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[center [size10 [b just somewhere to work on my plots and threads]]]
[center [I [size10 as a writer, i ask you to refrain from stealing any of my plot ideas. if anything you can always ask please.]]]


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damn sometimes I just
want to roast people so bad lol
I just had to put this here because I just .. XD whew
  SincerelyLily / 5h 46m 49s
[size10 “Please please please please [I please],” Saoirse muttered as she held on tightly to the white plastic in her hand . She was shaking, bright hazel eyes staring at the empty space of the pregnancy tested now contained two straight lines. ‘Shit,” she muttered as she tossed it into the trash. Getting pregnant was not the plan – being forced into isolation wasn’t the plan and certainly losing the job she’d only had for a month was not in the plan. She sighed out then. Saoirse’s life had not been the same since moving back to LA. She’d worked jobs she hated for just enough money to cover the cost of her phone bill and the small room her grandma rented out to her. Once the virus hit it was a mad world day by day. She’d not taken the warnings as seriously, figuring that this would all pass over – besides, what was the worse to come from being able to stay home?

Getting laid off certainly was top of the list and now being pregnant. Sighing out, the young woman came to a stand and walked out of the stall, washing her hands before running her fingers through the honey blonde strands of hair. She stared at the freckle faced reflection, trying to calm down. This would be fine right? She could get through this. Saoirse laughed at herself then. Of course, nothing in her life would be easy.

She’d exited the bathroom then, nearly bumping into someone who like the lot was prepped as though ready to go into surgery: face mask, gloves, and t spice it up, a pair of goggles. Clearing her throat in embarrassment, she skirted by the woman and began her way down the aisle. She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket then, checking another update from the president to stay safe and stay indoors. She rolled her eyes then, initially only coming for her third pregnancy tests to dispute the others but knowing that it would be smart to get a few more supplies. Her grandmother was not doing well health wise and it was best to get what she could while she was at the store.

[center [b [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLuNy8qfK9Q The Sound of the End]]]

Earphones in, music playing at its full volume, she tried to distract herself with mindless shopping. She wasn’t thinking, pushing the black cart and filling it with whatever seemed to peak her interest. Hell, if she was going to be broke at home, six bottles of wine seemed way more important than any kind of produce or canned goods. Saoirse was distracted than by the blaring alarm that played over the intercom and it wasn’t until the sound of crashing glass hit that she became aware of what was going on. There were crowds of people, running to and from the door – mangled and bloodied hands pushing through the broken window as the doors had been locked by the staff.

“What the fuck?” Saoirse said as she pulled one of her earphones out, the screams of trror overwhelming with the sound of the alarm blaring. Her phone was vibrating like crazy, stories of the mass panic that had occurred in less than an hour. It appeared that the building which housed those infected with the disease had been turned over – the sick roaming the streets. Though, they weren’t just [sick] – they were consumed with death – decaying by the second and yet somehow still alive. The virus had won over their minds, and while they functioned barely – their hunger had not disappeared. Saoirse gasped out then, watching as a woman’s hand was bitten at viciously as she was being dragged, the doors her only saving grace.

Stumbling backwards, Saoirse tried to look for help. What the fuck was going on?
[size10 “Do you hear that man?” Julian asked. He was currently sitting on top of three stack boxes of milk, smoking a joint. He’d stopped by the grocery store to meet his dealer who unfortunately didn’t have time to swing by considering his hours had picked up since this whole virus frenzy. He passed over what was nearly gone to Titus.
“Hear what?” He asked. They both had stared at each other for at least thirty seconds before falling into a fit of laughter. Of course, the warehouse was locked off and a bit of distance away – completely void of any phone service. Julian didn’t mind, sometimes it was nice to get away. He spent three years in prison and though he’d been out for two months, it felt weird not being isolated. He had the freedom to do anything – well most of whatever he wasn’t [I allowed] to do in prison. Still, becoming used to life on the outside wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be. Had his father not been willing to give him another chance, he would be on the street and more than likely back in jail.

Light grey eyes closed for a second, enjoying the gentle release of anxiety thanks to the drugs before finally coming to a stand. He grabbed his denim coat, shrugging it on. “Alright man, I’m heading out,” he said as he patted Titus on the back, who was busy unloading the truck. As a mechanic, his work had nearly dried up by this point. There were people still heading out and driving to work, but very few it seemed that had issues with their car. Julian had bent down to tie a loose set of strings on the all-white Converse when there was the sound of a loud bang against the metal wall. The sound was jarring enough that the two had stopped what they were doing.

