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I've got it installed and played a little and watched the first maybe 3 hours so depends on who you want us to play?
  ~Orphan~ / V1rg081tch / 23d 2h 44m 45s
Guess i can't do a stardew valley roleplay then lmao
  MythicMallow / 23d 2h 48m 42s
I've never heard of it

This virus is hella crazy man, it reminds me of the swine and bird flu pandemic
  amyumino / 23d 3h 20s
Who here in this chat, plays stardew valley? I play.
  MythicMallow / 23d 3h 23m 28s
Had some fried pickles with some of the wing sauce from last night
  amyumino / 23d 22h 33m 23s
But you can't say it is ever boring at the very least.
  Holiday Wynters / SheDevil / 23d 22h 38m 12s
That's usually how things go for me anyway. Specially with building worlds and characters. I've got so many things to work on it's ridiculous.
  Chimera / -Mirror- / 23d 22h 39m 29s
Trying to get my mind off all the chaos going on in the world right now
  amyumino / 23d 22h 56m 55s
Isn't that sometimes the best way to go?
  Holiday Wynters / SheDevil / 23d 23h 5m 54s
I have a lot but he needs a lot. I'll figure him out slowly but surely.
  Chimera / -Mirror- / 23d 23h 7m 11s
Oh! I didn't realise you had a lot done with him!
But I am totally sure that you will get it figured out!
  Holiday Wynters / SheDevil / 23d 23h 18m 29s
I have that actually. I have a lot built on him actually. It's just his powers and his name I'm mostly struggling with. Definitely his powers. They need to fit in with the Pacific Rim world. Maybe I just need to watch the second movie to get a better idea of what I'm trying to do. I think his human name would be Andrew but I'd like to give him a true name but then again, there isn't really any true names for the Kaiju's. Just codenames.
  Chimera / -Mirror- / 23d 23h 23m 36s
Maybe start with look and personality? Maybe that can help with the rest?
  Holiday Wynters / SheDevil / 23d 23h 29m 37s
Kind of. He's supposed to be a twist on the Pacific Rim story line. A Kaiju killer. A beast born to hunt and kill Kaiju's. In a way he's sort of a god but not really. More a guardian than anything.
  Chimera / -Mirror- / 23d 23h 31m 26s
What is he supposed to be? I mean another god? Or?

Good luck with the post Cita
  Holiday Wynters / SheDevil / 23d 23h 38m 13s

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