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[size10 [font "times new roman" [i
[#faffff xx xx xx xx xx] The road that led to and from Ōmagatoki was slowly absorbed back into nature
[#faffff xx xx xx xx xx] as grass, flowers and small shrubs reclaimed what they can as fast as they can.
[#faffff xx xx xx xx xx] Broken branches and leaves cover the roads inside the town while the tall grass
[#faffff xx xx xx xx xx] -es of the unkempt gardens sway in the wind.

[#faffff xx xx xx xx xx] Street after street of abandoned traditional japanese homes made for a terrifying
[#faffff xx xx xx xx xx] thought. Each house was once a home , [#faffff x] a home belonging to a family and now
[#faffff xx xx xx xx xx] there was only emptiness.[#faffff ..] But even though everything may seem like it was lost
[#faffff xx xx xx xx xx] forever there was still a lingering presence, and to come across an inn that had a-
[#faffff xx xx xx xx xx] ctual people in it when it seemed not a soul was left was unsettling.

[#faffff xx xx xx xx xx] When the night falls, the true Ōmagatoki town is revealed.
[#faffff xx xx xx xx]]]] ⌞


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[b [#fa8b85 "Yeah I wasn't excited about driving but I got paid in pizza so... No problem."]] Yumiko told him in Japanese again. Her eyes were back on the road by the time he was speaking so she couldn't read his facial expressions to see if he was catching everything she said or the tired smile he offered. [b [#fa8b85 "You are abroad from the states, right? I know English if we can use that language. I will admit it's the only other language I bothered learning."]] This time she said the final sentence in English, hoping the new room mate would take this as an olive branch of peace from her standoffishness.

Yumiko was going to start up with boring ice breakers when her headlights suddenly dimmed so low it left the pair in complete darkness. Uh, what? She flipped on the high beams, the brightness revealing that the pavement had now turned into a dirt road. [B [#fa8b85 "That's weird, there's barely a small dirt road now... Where--?"]] As she spoke, the highbeams also dimmed like the regular headlights had, luckily not to the point where it was completely dark though. Yumiko peered out the windshield, having to strain her eyes now.

If growing up in Japan had taught Yumiko anything, it's that situations like this were never coincidences... And they weren't good either. Many old wives tales and urban legends warned of these things happening to lost travelers but... She hadn't been lost. Yumiko knew she had been taking the same exact roads from her trip to the airport. She slowly pulled the car to the side and put it in park.

[b [#fa8b85 "This road wasn't here before."]] She sad flatly, not really caring if it scared him or not. [b [#fa8b85 "I am going to try turning the car around to get back to the lights of the highway... I can't drive like this."]] Pulling the car into reverse, she carefully wrapped around the road and drove back the way they came. Five minutes, ten minutes and then twenty... They never came off the dirt road. It should have gone back to the regular roads within that time span considering how suddenly it appeared. Shit.

Yumiko pulled the car to a stop again, this time not even bothering to pull over to the side and flipped on an inner car light. It shined brightly for a moment before becoming just dim enough for them to see each other. [b [#fa8b85 "I... I don't know where we are. We should have been back om the highway by now..."]] It was all trees, darkness, and the dimly lit dirt road before them. [b [#fa8b85 "I'm sorry I got you lost the minute you got here."]]
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[right [b September 3rd, 2020]]
[#3366FF "Ne eomma! A-la," Yeah mom! I know,] he strained out through his hands, hiding his flushed face from the family before him -- most importantly, his disappointed mother. She stared at him from across the oaken table with her small fists clutching both her chopsticks and his flight information in the other.

Jinho Park, half-Korean and American-raised, should have known better than to drop his semester long study-abroad program on his [s [size11 mother]] family less than a month before he would be leaving. But, then again, Jinho knew this is how he mother would react.

His two younger sisters, Narae and Soo, kept their eyes glued to their food, wiser than their older brother, who continued to attempt to shut down her stream of disappointment and worry with multiple [i I Know]'s and [i It'll Be Fine]'s and [i I'm Really Sorry]'s. While both Jinho and his mother knew that he was a grown man and unable to be stopped , nothing was going to keep his mother from unleashing the traditional verbal onslaught that followed a son doing something rash and alone.