“What the hell?” Titus muttered as he undid his gloves, heading toward the small window to which he could see the mayhem of the world outside. People were running and driving for their lives, some dead and in the streets. “Yo Julian you –” He was interrupted by the sound of the door clanking from the other side, the entrance into the store. Julian and Titus, had headed in the direction, opening the door to find the living trying to escape . . . the [I dead?] It was a stupid mistake, but they had no way out that would be the safest or easiest. Not to mention Julian hadn’t come here alone.

“Shit, Saoirse,” he yelled as he tried to push through the crowd. The smell was intense and foul, and he was searching through an overwhelming crowd, trying to find his friend. He’d thought h spotted her, some mangled looking smelly creature having a go. In honesty, Julian wasn’t sure exactly how to go about attacking – this was something he only imagined happened in films. Knowing time was ticking away, he finally took the plunge and lodged his pocketknife into the person’s skull, successfully freeing the girl trapped beneath him, but now causing attention to be brought onto him. Fortunately, the blood loss seemed to have slowed him down and he eagerly took the girl’s hand before turning to look at her. “Ah c’mon, you have to be killing me. Where Saoirse?” He asked, though more so to himself.

The good thing was that only a few of the [I creatures] had managed to get in. If they could get rid of the lot of them then maybe they could figure out what the hell was going on and how they were going to get out of this alive.
  SincerelyLily / 8h 26m 52s
[size10 this is completely random
and maybe im getting ahead of myself
but I just realized how my sister told me id have to put in financially or
help clean in order to split their groceries cause she inly bought enough for her boyfriend and her
and my other sister has literally been eating with her
and doesnt do anything and im just lik tf man
like I just realized that - perks of a middle child
  SincerelyLily / 11h 47m 32s
[center [size25 [font "times" the [I [b [#501412 quiet]]] things that no one ever [I [b [#501412 knows]]]
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/OiVai41.png]]
[center [size20 [b [#501412 ☽]]]]
[center [size11 [font "times" [#240908 [b years ago]] the land of [I Genovia] was split into four factions. All of which were run by leaders born of royal families, a title handed down. There was [b [I Andelle of the North]], [b [I Cyrus of the South]], [b [I Venus of the East]], and [b [I Destin of the West]]
For the longest, in peace they had managed a world completely hidden to humans – where the fantastical and supernatural lived in peace. Though of course, they couldn’t live in peace for so long.
[b [I Venus]] had soon grown greedy and on the eve of the anniversary of the peace treaty, which was to be resigned, Venus took it upon herself to go into war with all three other faction. With the power of hundreds of witches and warlocks, and even those who’d been threatened into joining her ranks
She quickly took over and the people of Genovia feared their lives would forever depend on the tyrant they had to refer as Queen
That is until one fairy name [b [I H e l e n a]] was brave enough to bless Andelle’s child with the power to grow a beautiful and powerful witch, who would overthrow Venus. When Venus got wind of this, she placed a bounty on the young girl’s head. Her name was [b [I Prim]].
Prim was sent to the human world through a secret portal for her own protection, which was lightyears away. It was thousands of years later; the child was found on the steps of firehouse with a note.
Prim grew up to be a loving nurse who had a great and was loved by all. This was why it was such a blow to learn of her disappearance.
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oNAJKa.png]]
[center [size20 [b [#501412 ☽]]]]
[center [size11 [font "times" [#240908 [b this]] is where our story begins. [b [#501412 He]] is your average young adult living in the city – though average is maybe a bit of an understatement, considering that he is all but [I normal]. He from a young age has practiced in magic – as the child of a faerie and warlock it’s no wonder he came out as he did.
His strongest power was the power of being psychic. With one look or one touch he could tap into anyone’s thoughts.
This night was different though, this time the person came to him and he’d read enough stories to know the tale of the one who would end the curse of Genovia. Quickly he had made his way without thinking into his car and driving nearly six hours away to find [b [I [#501412 Her]]].
She was the friend of the missing woman and though it was a bit maddening, he arrived on her doorstep, drenched from the rain.
“I know this may sound [b [I [#501412 crazy]]], but I know where your friend is.”
Surely to a human it would be quite strange to imagine a world filled with creatures you could only imagine from fantasies
Little did they both know that this wouldn't just be a simple matter of finding a missing person, but bringing down the most powerful person in the Genovia.

