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[center [i [font "times new roman" Male/Beast is a hunter/gather. He was out in the woods trying to find something amazing for his soon to be wife, when he's out hunting in the woods when he comes across an ailing older woman. She was looking for someone to help her, and she asks for food and water and he is turned off by her looks and denies her. That's when the woman curses him and turns him into a beast of the woods she locks him away in a like tower to which he cannot leave until he finds true love.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" Red is pretty much trying to run away, because she found out there's a bounty on her head for stealing food, and money from some of the richest families in town. She's trying to make a living for herself, and ends up stealing from the wrong family, and now she's trying to lay low for awhile until the town's people forget about her.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" Every year there's a ceremony to determine who will be sent into the forest as a sacrifice to the beast who happens to be a hunter/prince cursed by the witch for his nasty attitude and forced to stay in this like forest castle. That's when Red ends up meeting the beast. He had gotten into a fight with some wolves in the woods, and one of his wounds is pretty bad, is when she ends up have to take care of him. She then has no choice but to stay with him, and she starts tending to his wounds, and wonders why he hadn't killed her yet.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" In order to break the curse he's under, he has no choice but to learn how to trust her, and learn how to love a woman the way she needs to be loved. Red also has a life lesson to learn as well. It's hard loving someone who hates you, but at the same time it's a learning tool for them both. Only then will the curse be lifted, and the two can leave the woods, and live among the towns people once more. That's only if Beast is willing to learn to trust in Red, and learn how to truly love someone not just for their looks, but for how he's treated as well. This is [b [u The Space Between The Trees]].]]]


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[font "times new roman" The night seemed to go quickly, because before she knew it Vincent was waking her up. A small groan passed through her lips as she looked towards the creature. She sighed lightly, as she pulled the blankets up and over her head. [#d56626 "Give me a little while longer. I'll be up in a little bit"] she groaned. [b "I'm sorry darling, but that's something the master frowns upon, not being up on time"] he said. The red headed woman peeked out from under the blankets and glared at him. She then tossed the blankets aside, and sat up looking towards him.]

[font "times new roman" [#d56626 "Alright, alright I'm awake. Give me a second to get dressed and I'll meet you in the hall"] she said. Vincent didn't say anything as he bowed out. The woman climbed out of bed, and she pulled the outfit she had on the day before. That's the only down side right now. She didn't have anything else to change into, and it was kind of driving her mad. She grabbed the smaller blanket off the bed, and wrapped it around her shoulders. Her eyes moved towards the window and watched the snow flakes. It was still pretty bad out there. She shivered slightly as she padded her way out of the room.]

[font "times new roman" Vincent led her towards the dining room, and her eyes moved to the male. [#d56626 "How are you feeling this morning?"] she asked lightly. She moved into a chair and sat down. She pulled one of her legs up under her, and looked around. The creatures living inside the castle were bringing out the breakfast foods, and she didn't realize how hungry she had been. Her mouth watered as she grabbed a piece of toast, and put a little bit of butter on it, and then took a bite. Her eyes moving back to her host.]

[font "times new roman" [#d56626 "Seeing as it's still pretty bad out there, what are the plans for today?"] she asked. She wanted to do anything to keep her mind from wandering, at least for now she was safe. That's all she cared about right now. She took another bite of her toast, letting her words hang in the air between them. Her eyes taking in the sight of the male, and she smiled inwardly, things might not be going as planned, but at least she had a roof over her head, and a warm bed to sleep in at night. Until she messed something up, and the male threw her out. Which she hoped wouldn't happen, she was planning on staying on his good side.]

[font "times new roman" [#d56626 "If you'd like I can do some cleaning, or something. Just tell me what you would like done, and I'll do it"] she said lightly. She took another bite, before putting the toasted bread down in front of her.]
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Gabriel headed into his bedroom to retire for the night. He leaned against the window looking out as the snow began to fall. He didn’t think it was a good idea to have Kelaya stay here. What good would actually come of it? Many of the women that had been sent to hi had never made it past a week. To them he was just a beast. Vincent was still living I a fantasy in which he believed that the curse could be broken. Gabriel had no hope. There was only one woman who he believed would break the curse and she only broke his heart or at least what was left.

