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[center [size20 [font times [b [i ⇞bound by blood⇟]]]]]
[size11 [#01437a [b She]] just found out that she has been approved to study abroad at a boarding school in Castalia, a small town in Eastern Europe. She is very excited, always wanting to explore an area surrounded by beautiful Gothic architecture and of course, the place where her family tree began.

[b [#01437a While]] she feels like she is home, there is no doubt that she stands out as, as she is from the states. She thinks she wont be able to make any friends and feels lonely, until she meets [b Romina], her roommate. She’s beautiful, wealthy and enigmatic. Something about the woman who never wears anything other than black draws her in.

[#01437a [b Winter]] break has arrived and Romina invites [b her] to come spend time at her home. The first night there Romina takes [#01437a [b her]] to a raging party where everyone is out of this world gorgeous.

[#01437a [b He]] has his eye on her the minute she enters and Romina is not shy in introducing the two. Glasses of wine later and a lot of flirting, there’s no surprise when she and he share a kiss. Still, [#01437a [b she]] is shocked the awake the next morning, heading pounding and a puncture mark to her neck]
[size10 [b rules.]
-alright so this is a vampire story. Now the history of the female character is completely up to you, however I do have some basis of the background to aid in the direction of the plot
[tab] [b *your character basically comes from a family of the wealthiest pure blood vampires. Highest of the high. Of course with cross breeding this kind dwindled the pool. Romina recognized you as a part of the line because she was friends with your characters great great great grandmother
[tab] *my character comes from a line of also purebloods. Now the kicker is a long time ago there was a pact made between lines to after years of control over land. The two were bound to marry. However your grandmother ran off and the pact never was made – until now when my character bit you
[tab] *so this is kind of a love hate thing. Our characters are meant to be together but kind of by choice and yet by love as they start to bond with each other.
[tab] [I *anything else, im happy to discuss! Love building plots with people.]]
-real pictures
-mature theme; gore, violence, romance, cursing
-doesnt matter how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with
[b [center pm if interested x]]]
  SincerelyLily / 14d 18h 25m 49s
[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/324598883/original.gif]]
[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/284799793/original.gif]]

so lets say this - maybe theres a royal family for each area of this magical place
for the north
the south
the east
and the west

though there was one - the queen of the east who wanted to control all factions
im thinking that maybe each one houses certain supernatural
north: maybe faeries, trolls, elves
south: werewolves, shapeshifters basically
east: witches, warlocks, magick folk
west: anything else im tired of thinking lol idk freaking mermaids XD

anyhoo the east maybe then like starts a war and now controls all factions
though there was a prophecy of someone who would return and bring peace

this is the person that goes missing
maybe sent to the human realm as a mean of protecting them
though its the year the prophecy is to come true and so theyve been kidnapped

once the case turns cold the psychic person is like 'woah a vision'
im assuming they are magic folk naturally so they seek out the other person like 'we gotta go here and do this quest to find who you are missing'
  SincerelyLily / 13d 16h 38m 17s
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYmnOnb2VRg&feature=youtu.be]]
[center [font "courier" [size11 where do you hope to be
when the world is coming to an end?
the final flood hits the earth starts shaking
do you think of yourself safe in the arms of a loved one
or quite possibly in a bar, drinking all your body can handle?
certainly the market seems a bit too tame
for the end of all ends
and yet, thats where you find yourself
caged in by the graces of the store clerk
smart enough to lock the doors to which
a barrier between you and the savage monsters stands
wash your hands, get a flu shot, make sure to get your dose
of vitamin c. we all did as we were told, anything to help with
keeping us safe from the virus that came out of the shadows
with the tenacity unlike any other virus
we trusted our government to aid us and yet - we were failed
we're safe for now, but sooner or later someone
is going to turn into the beast as well
it's best to suit up, take what's needed
and get the fuck out - because sooner than later
this little market isnt going to protect you
and this little piggy wants to go home
[I wherever] that may be]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/ADClbdW.png]]
[center [font "courier" [size10 [b Rules:] I think we have all been on the site long enough to know the basics. So, be smart. One thing I absolutely want to stress is [u no outlandish behavior] - yes this is a zombie rp, but no one is immortal and certainly no gming. If your character dies simply make a new one or become a zombie! This rp requires [b world building] to which I am avid on brainstorming in our [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=153945 cc thread]. I don't ask for much in writing but absolutely a paragraph at least. I dont want this to die but the rp doesnt have to be fast paced so no one liners. If there's anything else I missed, check out my [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=406372 rules thread] which are my basic rules if there's anything I missed.]]]

