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It's crazy cold here

It's probably in the 30s right now, fucking sucks
  amyumino / 3d 21h 10m 16s
Very confused, yet also enjoying the chaos to a degree. The calm and the storm, the rim between the chaos and the peace, what an amazing thing to witness. Don’t worry about me by the way, I’m no huge fan of God tier feats, especially since I don’t have those types of characters here, so I’ll be sticking to logical and simple solutions. Well... as simple as it can get. I hope everyone is doing well by the way. I know I haven’t really said anything in a while, however the mood to be talkative hasn’t really hit me so I’ll do my best to be around when I’m needed. I’ll be checking in as often as I can so in the meantime do try to stay civil. I honestly would rather not have to deal with anymore of the senseless agitation and haphazard conflict. It makes me rather [i normal] if you get what I mean.
  Doburesu / Doburesu / 4d 28m 29s
It's so cold, well cold for me since I'm used to the heat

Fuck this cold
  amyumino / 5d 12h 18m 43s
Okay Boomer

Edit: #3 [ Literate] characterized by skill, lucidity, polish, or the like: [i His writing is literate but cold and clinical.]

  WHAT'S MY NAME!? / V1rg081tch / 5d 15h 2m 48s
It...its a joke dude, calm your tits

Also people make those definitions and most the time it's either dirty and fucked up
  amyumino / 5d 15h 16m 20s
Um? My name's not karen? But i did smack into a giant sign when reading that.
  DarkMythic / 5d 15h 22m 34s
Okay Karen why don't you just go run off with your Chad or do you want to speak with a manager?

  WHAT'S MY NAME!? / V1rg081tch / 5d 15h 31m 16s
Urban dictonary is a load of shit. Giving definitions to people's names what a joke. My bestfriend was horrified when she saw it linking her name to all things dirty. Anyone can write anything there, which makes it invalid and unreliable.
  DarkMythic / 5d 15h 38m 59s
Eh the RP ain't going anywhere luckily.

Take your time. ^^
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 5d 16h 40s
Okay gonna hop in here:
1. I know it's my turn to post and I'm getting to it just trying to figure out how much to post as I don't want the roleplay to run away without Cita. With Cita gone I've got 3 characters in stasis and without 'Unnamed' Dob can't post unless he wants to god mod/add a new character {his problem though} so yeah I'm just a bit... stuck at the moment.
2. Urban Dictionary exists ya know [ {Literate}] might not say who started the trend but it's still technically a dictionary.

That's all I have to say for now I should have a post up within the next few weeks, if ya'll gonna be bitches about waiting feel free to skip me k thx bye.
  WHAT'S MY NAME!? / V1rg081tch / 5d 16h 4m 49s
I really wish that this Phantosmia would go away, annoying af
  amyumino / 5d 18h 45m 8s
It was like 80 degrees just like 2 days ago. Now it's cold again and rainy. Typical Texas.
  Roark / -Mirror- / 5d 18h 53m 41s

Its kinda cold and I wish the weather would make up its mind
  amyumino / 5d 19h 7s
Joshie's cheeks look so soft. I wish i lived in australia so i could squish them. Gently of course.

i was going to comment by saying "i'm very picky with my sausages" but i realised how bad that sounds lmao
  DarkMythic / 5d 19h 22m 12s
Meet Roark, the Necromancer. Immortal, insanely powerful, shunned from society because of his choice of magic but still a kind hearted soul.
  Roark / -Mirror- / 5d 19h 23m 58s

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