[sub [b [center [#501412 closed rp]]]]
  SincerelyLily / 1d 23h 48m 12s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/YsSmLRm.jpg?1]]

Hmm I think they would take the step, but certainly they wouldnt bring it up again really. Like things are obvious a little bit different and theyre kind of a bit closer - but they both probably would agree that it was just a kind of one night stand thing and they should focus on jordan
I feel like by that point they would both still be really into ju/ro and wants to pursue that since its been going on longer y'know?

but yeah maybe from then its just focusing on dealing with jordan
then. jordan is sent with a restraining order and heads back to new york - or so they think.

they both begin corresponding by letters again. the event is being planned and maybe romeo asks juliet out to attend the event
they agree to meet like on a balcony

Connor and Lia dont arrive together, he goes searching for juliet
Jordan crashes the event, maybe we can save the shooting, but he punches connor or something, to which connor removes his mask, and its like "waaah connor is romeo"
  SincerelyLily / 10h 46m 52s
gwen and jos fall in love
child is conceived
gwen marries at joseph's request
joseph goes off to paint in foreign country
returns engaged
runs into gwen and ehr husband at a party
flame reignited
henry and elaine are married
elaine and joseph's fiance - francesca(?) develop feelings
gwen and joseph struggle with love for one another
meeting his child for the first time
while dealing with the pressures of moral and society
  SincerelyLily / 3d 13h 34m 39s
I just ---- I ....
[center [pic https://media0.giphy.com/media/Or8mBiRz4S8a4/giphy.gif]]

what the fuck really going on lmfao
  SincerelyLily / 4d 1h 17m 11s
[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/339063661/original.gif]]
  SincerelyLily / 4d 2h 15m 21s
[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/277141016/original.gif]]
[center [size20 [I [font "times" before i [b [#d097a0 fall]]]]]]
[center [size11 [I [font "times" I never wanted to go. . .]]]]
[center [font "times" this is the story of a couple, trying so hard to maintain a relationship despite how the many hurdles the two faced. [b he] gave up a big record deal after [b she] was involved in a car crash. it seems like it's the end, but it's hard to say goodbye. are they saying goodbye?]]
[center [font "times" [size20 ❊]]]
[size10 [center [font "times" so in my head I want to do like a kind of flashback roleplay. the posts will bounce from future and to the past. past posts will show when they first meet - like the beginning stages of their relationship and eventually lead up to the car crash. after that point, it'll be more so be future posts and determining if they stay together.]]]

[center [font "times" [size10 here are my [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=406372 rules]
pm if interested x
  SincerelyLily / 4d 3h 4m 7s
[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/317220167/original.gif]]
[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/340349645/original.gif]]
  SincerelyLily / 4d 3h 33m 51s
ive been single for nearly a year and some months and honestly
I wouldnt be mad if I stayed that way
people like to use me cause its convenient but no one is actually serious
I cant change people
and especially if youve hurt me theres just no going back
but ive thoroughly enjoyed the peace of being by myself
[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/313082340/original.gif]]
  SincerelyLily / 4d 3h 32m 57s
[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/341889265/original.gif]]
[center [size20 [font times [b [i ⇞bound by blood⇟]]]]]
[size11 [#01437a [b She]] just found out that she has been approved to study abroad at a boarding school in Castalia, a small town in Eastern Europe. She is very excited, always wanting to explore an area surrounded by beautiful Gothic architecture and of course, the place where her family tree began.

[b [#01437a While]] she feels like she is home, there is no doubt that she stands out as, as she is from the states. She thinks she wont be able to make any friends and feels lonely, until she meets [b Romina], her roommate. She’s beautiful, wealthy and enigmatic. Something about the woman who never wears anything other than black draws her in.

[#01437a [b Winter]] break has arrived and Romina invites [b her] to come spend time at her home. The first night there Romina takes [#01437a [b her]] to a raging party where everyone is out of this world gorgeous.