[center [font "courier new" [b [size26 C H A R A C T E R S]]]]
[hr ]
Handle: SincerelyLily
Name: julian daughtry
Age: 25
A Lil Bio: virgo; lives alone, fresh out of prison and working as a mechanic; [b weapon of choice would more than likely be a knife]
[hr ]
  SincerelyLily / 9d 22h 50m 34s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6L8Iz2m.png]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/OfFFcIK.png]
[center [font "times" [i [size12
[b she] is a young woman, engaged to London's finest
and ready to take on the task of womanhood, To escape cold feet,
she heads countryside enjoying the last of what she
considers her freedom to youth
[b he] is the son of a history teacher at one of the
finest academies, getting through the day of boring
law lectures, and burning with passion of painting
[b they] cross each other's path on campus
and like many love stories, attraction blooms unexpectedly
but she is already betrothed to a man she's expected
to love, what will be the fate of the two
to walk a destiny chosen or to create their own?]]]]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/OfFFcIK.png]
  SincerelyLily / 15d 6h 5m 33s
[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/341532145/original.gif]]
[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/340306065/original.gif]]

also sorry for my typos my laptop been off the wall since I spilled water on it lol
im waiting for my sister to get my bluetooth keyboard out of storage

mmm yes! maybe during that time witches and those with magic were revered and heavily depended on -- im thinking maybe there was a small group of magic folk maybe like 3 witches and the dark lord
of course still human this would account for them birthing children

but anyhooooooo lol maybe like the dark lord was involved with a woman of high status in the community and when he couldnt save her and she died, he was seen as the cause of her death, which fueled the hatred of humans and their hatres od witches in return.
their family members were able to get away but the witches and the dark lord faced demise
though of course as the dark lord his power allowed his spirit to remain as long as maybe a spell took place -- or he couldve placed a curse

mhmm yes youre right - id imagine no one would be aware of the return of the dark lord if their pretending magic doesnt exist
and since they're studying, I presume they both come across this message that was forgotten
and thats when they start seeking out others of magic for battle
  SincerelyLily / 13d 17h 54m 23s
[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/306771628/original.gif]]
[center [font "times" If you could reverse time
would you? Would you make the
effort to try to make the world
a better place . . . one second – two – thirty seconds
if that was all it took, would you take advantage
of it? Many think this power is useful
truth is
[spoiler it isn’t cause in the end someone has to die]]]

[left [font "times" [b she] just moved back to her hometown
Not being able to afford her city apartment
And choosing to relocate with her parents
And attend the community college]]

[left [font "times" [b x] is an old friend, still stuck at home
Trying to make the most of a small town life
Bumping into her is exciting, but not when its
Stopping her from being attacked on the shared campus]]

[left [font "times" his power surprises them both
And while it was a blessing to save her life,
They both realize that no one can escape fate]]

[right [font “times” [b pm for more info on plot if interested x also be sure to check out [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=406372 da rules]]]]
  SincerelyLily / 16d 23h 35m 37s
Handle: Ceva
Name: alex sarct
Age: 18
A Lil Bio: aries; lives in a shack; just left hillmeade academy also known as hellmead a school for troubled kids; [b weapon of choice - a handgun or their own fists]

Handle: Ceva
Name: zoya heartstring
Age: 20
A Lil Bio: lives in her parents basement; she's kind of an engineer but loves tinkering with weapons and other stuff; [b weapon of choice: a collapsible scythe she made herself]

