like me
  ωн / SSerendipity_ / 3d 19h 8m 23s
[b Leonna:] At least it wasn't dull? -tilts head-
  UniCal/Valor~ / SheDevil / 3d 19h 57m 47s
[b Emmeline:] Finally. We are home. Was such a long day.
  SSerendipity_ / 3d 22h 41m 30s
[b Leonna:] I..uh well.. You seem like such a sweet and caring person
  UniCal/Valor~ / SheDevil / 4d 16h 35m 29s
[B Emmeline:] How come you say that? -tilts head-

  SSerendipity_ / 4d 18h 12m 37s
[b Leonna:] He or she will be so lucky.

  UniCal/Valor~ / SheDevil / 4d 22h 24m 30s
[B Emmeline:] I am! I'm going to show this baby so much love!
  ωн / SSerendipity_ / 4d 22h 27m 38s
[b Leonna;] -smiles- That is so exciting. Are you excited to find out??
  UniCal/Valor~ / SheDevil / 4d 22h 30m 44s
[B Emmeline:] -smiles and rubs belly- I'm thinking boy. I won't know for a few weeks.
  ωн / SSerendipity_ / 4d 22h 33m 23s
[b Leonna:] That's good that they have been. you know whether your baby is a boy or girl?
  UniCal/Valor~ / SheDevil / 4d 22h 42m 16s

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