Francesca was a gorgeous dark haired woman. Her skin was a beautiful warm tone, like fresh honey– her eyes big and the deepest chocolate brown. She had been picking flowers when he came across her. Of course like many who came across him, she was terrified. Though when he spoke of his story she seemed to relax some in his presence. They would talk day after day. He had begun to develop feelings for him and he thought she the same. She would hold his hand, her emo delicate Pom dwarfed in size as it rested in his own. Things were perfect, but he noticed how her belly would grow, swollen with the life of her first child. Some days it would take her hours just to meet him at their secret hiding place, in the clearing. Eventually some days came to an end.

Eventually, she stopped showing up altogether. He wondered then if she was happy. It was clear she had not loved him the way that he loved her. She was kind and Kelaya reminded him of her. Not again was he going to fall into this trap. The snow was getting worse and a blizzard was surely approaching. As soon as the weather was felled, she would be out of this castle.

He got into bed then, drawing the covers up and trying to remain comfortable with his wound. Morning soon came and Vincent headed toward Kelaya’s room to wake her for breakfast.
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[font "times new roman" A small sigh passed through the woman's lips as she watched the male before her. There was something there. She wasn't scared of him, she was scared of being caught with the stolen goods, but she wasn't scared of this creature. He was just like everyone else. He might look different, and act differently, but that didn't mean he didn't have a heart. He could act cold towards her, and everyone else in the world, but deep down there was something there. Something about the male, and she was going to crack it. Even if it meant working her so called magic, and getting to know the male. She looked towards Vincent and nodded a bit.]

[font "times new roman" [#d56626 "Sorry.. I got wrapped up into my mind a little bit"] she said with a small laugh. She gathered up the food, and shoved it all into the bag. She wondered where the kitchen was, but the dog like creature was back, and she placed the bag onto it's back, and it skidded off in a direction. This place was going to be fun to explore. She had heard the stories about this place. How every year a woman was sent into the woods, to find this so called beast. She had found him, and yet she wasn't scared of him. She worried about him, she wanted to help him. She just didn't know how.]

[font "times new roman" As Vincent took her through the halls, she wasn't really paying any attention to whatever he was saying, if he was saying anything. She was trying to remember what turns to take, so that way she wouldn't get lost. [b "Here we are dear. This will be your room for the time being. You are welcome to do as you please to it, just make sure not to break anything"] Vincent chuckled. [#d56626 "Thank you"] she breathed out. [b "You are welcome"] he said as he bowed out. The red head walked into the room shutting the door behind her. She sighed lightly as she leaned against the closed door.]

[font "times new roman" She honestly didn't know what had happened, how she had gotten here, her head was spinning, and her heart was somewhat pounding. What was she getting herself into? She sighed lightly as she opened her eyes, and took in the sight of the room. Inside the room was a dresser, and a desk, along with a chair. Did this things talk as well? That's something she would figure out later. Right now, her body was screaming to lay down. That's just what she did. She kicked off her shoes, placed them under the desk chair, and moved over to the king sized bed.]

[font "times new roman" The room was huge, and it was her's. She crawled onto the bed, she then buried herself among the pillows, and the moment she did, her body relaxed and before she knew, she was asleep. The snow outside started falling, and pretty soon it was a blizzard outside the windows.]
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Gabriel watched her carefully as she headed toward her bag, on her way to giving him an explanation. He watched as she dumped the contents out, she was definitely not a little girl, but it surprised him so to find that she had no one to fend for her or take care of her. “Don’t you have a family? A husband even?” He asked with raised brow. It was uncommon for a woman not to have someone and yet as he watched her, Gabriel had concluded that there was nothing [I common] about Kelaya whatsoever. She was much too calm, and it made him anxious ironically. She was nice and he wasn’t used to such kindness unless it was from those that inhabited the castle. He debated then whether or not he wanted to keep her round. Her deal was nice, but it was unusual to have a [I woman] around. He didn’t know how comfortable he would be, though it seemed that she had no problem making herself comfortable in his home or around him.

