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I know, I need to watch it again

Have you seen Jack with Robin Williams?
  amyumino / 210d 8h 28m 2s
It's a classic. 'It's flying rubber! IT'S FLUBBER!'
  Andrew Wester / -Mirror- / 210d 8h 28m 54s
Dude, Flubber was such a good movie, so was Jumanji with Robin Williams

It's on my left side, my right side is fine, I didntbrealize untim last night
  amyumino / 210d 8h 43m 45s
SOunds like a deviated septum.

I'm gonna watch a classic Robin Williams film. FLUBBER!
  Andrew Wester / -Mirror- / 210d 8h 50m 15s
Like my septum is blocking the nostril

It explains why I have trouble breathing through my nose
  amyumino / 210d 9h 9m 17s
I watched My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising yesterday
  Mythic Mallow / Myth- / 210d 9h 15m 29s
I'm trying to decide what movie I want to watch.
  Andrew Wester / -Mirror- / 210d 9h 20m 57s
I just realized that my left nostril is more closed than the right side
  amyumino / 210d 9h 23m 31s
Nom nom :3 :3

*lays in a puddle in starfish mode*
  Mythic Mallow / Myth- / 210d 9h 31m 26s

What annoys me is people from the north say hurricanes are no big deal and for us to get over it.

We have to fear flooding, tornadoes, power outages that can last weeks and even a month, damage to our houses and yards, etc.
  amyumino / 210d 9h 59m 25s
That's why Texas is better. ONly have to deal with heat and humidity unless you live by the coast which is prone to flooding.
  Andrew Wester / -Mirror- / 210d 10h 15m 49s
Yea but the humidity is gonna suck and rainy season plus hurricane season is coming in 3 months dude
  amyumino / 210d 10h 24m 54s
Well, spring is just around the corner so temps should be getting warmer and saying that way.
  Andrew Wester / -Mirror- / 210d 10h 26m 27s
I know, it gets annoying after awhile

It needs to pick one temperature for goddess sakes
  amyumino / 210d 10h 35m 58s
It keeps going up and down and all over the place. It's re-goddamn-diculous.
  Andrew Wester / -Mirror- / 210d 11h 14s

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