He left that night without finishing his meal and instead with sturdy list of To-Do's while he was in Japan. Including visiting his paternal grandfather's grave.


[right [b September 29, 2020]]
Sometimes you just know when another person hates you.

Sometimes its just blatantly obvious. Jinho knew the minute he clambered into the car with his soon-to-be housemate. She had gifted him the pleasantry of asking his name and that was it, cold as ice afterwords. And honestly, given the fourteen hour flight he was too tired to try and salvage any camaraderie. He was appreaciative that he was going to be living with a Host Family of sorts, if a few other college students could be considered a host family. He'd not been to Japan since he was very, very young.

[#3366FF "Ohshit-- uhh, [i hai]."] He spews out, her voice cutting through the hum of the car and the pattering of the rain. He turns sharply, adjusting his glasses and refolding his hands in his lap, at attention.

While his first language was Korean, and he was fluent in English from growing up in New York, he hadn't properly spoken Japanese since his father died. Sure, he had been studying to make sure he'd survive the semester, but having to switch gears and pry open the Japanese Competency box he'd locked away wasn't a smooth transition.

[#3366FF "Yurushite kudasai, outou ga osoi baai ga arimasu," [i Please forgive me, I might be slow with responses.]] He adds, doing his best to hide his accents. He gives her a tired, small smile. [#3366FF "Aa mata, mukae ni kitekurete arigatougozaimasu." [i Oh also, thank you for picking me up.]
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[Font "times new roman" [size10 [i [right [b September 3rd, 2020] [#faffff xx xx xx]]
[b [#fa8b85 "What do you mean we're housing a student from abroad this semester?? Since when?!"]] The voice of Yumiko Suihe was shrill and angry, an incoherent voice could be heard on the other end of her cellphone, causing her face to drop in horror. [b [#fa8b85 "I'm not picking him up! I wasn't even apart of this! Fuck off."]] Yumiko clicked the red icon in the center of her iphone and tossed it onto the bed with an angry grunt, obviously distressed from her new news.

Apparently her three other room mates, two varsity knuckleheads and Asuna, had decided it'd be better for their funds if Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum bunked together and shared a room while opening up the spare one for a new room mate to split rent with. Apparently they'd swung everything by her but? How do you miss something like that? Either way, it was all said and dome easily and the room across from hers was now going to overseas McGee.

Defeated, Yumiko picked her phone back up and dialed Joon, Tweedle-Dum, and held the phone up to her ear. [b [#fa8b85 "Hello, Joon? Yeah I'll drive him but you have to find me that pizza franchise I like and buy me two for myself."]]

[right [b September 29, 2020] [#faffff xx xx xx]]
Grey skies stretched lazily and blurred into the pitch black silhouettes of the passing buildings the car drove passed on it's way out of the airport terminal, the only signs of life being the twinkling lights which resembled fireflies. Summer had obviously decided to leave long ago with seemingly endless of weeks of rain there in Japan. September was always, by far, the rainiest month of the year every single year.

Suihe Yumiko loved it.

She continued down the road, the distant lights eventually fading away and engulfing the vehicle in complete darkness. Most of the drive to the big city from this major airport was country side with some woods, and it was a good 5 hour trip to the airport and back that the young adult hadn't been looking forward to since she'd learned she and her room mates would be housing a student from abroad this upcoming semester.

The abroad student. Yumiko had gotten to deadbeat tired from this long drive and waiting for all the flights to land she must've forgotten he was even in the car. Her eyes shifted sharply to look at the passenger in the other front seat. She could barely make out his figure in the dark and honestly, other than asking for his name, she had acted coldly and had barely said anything to him since he came.

[#fa8b85 [b "Nihongo de takusan hanasemasu ka?"] Can you speak a lot in japanese?] Yumiko asked; her thumbs drumbed on the steering wheel nervously, slightly uncomfortable from the lingering silence in the dark.

[p][b ooc:] sorry if it's shit, i liked it, I figured we could skip the airport fluff and get on the road.
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