He could just toss her out and let her fend for herself. She had barely escaped the men after her and yet, he still felt like she could fend for herself if she got this far in life by stealing and scavenging. Still, the stupid hopeful man inside him thought of Vincent’s words. What if she was the one? He growled at that thought. He had truly been hopeful when he first was changed and even more so when they sent the sacrifices. Most of them died and surprisingly not by his hands. Many thought he ate the women, when in fact they would lock themselves away in fear of him, refusing to eat or drink and in worse circumstance, throwing themselves from the window. Who could love a beast?

He would need someone with functional thumbs that could help with the wound and he supposed that she wouldn’t be sticking around for very long anyways. “Fine,” he grumbled as he grabbed one if the apples that she had spilled from her pouch. “Vincent will show you to your quarters,” he told her then as he turned and walked out of the room. Vincent bowed toward the female.

“Shall we?” He asked of her.
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[font "times new roman" The red head cocked her head to the side. She wasn't used to something like this, but deep down, she knew that she had to treat this creature with care. That's what her mother had taught her anyway. She was a gentle person in nature, and not many things scared her. This wasn't any different. Yes it was strange to have the objects talking, and moving, but at the same time it seemed to amaze her. It was different, it was unique, and she was trying everything in her power to stay in this so called safety she had stumbled upon.]

[font "times new roman" When the male asked her why she was here anyway, she looked down, and spotted her bag. She sighed lightly as she walked over to it, and picked it up. She then walked over to a table, and dumped out the contents. [#d56626 "The reason those men were chasing after me, was because of this. I was in someone's home, stealing their food. Seeing as I myself can't really afford much anyway, it's my way of trying to survive. I hadn't expected anyone to come home as soon as they had. So if you are worried about the impending storm, you'll be set. On one condition though, you give me shelter"]]

[font "times new roman" [#d56626 "That, and I will keep my eye on your wound, because if it's not well taken care of it will get infected, and I don't think you really want to deal with that alone. Plus, it might be kind of nice to have a woman's touch around here"] she said lightly. It was like she was laying down ground rules, but in reality she wasn't. She was making a bargain with the male. She knew about the yearly sacrifice, and it wasn't up for another couple of days. She wasn't here to cause any harm, she needed help, and in a way it would make things better for him as well.]

[font "times new roman" She looked down at the contents of her bag, and realized she had gotten more than she had originally thought herself. She then looked towards the male. [#d56626 "What do you say? Do we have a deal? Will you let me stay, and help you out?"] she asked. She let the words hang in the air, as she looked towards him. Her heart was racing a bit, and wondered if he was really going to be a heartless monster, and kick her out into the snowstorm, or if he would take her up on her offer of the food, and help she was offering.]
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Of course, many had never met the hexed items in his castle as they never got that far. He wouldn’t allow it and if he didn’t kill them first, they ended up running away in fear. He raised a brow then at the woman, wincing some in pain as she surveyed the wound. A snowstorm was terrible and even more so a stranger in his home, one who would normally be his meal. Wasn’t it a bit early for the sacrifice though? He couldn’t recall the last time they had sent one. It crossed his mind then that they had plans to kill the wolf. Maybe she was meant to be a distraction, considering everything that had occurred with the two men in the forest. Had they been sent to kill him.

“Food of course,” he responded to Kelaya with a chuckle. “Unless it wasn’t obvious enough that I don’t typically shop in the town’s market." Gabriel was wary of the female then. She seemed much too calm and much too helpful. He looked to her as best as possible from his condition and watched her carefully as she started cleaning the wound. She was gentle, but it did hurt and he bit the inside of his cheek then, growling low and squirming some. Though, he knew one wrong move and it was very much likely he could take the female’s head off. Having her sew it up seemed even worse, yet somehow she managed to hold her composure.

