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I didnt know I was gonna sleep that late, holy shit
  amyumino / 22d 4h 17m 49s
I'm going to read some stardew valley fanfiction now
  MythicMallow / 22d 6h 59m 29s
Very tired, I fell asleep. Has to get up and get these children ready for school. My eyes keep glazing over and I can’t see lol. Hope everyone has a good day though.
  Doburesu / Doburesu / 22d 9h 51m 0s
Yeah yeah i'm a fucked up shitty human i get it now lets just move on from this conversation. On that note good morning jeremy how are you?
  MythicMallow / 22d 15h 18m 20s
Lack of understanding always ocurs when i'm involved cuz i mix up my phrasing and such
  MythicMallow / 22d 15h 21m 52s
'bitching', hardly bitching
There are other things I think of

Yes, now I remember
And since then, I have grown more reasons

If you must, keep it to PMs so things like this do not suddenly happen
[hr ]
Ugh, I'm going back to killing shit
  Insanity / Dragoncita / 22d 15h 23m 21s
It seems to me like a lot of explaining may have been left out of this entire situation. An obvious lack of understanding is present in the air. That or I’m simply losing my touch when it comes to reading situations/people.
  Doburesu / Doburesu / 22d 15h 25m 37s
I it wasn't meant to be bitching, in my mind i was having fun thinking of possibilities. I end up phrasing things very weird due to stuff so i'm sorry that it came out that way
  MythicMallow / 22d 15h 37m 20s
Also i assumed that was the reason for the fact that when me and alfa were in your rp you told us if we kept arguing you would block us both. We stopped fighting after that. So the only other situation i could think of was when i said you weren't a real dragon. I was going with what i could remember. Like i said i don't care that you blocked me either way
  MythicMallow / 22d 15h 39m 59s
You sure seemed like it
Why bitch about then if you didn't really care about why I blocked you?

Seems like you cared there to me
  Insanity / Dragoncita / 22d 15h 41m 10s
Because dragoncita, i don't really care that you blocked me or why lmfao
  MythicMallow / 22d 15h 45m 2s
I'm in that rp... Who got blocked was it me lmao?
  MythicMallow / 22d 15h 47m 4s
Ooh yea, I remember that whole thing

When somebody thinks because they've never dealt with ghosts and shit that nobody else has
  amyumino / 22d 15h 55m 18s
Let's see, for starters, if one is going to 'assume' something, least do it in PMs

I have my sources, and my source gave me a hint: [ Link]

Scrolling through , you can see what is being assumed of why I blocked them before

Normally, I'm not bothered by this...but when I feel like people are putting words in my mouth when I said nothing, pisses me off greatly
[hr ]
As an old teacher of mine said, never assume. Cause the only way to spell assume, is with 'ass', and assuming can make an ass out of you
  Insanity / Dragoncita / 22d 16h 6m 42s
What a wonderful world we live in. The minds clash with one another, the boiling points rise above the edge we were given. Give me a heart and I’ll learn how to feel. Leave me alone with it and I’ll learn how to hate. Don’t get caught up in the trivial things. Focus and sharpen your wits, then you’ll see the things hiding behind the walls.
  Doburesu / Doburesu / 22d 16h 20m 57s

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