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So is Florida, yesterday it was raining all day now it's cold af again, wtf
  amyumino / 210d 10h 46m 34s
I can't feel my feet. Or my nose. Texas is drunk again.
  Andrew Wester / -Mirror- / 210d 10h 47m 10s
Its so cold here again

I suck at drawing in general haha
  amyumino / 210d 11h 14m 54s
oh wow.
AnDrEw WeSteR

gl.iinnniu m;'dsf ,malfdm a';f
  Mythic Mallow / myth- / 210d 11h 20m 11s
I don't draw any of my characters. I just find images that fit the character I'm trying to build. Like for my Kaiju killer.
  Andrew Wester / -Mirror- / 210d 11h 22m 27s
i can't draw so none of my oc references are acurate
  Mythic Mallow / myth- / 210d 11h 24m 56s
Yea, sorry

[b Continues to dance to Double Dutch Bus.]
  amyumino / 210d 11h 50m 36s
Are we still talking about this stuff...

  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 210d 11h 53m 3s
Pfft. I'm athiest and I don't say that kind of crap. Sure, I believe that religion is a human made construct and that there was a time that it never existed but I don't say crap like what she put in her threads. Holy crap.

And thanks Mythic. He's actually my simplest character I've made. Kinda proud of him.
  Roark / -Mirror- / 210d 11h 54m 52s
He does look amazing

[b Dances to Double Dutch Bus.]
  amyumino / 210d 11h 57m 9s
Raork looks amazing by the way
  Mythic Mallow / myth- / 210d 11h 59m 15s
Very true

On the whole religion thing, I have friends who are actual satanists and would never say some shit like that about other people's religion
  amyumino / 210d 12h 7s
Anyone that doesn't agree with her is a bully basically.
  Roark / -Mirror- / 210d 12h 2m 34s
this is the list, it's ridiculous. Huf! *puffs cheeks*
  I can't believe this / myth- / 210d 12h 3m 38s
What really gets under my skin is that she put Grey (Clear-) on the list as well, who've never bullied anybody, that I know of
  amyumino / 210d 12h 5m 39s

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