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1. You need to have a cat human character

2. No cussing

3. No perverted stuff

4. You must be 17 or below

5. No nudity

Ok your all set, the first person who comments gets to pick the first secne.

And one last thing if I delete your comment out of nowhere it means that your part didn't quite make it in the right place.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Daniel blinked at the other, he huffed softly. "To make a new friend!"
  Masonscalicocat / 1d 9h 41m 4s
"Are you sure?" Kate had asked,"because I can pay for all of it," assured him, standing up as well.

Seth had finally caught up with Kate and saw that she was with a guy and grinned,"so who is this guy? Your boyfriend? Why didn't you-"

"Oh shut up," interrupted him before he could say more, rolling her eyes and blushing a bit from embarrassment.
  cookiecookie524 / 1d 13h 42m 15s
Zoya cycled home to her apartment, when she got inside she imediately began searching the fridge for her pudding.

When everything he could salvage was collected, Zen stood up and smiled at kate "i'm zen, don't apologise it's my fault for carrying so much"

Blake adjusted his gaze so his red hair covered his eyes "what do you want?" he asked scowling at the happy boy.

Chris hummed softly to herself as she tried to narrow her massive list to three books "the red scrolls of magic, queens of innis lear and princess undercover from the rosewood cronicles" she told nick with a smile.
  MirrorMallow / 1d 15h 44m 7s
"Ok so what books are you looking for." Nick said starring into Chris's eyes.
  Nick / RPgirly / 11d 8h 15m 45s
Daniel looked up to see the other male, giggling, he ran over and climbed the frame with incredible speed and waved. "Hiya!!"
  sammiisbabiboi / 11d 12h 30m 56s
Kate went down and helped him get what they could, trying to not touch the paint. "I am so sorry about that, my name is Kate, and yours?"

Seth smiled and started to walk fast to get home, knowing he was really behind.
  cookiecookie524 / 14d 1h 10m 0s
Cans of paint spilled all over the place along with zen's painting canvas and brushes falling. Zen took a second to process what happend before bending down to see what he could salvage. "i'm fine"

"you better cuz i can't afford to fail" zoya replied before getting on her dark green bike and cycling away
  BaneOfTheBasilisk / 14d 7h 29m 44s
Kate stopped and looked behind her, "are you ok?" she didn't even mind if anything had gotten on her.

Seth took the slip of paper and held it,"I will, I promise," sounding happier than anyone would expect.
  cookiecookie524 / 14d 8h 5m 19s
Zen was walking down the same street as kate carying lots of paints and such when he smacked into her. "oof"

blake entered the park climbing into the climbing frame
  BaneOfTheBasilisk / 14d 8h 23m 44s
Daniel's light brown hair swept in front of his eyes as he sat down on a park bench, a soft hum escaping his lips.
  sammiisbabiboi / 14d 12h 33m 20s
Blake was walking on the street wearing all black with headphones on blasting his music insanely loud

zoya took a scrap of paper from her pocket and wrote on it before handing it to seth "i don't like giving out my number so here's my email. Tell me when we're doing the asignment"
  Ophiotaurus / 15d 3h 50m 56s
Kate had neared home, watching Zoya and Seth slowly following her, wondering if she was staying over or something, her eyes turning brown for curious as she continued walking ahead.

"Ok ok, I was just thinking that the school would be to mad, but I guess not, sorry," Seth said to Zoya.
  cookiecookie524 / 15d 4h 1m 37s
Daniel happily skipped around, his thigh high socks and small shorts leaving a small gap of thigh open, cold hair hitting them, but he didn't mind, his oversized sweatshirt flying around.
  sammiisbabiboi / 15d 4h 36m 3s
[[okay!!! just warning you, hes gonna be gay ^>.<^))
  sammiisbabiboi / 15d 5h 22m 47s
  Ophiotaurus / 15d 5h 26m 21s

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