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I'm gonna have to make more of these aren't I, IF YOU WANNA DO ONE OF THESE WITH ME PM ME AND I WILL MAKE A NEW ONE.

Do NOT request access if you are not the person I made this for, just pm to make a new one.


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Molly had put all her stuff down and her brother had walked in carrying some of Molly's stuff,"oh when did this lovely get here," he said nodding towards Mia in a friendly way, setting down some of Molly's stuff.
  Molly / cookiecookie524 / 11d 3h 7m 51s
Mia looked Molly up and down. "She's cute." Mia thought. Mia went over to the other bed, and started unpacking.
  Mia / RPgirly / 11d 9h 27m 15s

"Hi, I'm Molly," Molly replied,"assuming we are roommates then."
  Molly / cookiecookie524 / 19d 10h 9m 47s
Mia finally found her room, and she went in. "Hi I'm Mia." Mia said to her new roomate.
  Mia / RPgirly / 19d 10h 23m 49s

Molly had just gotten to her room and was unpacking all her stuff into her new dorm for college and has been wondering what her roommates(s) would be like.
  Molly / cookiecookie524 / 19d 10h 31m 35s
She arrived at her new college, and she went inside.
  Mia / RPgirly / 19d 10h 43m 3s
Mia hopped into a taxi, and told the driver to take her to Greenbrooke college.
  Mia / RPgirly / 19d 10h 45m 51s
Mia had just arrived in New York where her new college would be.
  Mia / RPgirly / 19d 10h 47m 10s

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