He watched her step away then, his eyes casted downward. He did not think he was one to look at and while her gaze was something different entirely, it did bother him some to be stared at. Coming to a stand, looming over her then he sighed out. It was a dull pain, but manageable. The coat hanger, Vincent, walked over then.

“Couple of days?” He asked Kelaya then. “You can’t honestly think I will keep you around here. What are you doing this deep in the forest either way?” He asked then. Vincent nudged Gabriel then, shivering some at the look that he gave him.

[I “What if she’s the one?”] he whispered. Gabriel huffed out. The one, right the [I one] who would fall in love with him and rid him of this curse. Like that was ever going to happen.
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[font "times new roman" Watching the man with careful eyes, she could tell he was losing strength faster than he was supposed too. She seriously thought he wasn't going to let her help him, but she was a stubborn one. She was going to help him, and she made it well known about it. When he sat down, and told her his name a small smile passed over her lips. [#d56626 "Well it is a pleasure meeting you Gabriel."] she said lightly. Right as she was about to start working on the male's wound was when the coat hanger walked in. She was kind of startled, but masked it pretty well. [b "Master. Dinner is ready. We must ration... as the snowstorm has come sooner"] the female looked between the two.]

[font "times new roman" She wanted to say something, but knew it wouldn't be wise. She bit the inside of her cheek, as she knew she could help out in more way's than on. [#d56626 "Ration for what Gabriel?"] she breathed out. She felt like she was in a dream, but knew she wasn't. There was something going on here, and she wasn't scared. She didn't get scared easily. Yes the male looked like a beast, but there was something there. Something in his eyes that seemed more human than beast. She then took off her cloak, and set it aside. She then found where the wound was. She would have to take his shirt off.]

[font "times new roman" She just did what she knew best. She tore the male's shirt, to where she could have more access to the wound. She then dipped the rag into the hot water, and looked towards him. [#d56626 "This is going to sting because I have to put pressure on it, once I have it cleaned I'll be able to stitch you up the best I can"] she warned. She then pulled the rag out of the water, and pressed it roughly against the wound. She bit the inside of her cheek, as she waited for the male to start screaming, or something. When the blood was cleaned up the best she could, the same dog like creature came back with a needle and thread.]

[font "times new roman" [#d56626 "Thank you"] she breathed out. The creature wiggled it's whole body, and then trotted off once more. A small smile passed over her lips, as she was getting used to this strange place. She then looked into the male's eyes, and got the needle and thread ready. [#d56626 "This is going to hurt worse, but just keep in mind I'm doing this to help you, so please don't be too mad at me"] she said lightly. Her heart was pounding inside of her chest, as she started to put the stitches into the male's shoulder. Blood ran over her fingers slightly.]

[font "times new roman" She worked as quickly as she could, and when she was done, she cut the rest of the thread, and then washed her hands in the water. She was handed a dry towel, and she looked at her handy work. [#d56626 "That should do for awhile, I'll just make sure to change the bandages every couple of days, and make sure it doesn't get infected"] she said. She then put the bandages onto the man's shoulder, and then stepped back. She took in her handy work, and smiled a bit. She felt proud of herself, and then waited for the male to answer her first question about rationing, and the storm that was supposed to be coming.]
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The girl was too calm. Much too calm for those who usually came into the presence of the east. She was scared he could see, but sure in no way in fear of her life because of the wolf. The tremors that crossed her body were from something else entirely. Still, he knew that most were familiar with the tale of the beast – and yet she had found his house to be something for refuge? He was weak though and the blood loss was beginning to make it hard for Gabriel to stand, let alone give off any sense of intimidation. He leaned against the doorway, staining the wood. His eyes fluttered, but he forced them open. He tried to make out her shape in the dim lighting, the candles lighting as if on instinct. He made out the image of the female, the strands of red hair that framed her face like a luxurious silk curtain.

