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1. You need to have a cat human character

2. No cussing

3. No perverted stuff

4. You must be 17 or below

5. No nudity

Ok your all set, the first person who comments gets to pick the first secne.

And one last thing if I delete your comment out of nowhere it means that your part didn't quite make it in the right place.

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Roleplay Responses

"I hope to see you around," Kate smiled as she walked away and into her house, seeing that her dad was actually home for once. "Dad!" Kate started running up to him but then stopped,"wait, why are you home?"
  Landis / cookiecookie524 / 146d 15h 49m 9s
"that's enough" zen told kate as he pocketed the money "i'll paint you a picture sometime"
  Zen / MythicMallow / 146d 15h 51m 11s
"Don't ask because I wouldn't be able to tell you," Kate told him, her eyes turning silver since she wasn't feeling much emotion at the moment as she pulled out her wallet and gave Zen $100, "you need more than that or are you good?"
  Landis / cookiecookie524 / 146d 15h 57m 22s
"why is he so infuriating?" zen questioned with a shake of his head.

zoya sketched her favourite weapon and she took little bites of pudding.
  Zen / MythicMallow / 147d 2h 51m 21s
Seth scanned Kate for an approving face, and when he got what he was looking for he walked away, talking under his breath,"I'll leave you two love birds alone then."
  Landis / cookiecookie524 / 152d 14h 42m 5s
Zen rolled his eyes at Seth "i meant she could pay me back with money"
  Zen / mythicmallow / 152d 22h 26m 31s
Blake shook his head a went back to listening to his music
  Blake Colton / mythicmallow / 152d 22h 29m 46s
Zoya got to work on designing some ideas as she ate her pudding.
  Zoya Heartstring / mythicmallow / 152d 22h 30m 28s
Daniel sighed and backed away. "Okay then...." e'd hop down and strolled away, his ears and tail drooped, for he was sad.
  Namtiddies / 166d 18h 26m 7s
Seth just smiled, knowing Kate would know what he meant.

"Stop it!" Kate said, covering her face and blushing from embarrassment from her brother, her eyes turning a very light purple.
  Landis / cookiecookie524 / 167d 12h 33m 7s
Blake shoved the other boy off him moving away "leave. Me. Alone" her hissed in anoyance.
  DarkMythic / 167d 15h 26m 59s
He frowned and huffed, crawling closer he put his hands on the others thighs and looked up at him. ¨Pleaseee~!!¨ He drew out, his brown eyes sparkling.
  Bogoshipda / 187d 20h 20m 37s
Zoya found her pudding and headed down to her basement

Zen shrugged as if it didn't matter "pay for it if you want to, but i don't really care" he then glanced at seth "and no i'n not"

Blake glared at the happy boy "i don't want friends" he grumbled
  MythicMallow / 190d 4h 6m 17s
Daniel blinked at the other, he huffed softly. "To make a new friend!"
  Masonscalicocat / 198d 19h 4m 19s
"Are you sure?" Kate had asked,"because I can pay for all of it," assured him, standing up as well.

Seth had finally caught up with Kate and saw that she was with a guy and grinned,"so who is this guy? Your boyfriend? Why didn't you-"

"Oh shut up," interrupted him before he could say more, rolling her eyes and blushing a bit from embarrassment.
  cookiecookie524 / 198d 23h 5m 30s

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