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How happy are you and your life? Are you one of those people who hate themselves or even rip themselves down for what they think is true? Well, you’re not the only one, many in the world break their lives thinking they can’t when in reality they just didn’t try and gave up already. In this essay, we will be discussing what happiness is and why happiness has its way around others, especially how it can link to you.
Many have asked, what can it take to be happy. Happiness is hard to understand but the best way to put it is that it’s an elevator. Now we all know how elevators work so let’s just give an example the top of the building is where a party is at so you enter an elevator. After a few minutes, the elevator started to get packed on the way up and it ends up going all over the place up, down, up, and down, but once you reach there you only have little time to be there then you have to leave. Happiness is a strange trait to have but in some cases it is good. Happiness is in some people’s words is considered as the height as it states in the article “Keys to Happiness: Partly Genetic, But You Control the Rest” that, “Try as you may, you probably aren’t going to get any taller”. So if you try you can’t get taller, well I can prove that wrong.
People have looked for ways to be happier but you can say they either failed or succeed. What do you consider them? Do you consider them failures, successors, or just moderate people? Well to my case I consider them puzzle pieces because each one has found different things about happiness but my main question still is what is true happiness? In the article “Keys to happiness: partly genetic, but you control the rest” states, “It’s 50 percent genetics. The circumstances… account for only about 10 percent. The remaining 40 percent is “within our control, how we think and behave”.
If you pretty much think this through and deeper, happiness seems to be our imagination but no it’s not happiness is more than imagination, it’s life. I say that you can have happiness if you don’t have the want to continue then there is no happiness. Happiness is a reward, a reward for continuing and one of the very gifts that Mother Nature gives. We have to earn it by continuing what Nature has planned. You are her game piece she controls you but you don’t control her.
What do you say to yourself to get yourself going in the day? What do you do to get going to make yourself happy even at times of hard? What most people do and say to themselves is what you chose, even though your path is already chosen you can still change it. Happiness is hard to maintain but can be done, but how do we maintain it rather than losing it? Maintaining happiness is what you call your decision what is worth keeping and what is worth letting go. Sure letting go is hard like a friend who passed away which is hard to let go. Letting go is harder to do than they think it is. It could probably be something that is even forgotten that hasn’t been forgiven or even a grudge that is held.
Well since I got that off my chest we can hit my experiment finally. I did a series of tests for a week and it turned out quite fascinating. My data bounced but ended up higher than the starting data. So that means you can be happier with your Friends, Fiends, Ex, and Girlfriend even if you win or lose. My data started on February 14, 2020, and ended on February 20, 2020. Now some of you are asking what is new from my research well let me get to that. My data had two key spots a high and a low my low, numbers were 3.10, 3.03, and 3.14, My high numbers were 3.41, 3.31, 3.38 also there was a second 3.41 but I will get to that. Now in the last three days my numbers happily bounced between 3.38 and 3.41 this means my happiness increased quite well. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have reached the end of my Essay, but please don’t be mad for I will be back, have a nice and wonderful day.
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Alfa laid in a cave sleeping quietly as the animals around him. He looked to be a fox that was standing on two legs with an extremely long tail that can curl a man to death, his large wings glow lightly as he slept his head held a large-short-snout with horns sprouting from the back of his head, his fur was red grey and black. He laid as long as a car but seemed to weigh 500 pounds. A dark creature sat beside him looking the exact same except darker in fur color and more evil. He sat there looking around for any intruders that can disturb Alfa. His face full of worry knowing that Alpha, a female look-alike, will be appearing anytime soon but it has been 3 hours since she was last seen. He sighed about to fall into the same slumber as Alfa muttering, "If only 279 didn't escape for the fifth time we wouldn't be in this mess"

As he slowly fell into the slumber Alpha walked in smiling with a wide grin. "There you are!" she whispered, "Now you wouldn't fall into bad hands" Alfa woke up and kicked into the air know she was there she was the project but more mind-setted to something. She chuckled, "Oh how much you fight I always succeed you" She attacked shooting lasers at him incinerating him. When the light disappeared there was a hole with a glowing egg.
  Joseph Hassett - USA / Alfa279escaped / 59d 1h 55m 28s
[b [+blue Two OC's backstory]]
Alfa is a lab experiment, he was made with multiple DNA getting injected into one egg to see what will happen. Well, it took another 100 months to hatch just because he had to find out what his form was going to be. After 5 years of tests being done on him, he decided to escape. As he tried to escape, he ran into one of the doctors and since he was as tall as a full-grown man at the age of 5, he accidentally kissed him, connecting them as one but as two separate people. The guards ran in blazing weapons at Alfa hitting him but not piercing his scale and fur coat but sadly the doctor never made it and he was never hit but it showed bullet wounds. Alfa was able to kill 150 Guards and destroy 5 tanks in his first escape doubling the numbers with each escape. at the age of 10, he escaped for the 4th time but there was something different about this escape there was no one to stop him. Once he walked outside he met his sister version(Project) Alpha she was naked at their meeting which embarrassed Alfa deeply. Alpha explained that she cares too much for her fur to wear clothes and after explaining why she didn't wear clothes they fought for 15 hours straight beating each other to their limits until Alpha knocked him out with a foot to the head... well a paw to the head sending him into 15 tanks, 3 armored cars, and then the wall knocking him out.

[b [+red Normal talk]]
I will get their forms as well as make like... 4 more forms because I have OCs I have to complete. I don't literate normally but it has caught onto my interests but don't worry I can write literate. You can check my Journal if you want to see an OC back story that I'm working on. I can reach your limit but I will have a few attachments so that I will OP my OCs

Example with Alfa's Powerful move
Ability: DNA System Reconstruction or DNA-SR
Energy: 60,000
Energy being used: 40,000
Energy being gained: 600GPH or a specificated amount of posts
Energy remaining: 20,010
Time in the form: 30 minutes or 10 posts

but if you don't think I'm good enough then tell me but remember I'm open for more roleplays. I can again reach your limit in sentences and paragraphs. I can say this no one is perfect in ways that we don't see it so if I do typos then I might have missed it. My typo count is ten every two paragraphs but I will need my time and your patients. I try not to use my have of using would as much as I can. Anyhow if I'm not good enough then just stay no, oh Yeah I forgot my age I'm going to turn 16 on 4-20-20. If there is a problem with that then tell me and I will say ok.

((checked it it is 518 in words
2,610 characters
2,109 Characters without spaces))
  Joseph Hassett - USA / Alfa279escaped / 84d 19h 13m 11s
He was born to a rich family who's name was all over the world. Five years later the family vanished but left him there in his bed alone. Two years later, he is now 7-years-old was adopted to a middle-class family who took care of him. Three years afterward, The rich family was found dead in a lake, the only one missing was the father, he was too later classified as dead but not found. He is now 19 and has a job at a burger joint when he received a letter indicating that his rich family has left him a great inheritance of 5 million dollars. He laughed at it thinking that it was a joke until he went to the back to have it checked. He was shocked to see that it was real and he asked what was the family. The banker told him that his family was the hills and that his foster family was the Vremans.

He didn't know what to say but took the money into his bank account. Four years after claiming his inheritance, News stated that the Father was found and was now in England how he got there was unknown. Once he had heard that his father was found alive, he booked a flight to England so he can bring him home. Once the fight was over He was regretting taking the jet. He quickly made his way to the hospital to meet his lost father and get the enormous check too. Once they had met He was again shocked to see how well, build his father was. He was very strong and build like a weight-lifter and to complete him, he had a tough voice.

  Joseph Hassett - USA / Alfa279escaped / 90d 15h 53m 33s

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