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Its just a joke cuz i hate myself i want to get one of those black masks with the cute anime mouth on it
  MythicMallow / 22d 48m 24s
Dude, do you know how many people in China has died from it??
  amyumino / 22d 52m 37s
I plan on going around with a sign saying "please give me the coronavirus" lmfao
  MythicMallow / 22d 53m 46s
Be careful cause universities are crowded af and with that new virus going around, nobody needs that
  amyumino / 22d 55m 59s
I can't wait to go to university. I will finaly have the freedom i crave.
  MythicMallow / 22d 58m 49s
I might be going inpatient and its gonna suck so bad
  amyumino / 22d 1h 52s
I'm gonna die my hair red as soon as i leave school
  MythicMallow / 22d 1h 2m 18s
Haha, dude same

A port usually goes in the chest, not by the pelvis haha
  amyumino / 22d 1h 6m 29s
I don't know but when ever i get pains down there in class it takes all my inner strength not to yell fuck lmao
  MythicMallow / 22d 1h 8m 30s
Yea, I get pain like that too

How did we go from ports to pelvic bones??
  amyumino / 22d 1h 11m 5s
Is the pelvis the bones near the vaginal area? If so then probably
  MythicMallow / 22d 1h 12m 2s
Like the pelvic bone area?

When they first placed my port, I washed my hair in the hospital sink cause you cant get that area wet
  amyumino / 22d 1h 17m 29s
I get pains down there randomly. But i'm a virgin and its common for scorpios to get pains there. Aparently cranberry juice helps
  MythicMallow / 22d 1h 19m 41s
I woke up with pain at my port site and I was like 'wtf bruh, I'm not accessed so wtf'

Turns out it was cause I slept on that side and was putting pressure on it
  amyumino / 22d 1h 32m 47s
I'm thinking of making a video game based on a book i'm writing
  MythicMallow / 22d 1h 38m 25s

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