“Help?” He asked with a raised brow, hard to distinguish the fur that covered his face already – the thick fur brow blending into the rest of the dark hair that covered him. Gabriel trudged into the room then, watching as Spot – what had once been a little pup – trotted over as a hexed bowl and towel ready for assistance. “You shouldn’t be here.” He said. It was unusual for someone to show him some kind of kindness with his past. He was known to be violent and dangerous. She looked and acted around him as though he were a human and not a beast,

Still he was weak, and his wound was bad. Maybe it was hard for her to see as he remained in the shadows, but as he closed the distance between them it was clear how big and tall, he was compared to Kelaya. His clothing was already stained from the wound on his shoulder, he sunk down on the couch then. “Gabriel,” he said then. “That is my name.”

There was a knock at the door then, a very thin coat hanger walking in, confused to see the young human girl in the room.

“Master,” it said with a bow. “Dinner is ready. We must ration . . . as the snowstorm has come sooner.”
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[font "times new roman" At first the woman didn't hear anything, that was until the stairs started to creek, and then someone called out. Her heart hammered inside of her chest, as she looked over her shoulder. What was she supposed to do? She didn't want to get caught, but then again she had been the one to trespass. She took a breath as she tried to steer herself straight. She then turned the corner and came face to face with the male. [#d56626 "Please don't do anything.. I needed a place to hide out, and this was the only place nearby"] she stammered. That's when she saw that the beast was wounded. Her heart went out to him right then and there.]

[font "times new roman" She tilted her head to the side, and looked him up and down. She was trying to figure out where the blood was coming from. She was kind of worried all of a sudden. Why should she be? She didn't know this person, and he didn't know her. Yet she was about to going into motherly mode. [#d56626 "What happened to you? Let me help you.."] She said lightly. She didn't know where anything was, but she knew she had to help stop the bleeding. That's when she heard something clang behind her. She looked over her shoulder, seeing a small dog like creature coming towards her.]

[font "times new roman" That's when she spotted the bowl, with a cloth in it. Whatever that thing was it brought this too her. That was really strange. This whole place was strange to her. She wasn't about to complain though. She walked over, and bent down to pick up the bowl and cloth. That's when she spotted the creature once more. She smiled lightly as the body of the creature was shaking, like a tail was wagging. [#d56626 "Thank you"] she breathed out. She then turned back to the beast behind her, and she held the bowl out towards him. She made he way over, and pointed to a chair, before she looked towards him and spoke.]

[font "times new roman" [#d56626 "Sit, and I'll take care of whatever your wound is. At least before you start bitching at me, and telling me to leave. Let someone help take care of you, and then I'll leave"] she said lightly. She didn't know if she would really leave or not. At least she was trying here. She wanted nothing more than to help this man. She looked towards him, and her eyes locked on his. [#d56626 "I'm Kelayam, but you are welcome to call me whatever you wish. I know you might not want me here, but it looks like you have no choice in the matter. Sit, and take off your shirt, and show me where your wound is at"] she said, taking charge for the moment. She took off the cloak, and placed it on the back of a chair, getting herself ready to help the male.]
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The only time that Gabriel could leave his castle was during the night. It was easier to not be discovered and he didn’t have to worry about hunters. Killing the beast was a sport amongst those who had the balls to do so. Though very few managed to come out alive. On all fours he ran through the forest, he had been tracking a deer for the last hour and was coming close on them. Though of course he became distracted by the scent of humans: two men as far as he knew. He snarled then, he hated coming across humans at this time, interrupting his hunt which would eventually affect his meal. Gabriel came to a halt then, breathing hard, ears twitching as he tried to catch which direction they were coming from. He wondered then if they were after him. It didn’t make sense for them to be in the forest this late. He finally tracked them though, noticing that they were particularly close to his home. A sneak attack?

Gabriel turned around quick then, muscles taut beneath his fur with each und of his paws into the ground, thick sharp claws tearing at the rich earth as he headed toward his domain. Living as the beast had not been easy, but Gabriel had to some degree become used to it. Quite possibly he had no choice but to accept his fate as a beast. Who could ever love someone who looked like him?

