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It says on her acount that i'm a cyber bully. I didn't bully her.
  Myth- / 210d 11h 51m 26s
I thought the same thing

It's back to cold af here, holy shit man
  amyumino / 210d 12h 17s
Never mind. I found what happened and holy crap. I knew things were bad but I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before others stepped up.
  Roark / -Mirror- / 210d 13h 55m 8s
What the hell even happened? I slept through it it seems.
  Roark / -Mirror- / 210d 14h 26m 44s
And it wasnt good shit either

I need to write a list of all the supplements and vitamins I need to get at the DG
  amyumino / 211d 3h 35m 54s

Sorry for the wipe guys. Some shit went down and yeah..
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 211d 3h 37m 47s
Hey hey

[b Eating some Spaghet and drinks her tea as she sits down.]
  amyumino / 211d 3h 39m 8s

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