Handle: SincerelyLily
Name: julian daughtry
Age: 25
A Lil Bio: virgo; lives alone, fresh out of prison and working as a mechanic; [b weapon of choice would more than likely be a knife]

Handle: SincerelyLily
Name: saorise mcculum
Age: 24
A Lil Bio: aquarius; unemployed; [b weapon of choice: probably skilled combat, but still fighting zombies is nothing like fighting off a man in a bar]
  SincerelyLily / 16d 49m 17s
So my plan so far
Find a new job - mostly temp work. My refund is going to be shit but hopefully my unemployment pay makes up for it which will help with saving

I’m thinking of going back to school for graphic design so i need to look up schools in Georgia
Also will try to find a job in Georgia before moving

Cause guess what ??? I decided to move to Georgia ?? And move in with Serina ???? Cause life is crazy so why not also get crazy ??? lol

No I’m seriousness i like LA but I’m not happy here and unfortunately i can’t afford SF as much as i want to move back. So why not just move out of cali and see what fate has planned ?
  SincerelyLily / 18d 6h 41m 55s
When it’s slow and you have time to FaceTime
Literally living my best life eating cheese and crackers on FaceTime and watching law & order svu
  SincerelyLily / 19d 23h 25m 42s
Getting drunk
Eating Thai food
And watching a movie
Perfect FaceTime date lol

Was a bit different introducing S to the group lol but normal movie time was canceled ?? And since were doing the whole quarantine ish felt like perfect time to introduce everyone which is rare because it took so long for everyone to be available

But it was fun xxx definitely what i needed
  SincerelyLily / 20d 18h 56m 13s
people lie about the weirdest things
Like it’s scary how some people’s minds work
  SincerelyLily / 21d 2h 24m 39s
Beyond the gate
La ooooh

Yes yes hopefully i remember this lol
  SincerelyLily / 24d 23h 50m 10s
[center [size30 YO WTF LMAO ]
[sub people are so [i interesting]]]

  SincerelyLily / 22d 51m 48s
Living amongst muggles had been easy. Alexander of course being the black sheep of the family though was seen as the weird one for choosing to remain in the [i human] world and continue to pursue studies and non-magic work. It was usual for witches and warlocks, even those who were mudbloods like him, to go out and push into the world of magick folk once completing their studies. Of course, Alexander couldn't bear the thought of not seeing his mother for months, as the portal to Auslander was only open for certain periods of time and at this certain climate, a wall had been built to refuse humans without papers access to Auslander. It wasn’t terrible, to say the least. The human world was not quite a drag, there was some kind of beauty and excitement that Alex found in the mediocrity. It was interesting to see the accomplishments that humans had made without the help of magic, unlike the people they had all come to know.

Alex had awoken in the dorm that was provided to him, on the conditions of being an assistant teacher during his graduate program, he was given free living arrangements. His family was 2wealthy and he really didn't need to take the offer, still he wanted to blend in as much as possible. Hazel eyes flecked with gold in the right lighting peered up at the ceiling. He soon got out of bed and prepared for his day. Like most mornings, it consisted of waiting for the shower to finally run hot as the pipes took some time to warm up. He Dressed in a simple grey sweater and light jeans, packing his bag and of course making sure to have a hold of his notebook. It was a black leatherbound one that was passed down to him from his father. It shared the secrets of spells created through their generations, something he still studied and yet on the flip side, held the many spells he himself had worked toward perfecting.

Alex had a big test to study for though and that war main concern as he headed out of his dorm, a butter splattered piece of toast stuck between his teeth as he locked up and headed to the elevator. It was a bit quiet on campus, as there was a recent health scare and not many people on campus, which made navigating the popular school very easy. Alex had one destination in mind: the library.
  SincerelyLily / 26d 19h 22m 43s
[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/334006805/original.gif]]
[center [font "times" [I im not here to play games
if you say it doesnt matter
then watch me disappear]]]

[right [sub fxf]]
  SincerelyLily / 27d 7h 5m 48s

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