“Dear God!” A man yelled announced then, the lantern he held dropping to the ground then. It was dark, the only light coming from the flame from the lantern which caught on some spare branches. Gabriel rose to his feet then, a roar playing.
“Michael!” The other male cried out as he raised his gun and shot. The bullet pierced through his shoulder, the pain excruciating and radiating heat through his body. Still, Gabriel came at that, snapping and snarling. He was hit in the face then with the butt of the gun, through a haze he could see the men running away.

When Gabriel came too, he could barely come to a stand. The only good that came out of this is that the deer he had been tracking was the true victim of the bullet. Launching its corpse over his shoulder, he began toward his home, his nose turning up at another new scent. This was very unusual. He had to contain his strength though as it was dwindling.
[I “Hello? Is anyone here?”] He heard. He threw the deer down then, growling, the strange scent leading him upstairs. He was tired though, slumping up, his heavy wait causing the stairs to creak with each step.
“Who’s in my castle?” He roared out.
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[font "times new roman" Dark green eyes scanned the area around her, the house she was targeting was dark, and she couldn't help but wonder if the owners would be home soon. She hoped they were, because then she would get caught. She drew the red hood over her head, and made sure she was crouched down low, and slowly made her way towards the house. This was her life now, stealing food, and money from the richest families. Something she hated, but something she had no choice over. Ever since her mother passed, she had to fend for herself.]

[font "times new roman" Her father pretty much walked out, and vowed to never return. That was when she turned into a thief in the night. She closed the distance between her hiding spot, and the house. She found the key the family had hidden along the top, and unlocked the back door. She then slipped into the house, and pulled out the sack she had in hand. Her eyes darted around the room, waiting for someone to pop up out of no where, and catch her. Her heart was thundering inside of her chest, as she started putting things into the sack, food, some bread, and then made her way out of the kitchen and into the hallway.]

[font "times new roman" She was light on her feet, but she was still careful trying to avoid creaky boards, and keeping her guard up. She stopped in the hallway, and found money in a dish. She scooped it up, and that's when she heard the voices. Someone was walking up the front steps. Giggle's, and then the sound of a key being slid into the lock. She ducked her head, and hurried back the way she had come. Just as she was rounding the corner, she ran right into someone. Their arms wrapped around her, and she let out a scream. The front door flew open, and in walked a couple.]

[font "times new roman" The male that was holding her, looked down at her, and seeing the pain and fear in her eyes, made him rethink what he was doing. [b "Run, don't look back, and if you get caught I'm not going to protect you again"] he hissed. The woman looked up at him and smiled a little, her heart hammering inside of her chest. [#d56626 "Thank you"] she whispered. The male let her go, raised his hand to his mouth and bit down onto it. He made sure he bit down hard enough to draw blood, and he let out a string of cuss words. That was her cure to book it, and that's just what she did.]

[font "times new roman" [b [i "Matthew? Is everything alright? I thought I heard a scream"]] the words faded behind her, as she ran into the woods. She was running for her life now, she couldn't get caught. As she ran, she managed to tie the sack around her waist, and that freed up her hands a bit. She looked over her shoulder, watching as the two men came booking it across the land, in her direction. She was in a shit ton of trouble. She couldn't get caught, there was no way in hell. She turned her head, and ran deeper into the forest. Her heart thundering inside of her chest. She almost got away with another steal.]

[font "times new roman" As she ran, she ducked her head and made sure to watch where she stepped. If she stepped wrong, she would step into a hole, or trip over a root, and then she would for sure be caught. When she broke out of the trees, her breath caught in her throat, and she skidded to a stop. There was a castle of sorts, and she didn't even know it was here. She could hear the men crashing through the trees, and she had no choice. She ran the rest of the distance, ran up the steps, and tried the door handle. To her utter luck it was unlocked, she then threw the door open, threw herself behind it, and shut it slowly. Not wanting to draw attention to herself here.]

