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lol okay have fun ^_^ i'll get back into it eventually kinda obsessed with Sims right now though.
  ~Orphan~ / V1rg081tch / 1d 8h 35m 36s
I spent ages searching lmao. I'm going to go fishing and give him sashimi until we become friends
  MythicMallow / 1d 8h 37m 39s
It's fine I'll find him eventually lol tbh been kinda to scared to play it since I'm still relatively blind to it. Stupid I know but I really only got it because you can eventually have a baby and several youtubers I follow speak very highly of it.
  ~Orphan~ / V1rg081tch / 1d 8h 42m 51s
Yes, if you are in spring time i can direct you to his house
  MythicMallow / 1d 8h 55m 22s
Sebastian is the emo teen right? I'm trying for him but he's a bit hard to find lol just need to look at a map or something.
  ~Orphan~ / V1rg081tch / 1d 9h 5m 1s
I'm so fucking ready for Brandon Roger's new series
  amyumino / 1d 9h 5m 48s
I mean sebastian is best boy, but sam is super cool too. Not suprising as they're best friends. My best friend is going after sam lol.

shane. I'd love to use my scythe on that guy.

i've met: sebastian, eliott, sam, pierre, abigail, penny, alex, evelyn, george, lewis, shane, pam, wizard, penny, hayely, maru, emily, willy, marnie, gus, robin, demetrius.
  MythicMallow / 1d 9h 10m 42s
Shane, Marnie, Gus, Pierre, Alex, Evelyn, George, Sam, Harvey, Penny, Maru, Emily, Caroline, Vincent, Robin, and Lewis so far still near the beginning I can youtube/wikia the others if needed though.
  ~Orphan~ / V1rg081tch / 1d 9h 21m 32s
I have a bad feeling that this year's hurricane season is going to be bad
  amyumino / 1d 9h 36m 11s
Which characters have you met?

i just wasted two days in the game stalking sebastian lmao
  MythicMallow / 1d 9h 51m 33s
I've got it installed and played a little and watched the first maybe 3 hours so depends on who you want us to play?
  ~Orphan~ / V1rg081tch / 1d 9h 55m 34s
Guess i can't do a stardew valley roleplay then lmao
  MythicMallow / 1d 9h 59m 31s
I've never heard of it

This virus is hella crazy man, it reminds me of the swine and bird flu pandemic
  amyumino / 1d 10h 11m 9s
Who here in this chat, plays stardew valley? I play.
  MythicMallow / 1d 10h 34m 17s
Had some fried pickles with some of the wing sauce from last night
  amyumino / 2d 5h 44m 12s

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