Roleplay with me, I BORED OUT OF MY MIND

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Suggest rp to do I am bored, will do all types except ones that I really hate, I will just say if I wanna do it or not

Topics I am interested in:
Real life scenarios
High school rp
Criminals rp
-Ask about any others

Rps I have made and would like people to join:

[ Prank Rave 1x1 Romance]
[ Dog Needs Love Too 1x1 Realistic]
[ Finding Marie group rp Mystery]
[ After the Fall one person needed Romance]
[ The Heezon 1x1 Romance/Fantasy]
[ Her Ex is Her Tutor 1x1 Romance]
[ Human Adopted by Vampires]
[ Vampire In Love With The Hunter Romance]
[ Hunted Girl Made of Metal Action/Romance]
[ Forgotten Mystery]
[ The Replacement Action]

Games or other stuff I need people to join:
[ Mafia Game Online]

Ask me about any questions. Also, if you invite me to your rp, I will most likely accept. PM me if you are interested in rping on other rps.

TY! Hope to rp with you soon. Stay safe and well!


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Roleplay Responses

i have a role play i made earlier and need people to join. if your interested its called "Nightmare come true" the plot is a little bit on the below average side and the title is iffy but it could be fun. i'm looking for four people to join that's it. we could add dialogue for some side characters too. if you choose i don't want to force anything, try it out, read the plot give me feedback and please don't judge my skills. i'm new to this. also the main characters are Grant/Grace (Me), Alex (open), Ben (open), the mother (open) and the father (open). its really a mix of High school, Problem solving and a hint of Fantasy.
  Grant/Grace / Character / 10d 10m 32s

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