[font "times new roman" Right as the door clicked shut, she heard their voices. [b [i "I swear I saw that bloody red hood here. This is just an abandoned structure."]] one male snapped. [b "Then let's keep going. I swear to God, I need to catch that bloody woman, for biting me"] the other said. She knew she hadn't even bit him, she smiled though silently thanking the male for saving her. She pressed her ear to the door, and listened as they left. She then slid down onto the floor, her head in her arms, as she tried to calm her racing heart. She tilted her head back against the door, and looked around.]

[font "times new roman" It wasn't abandoned, that's for sure. The place looked clean, and she wondered if anyone was around. She pushed herself to her feet, and moved towards one of the rooms. [#d56626 "Hello? Is anyone here?"] she called out. Her voice echoing throughout the room. Her heart thundered against her chest, as she waited for someone or something to appear out of the shadows.]
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It felt like centuries since the male had felt the sun’s rays on his bare skin, or the cooling sensation of a breeze playing against his cheek. In all, he missed the privilege of being a human. It felt like centuries since he was last a [I man], though it had only been a little under a decade. That walk in the forest he had no thought or belief that it would be the last day he saw his beautiful fiancé’s face, or the leisure of being able to leave his home. Now he was stuck in a castle formed out of the thickest and oldest tree branches, overgrown vines and moss winding along the sides. The only face he saw were of terrified villagers that dared cross his path. Even the face of his fiancé was gone, a faded memory that was fading more and more by the day. Growling in frustration, he turned on his heel and away from the window, which was drawn shut. His view of the country was only a reminder that he would forever remain an outsider.

He’d decided to pic the most beautiful flowers for his fiancé after a successful hunting trip. Gillian was the youngest out of a family of five children. Two brothers and two older sisters. While her family each had their own unique attributes, Gillian’s stood out to Gabriel more than her sisters’: Beauty. He himself was a handsome man. He was six foot four, strong and muscular. The type of man that had no trouble putting in work to get what he wanted. Courting Gillian hadn’t taken very long or much work, however. The minute his warm brown eyes landed on her; he knew he had to have her. They were married in just a little under three days. The joy he felt holding the gorgeous blonde in his hands was insurmountable. She deserved the finest clothing, the best beauty products – the best of the best.

[I He’d come to rest from his hunting trip, beautiful roses sitting in his pack and the fattest boar for dinner captured and slain, now sitting at his feet. Gabriel had begun to eat the roasted meat and bread he had packed earlier, sipping from his cannister of water. It was a hot day and his dry scratched throat had been cooled by the chilling liquid. He had but one bite left, a big man like him needing every last drop and every last crumb as greedy as it may have sounded. This was when he was approached by a hunched over cloaked figure.

“Lord,” a raspy voice cried out. Thick dark black brows lifted as the figure came closer, thin frail hands shaking as they removed the hood. Gabriel shifted back some.

“Good God.” He commented. The older woman had stringy grey hair, thin and pulled back into a low bun. Her face was covered in boils, a sagging and bumpy bit of flesh. Though it was her nose overall that set him into a manic disgust. It was big, pointed at the end and drooping downward.

“I am but an old woman on my way home, might I trouble you for a sip of water? A piece of bread? Please, I have been walking for so long.”

“Away from me foul wench!” He yelled, shoving the food in his mouth. “The looks of you, would do well to have you starve to death.” Gabriel muttered.

“Beauty fades, but the heart remains the same . . .” Her words made him stop then, almost as though he were paralyzed in fear. He paused and looked over his shoulder then at the woman. Before his eyes she began to transform into a gorgeous ethereal being. “Your physical attributes do matter, but it is what lies inside that truly matters. Your heart should be the truth and until you realize that, you will look as ugly as your heart.” ]

Now he was alone, save for the hexed furniture and tools in the castle, other people who had been cursed by the witch. Gabriel was alone and no longer a man, but a [I beast].
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