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Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash this morning
  amyumino / 2d 8h 34m 37s
Me too, Mythic!! PM me about your ideas if you don't mind. ^^
  Paeton Blackmore / AlitaBonita / 2d 8h 40m 9s
I have plots for a thew things, but i really want to do a vampire story
  MythicMallow / 2d 8h 46m 20s
They say 90,000 infected with the coronavirus....holy fuck
  amyumino / 2d 8h 49m 58s
I will lolz! I am very bored at the moment. Got any ideas??
  Paeton Blackmore / AlitaBonita / 2d 10h 21m 3s
Who wants to rp with me?

  MythicMallow / 2d 10h 23m 56s
It's still hella Cold here and it sucks buttholes
  amyumino / 2d 14h 10m 46s
I always give people pats in real life when people are sad or tired, when i'm sad or tired i get nothing lol
  MythicMallow / 2d 21h 1m 50s
Thank you, I probably won’t be able to pull off too many hours tonight. I feel like my body is going to just give up on moving soon.
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 2d 21h 15m 49s
*pats the dazed jeremy on the head gently*
[hr ]
good morning everyone
  MythicMallow / 2d 21h 24m 54s
Sorry was eating some of my dads hot wings and I couldn't use my phone since they're hella messy
  amyumino / 3d 2h 38m 28s
Done, and added a bit of flare that I chose against but decided to stick with.
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 3d 2h 56m 23s
Doing brain teasers and riddles on YouTube cause...idk
  amyumino / 3d 3h 47m 32s
Oh you’re right! Sorry, I was looking back trying to remember everything and I missed it. I’ll do a quick edit and get it all sorted.
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 3d 4h 21m 15s
Just a quick reminder there were two small girls under the 'poor unfortunate soul' ^_^
  ~Orphan~ / V1rg081tch / 3d 4h 30m 28s

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