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I just woke up and I'm eating cereal and drinking coffee
  amyumino / 21d 5h 30m 31s
And the coronavirus has arrived in england. I hope it doesn't reach london cuz i'd be screwed
  MythicMallow / 21d 10h 50m 1s
Thanks. ^^

  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 21d 11h 55m 16s
*gets the cake and other yummy foods*

happy birthday vossy!!! :3 :3

*squishes vossy's cheeks*
  MythicMallow / 21d 14h 33m 39s
Hello guys. Todays my birthday so I might be busy later on.

  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 21d 14h 56m 50s
Just clocked that i was unblocked. Whatever lmao, it probably wont make a difference anyway it don't just randomly scroll through people's stuff xD.
  MythicMallow / 21d 16h 1m 0s
How should I know?

Omg, I found an old funny or die video with Will Ferrel
  amyumino / 22d 42m 15s
Do butterfies even have dicks lmao

  MythicMallow / 22d 46m 39s
I've had meningitis before and it fucking sucked butterfly dick
  amyumino / 22d 48m 50s
Its in australia! My tato lives in australia! He's in balarat so i hope it doesnt get there
  MythicMallow / 22d 51m 30s
Not yet. I believe they have restricted travel in China. If anyone shows signs of being sick, they can't travel. Sure the world is aware of the issue and countries are taking precautions but it's a superbug. It's resistant to just about everything and they haven't found what it isn;t resistant to yet.
  Chimera / -Mirror- / 22d 50m 58s
It's a global emergency now

I dont want meningitis or the coronavirus tbh
  amyumino / 22d 54m 2s
It hasen't reached the united kingdom yet. I swear there were confirmed cases in the usa
  MythicMallow / 22d 1h 45s
Very true but imo, I think you'd be more likely to get meningitis when at university than the Coronavirus
  amyumino / 22d 1h 56s
I believe hundreds have already died and thousands are infected. It's a superbug and they can't seem to work fast enough to treat it. If it spreads to the US, it will be something like what happened with Ebola. THere will be panic. And because there are so many idiots in the US that don't vaccinate their damn kids or themselves, it will spread like wildfire.
  Chimera / -Mirror- / 22d 1h 7m 6s

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