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He smiled, “I’ll get you a real ring when we do really get married.” He said knowing he couldn’t be without her again.
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 3h 30m 15s
"I dated an American who studied castles. Didn't understand why for a while. I can see it now." She took his hand in hers and smiled. They were considered married in this time while in her mind they were dating.
  Maeve / Socasm / 4h 5m 37s
“It is from the 1400s...the Fraser family has lived here for centuries.” He said as they rode down the hill to Lallybroch.
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 5h 8m 0s
Somehow Jamie made horses sound more comfortable than they were. It was colder, too, signs of a climate that hadn't been changed yet unnaturally.

"It's lovely...." She looked at the building. "Looks like an early castle, 1400s. Didn't expand past the one building."
  Maeve / Socasm / 5h 46m 10s
Tomorrow with a real bed and real food and safety.” He said kissing her. He would have to present to be married to Maeve.
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 5h 49m 33s
"I love you, too..." Maeve said settling into his warmth. "It should have ended better. I studied this and know sickness and childbirth take many lives. It's another to see it."

She leaned her head up and kissed him lightly. She was safe here in this arms, at least.
  Maeve / Socasm / 6h 5m 32s
“I love you and it’s okay....Roger in your time...he made me get vaccines. Said they would save me, I’m not even sure what they are.”
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 10h 43m 54s
Maeve rested fully into him burying her face into his chest. "I'm sorry we couldn't save her. Those illnesses...they take everyone... I'm glad to see your home intact soon." This would be a first where they laid together without sex.
  Maeve / Socasm / 17h 15m 52s
Jamie held her close, "Your freezing, stay close to me." he said before wrapping his tartan around her. He wouldn't let her freeze.
  Jamie Fraser / polkadotrocker / 19h 55m 5s
"And so are you, husband," Maeve teasingly said though thought about it once again. It would be partially real. Another time sharing a bed probably having more sex. She worked on the wood a while later before trying to sleep despite the cold, hard ground.
  Maeve / Socasm / 19h 59m 18s
"I know you can but you havna met Jenny." He said with a smile, "She is well... shes a Fraser and I havna been home in four years."
  Jamie Fraser / polkadotrocker / 20h 47m 31s
"It's a wee bit colder than I expected," Maeve admitted. She used the knife on a good piece of wood and started on a makeshift ring. A man's hobby in this time but she didn't mind. "I thought you thought more of me. I can do this."
  Maeve / Socasm / 20h 49m 35s
"I'm sorry its not comfortable but when we get to Lallybroch you can sleep and I'll make sure Jenny doesn't give you too much trouble... shes my sister."
  Jamie Fraser / polkadotrocker / 20h 54m 19s
"Suppose I am, too, after all I could be Katherine's sister and she escaped." Maeve kissed his cheek.

Her butt and legs hurt by the time they camped. She took his finger size with a string and started to whittle unable to sleep. "Jolly Roger taught me. He looked like a pirate but was a fisherman. He made trinkets and taught me."
  Maeve / Socasm / 20h 57m 6s
"You'll ride with me and they do if they can afford one... and your with a wanted outlaw and a traitor... I can't afford much." He said softly.
  Jamie Fraser / polkadotrocker / 21h 5m 21s

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