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I'm now laying in bed and I got my Bang energy
  amyumino / 30d 14h 53m 28s
I hope the vet calls soon. Really need those antibiotics for my baby girl.
  Andrew Wester / -Mirror- / 30d 15h 5m 53s
I'm tired af now and my legs hurt like a mf

It sucks
  amyumino / 30d 15h 12m 28s
It's a traditional market!
[hr ]
i just ate too much food.
  Mythic Mallow / MythicMallow / 30d 15h 16m 17s
They had some pretty cool things, I got some Mexican candy, sage, crystals and some other stuff
  amyumino / 30d 15h 21m 17s
Flea markets are basically big markets where people set up pop up shops to sell their home made things or vintage finds and oddities. It's like the original Etsy.
  Andrew Wester / -Mirror- / 30d 15h 28m 27s
What is a flea market? I hope you're not buying fleas.
  Mythic Mallow / MythicMallow / 30d 15h 51m 25s
Were going back to the flea market by her salon but we got to drop off some stuff at the house
  amyumino / 30d 17h 29m 48s
My bird laid an egg. And one of my snakes has a respiratory infection that I have to give an injection of antibiotics to every 3 days for the next 3-4 weeks.

But yeah. My bird laid an egg.
  Andrew Wester / -Mirror- / 30d 19h 14m 23s
A black toy poodle

Shes only a 3 pound dog but thinks shes a 30 pound dog
  amyumino / 30d 19h 16m 4s
What kind of dog is she? I have two dogs and two cats.
  Mythic Mallow / MythicMallow / 30d 19h 50m 36s
I'm good, just woke up and taking my dog to her hair appointment
  amyumino / 30d 19h 55m 48s
[hr ]
how is life?
  Mythic Mallow / MythicMallow / 30d 20h 4m 6s
I am hella bored

I'm watching random videos on my TV
  amyumino / 36d 14h 7m 41s
*sleeps, turning around, in a floating orb with purple mist*
  Mythic Mallow / Myth- / 36d 14h 14m 3s

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