[#01437a [b He]] has his eye on her the minute she enters and Romina is not shy in introducing the two. Glasses of wine later and a lot of flirting, there’s no surprise when she and he share a kiss. Still, [#01437a [b she]] is shocked the awake the next morning, heading pounding and a puncture mark to her neck]
[size10 [b rules.]
-alright so this is a vampire story. Now the history of the female character is completely up to you, however I do have some basis of the background to aid in the direction of the plot
[tab] [b *your character basically comes from a family of the wealthiest pure blood vampires. Highest of the high. Of course with cross breeding this kind dwindled the pool. Romina recognized you as a part of the line because she was friends with your characters great great great grandmother
[tab] *my character comes from a line of also purebloods. Now the kicker is a long time ago there was a pact made between lines to after years of control over land. The two were bound to marry. However your grandmother ran off and the pact never was made – until now when my character bit you
[tab] *so this is kind of a love hate thing. Our characters are meant to be together but kind of by choice and yet by love as they start to bond with each other.
[tab] [I *anything else, im happy to discuss! Love building plots with people.]]
-real pictures
-mature theme; gore, violence, romance, cursing
-doesnt matter how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with
[b [center pm if interested x]]]
  SincerelyLily / 5d 4h 5m 31s
[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/324598883/original.gif]]
[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/284799793/original.gif]]

so lets say this - maybe theres a royal family for each area of this magical place
for the north
the south
the east
and the west

though there was one - the queen of the east who wanted to control all factions
im thinking that maybe each one houses certain supernatural
north: maybe faeries, trolls, elves
south: werewolves, shapeshifters basically
east: witches, warlocks, magick folk
west: anything else im tired of thinking lol idk freaking mermaids XD

anyhoo the east maybe then like starts a war and now controls all factions
though there was a prophecy of someone who would return and bring peace

this is the person that goes missing
maybe sent to the human realm as a mean of protecting them
though its the year the prophecy is to come true and so theyve been kidnapped

once the case turns cold the psychic person is like 'woah a vision'
im assuming they are magic folk naturally so they seek out the other person like 'we gotta go here and do this quest to find who you are missing'
  SincerelyLily / 4d 2h 17m 59s
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYmnOnb2VRg&feature=youtu.be]]
[center [font "courier" [size11 where do you hope to be
when the world is coming to an end?
the final flood hits the earth starts shaking
do you think of yourself safe in the arms of a loved one
or quite possibly in a bar, drinking all your body can handle?
certainly the market seems a bit too tame
for the end of all ends
and yet, thats where you find yourself
caged in by the graces of the store clerk
smart enough to lock the doors to which
a barrier between you and the savage monsters stands
wash your hands, get a flu shot, make sure to get your dose
of vitamin c. we all did as we were told, anything to help with
keeping us safe from the virus that came out of the shadows
with the tenacity unlike any other virus
we trusted our government to aid us and yet - we were failed
we're safe for now, but sooner or later someone
is going to turn into the beast as well
it's best to suit up, take what's needed
and get the fuck out - because sooner than later
this little market isnt going to protect you
and this little piggy wants to go home
[I wherever] that may be]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/ADClbdW.png]]
[center [font "courier" [size10 [b Rules:] I think we have all been on the site long enough to know the basics. So, be smart. One thing I absolutely want to stress is [u no outlandish behavior] - yes this is a zombie rp, but no one is immortal and certainly no gming. If your character dies simply make a new one or become a zombie! This rp requires [b world building] to which I am avid on brainstorming in our [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=153945 cc thread]. I don't ask for much in writing but absolutely a paragraph at least. I dont want this to die but the rp doesnt have to be fast paced so no one liners. If there's anything else I missed, check out my [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=406372 rules thread] which are my basic rules if there's anything I missed.]]]

[center [font "courier new" [b [size26 C H A R A C T E R S]]]]
[hr ]
Handle: SincerelyLily
Name: julian daughtry
Age: 25
A Lil Bio: virgo; lives alone, fresh out of prison and working as a mechanic; [b weapon of choice would more than likely be a knife]
[hr ]
  SincerelyLily / 8h 30m 16s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6L8Iz2m.png]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/OfFFcIK.png]
[center [font "times" [i [size12
[b she] is a young woman, engaged to London's finest
and ready to take on the task of womanhood, To escape cold feet,
she heads countryside enjoying the last of what she
considers her freedom to youth
[b he] is the son of a history teacher at one of the
finest academies, getting through the day of boring
law lectures, and burning with passion of painting
[b they] cross each other's path on campus
and like many love stories, attraction blooms unexpectedly
but she is already betrothed to a man she's expected
to love, what will be the fate of the two
to walk a destiny chosen or to create their own?]]]]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/OfFFcIK.png]
  SincerelyLily / 5d 15h 45m 15s

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