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Jeremy took her outstreched hand and shook it, instantly more comfortable.
[+indigo "I'm Jeremy,"] Jeremy replied. [+indigo "I was thinking of maybe getting some popcorn--I saw a stand over that way."] Jeremy waved a hand in the general direction of which he remebered the popcorn stand. [+indigo "It said it was gourmet popcorn, which sounded interesting--oh wait, it's morning isn't it? So, breakfast time, I guess. I don't know, what do you want to eat?"
  Maurica Night / EffoEverton / 2d 3h 57m 59s
Apparently he wasn’t interested in getting his phone fully charged. Either way was fine with her. Isabelle took her phone charger back and nodded to accept the invitation. It really was better than sitting here doing nothing,”Sure. Might as well get some breakfast.”

It felt too early for breakfast. Isabelle unplugged her cord and coiled it back up before she tucked it in a little pouch that went into her purse. Her purse had everything she needed for the trip, and just in general. She liked to be prepared. Isabelle was the sort of person who could procure a package of tissues from her magical bag when someone started crying or sneezed.

She stood up and offered her hand to shake. This was actually a good opportunity, which made her pretty happy,”I’m Isabelle, by the way. Nice to meet you. Did you have anything in particular in mind to eat? Or just whatever seems the least busy?”

They wouldn’t be the only people having the brilliant idea to grab a bite to eat while they waited for word on the flights. The restaurants in the airport were probably going to be packed.
  Yavanna / 4d 23h 44m 28s
[+indigo "That makes the both of us then,"] Jeremy replied, almost more to himself than to the girl. He tried turning on his phone again, and lo and behold, it actually turned on. Jeremy impatiently waited for it to finish booting up.
Once it was properly on, Jeremy went straight to the texting app, or whatever it was called. If this were a normal situation where it wasn't super early, and he wasn't sitting next to a strange girl, using her charger to charge his phone, he would have called his parents. Neither of them were very good with technology, and Jeremy found texting too much of a hassle. He always had so much to say, and he couldn't type very fast. Because he had already determined that texting was stupid and time-consuming, he didn't know speech-to-text was a thing. Not that that would do him any good in this scenario anyways.
Jeremy's sister was more likely to check her phone out of the four of them, so he decided to text her. [i [+indigo My flight was cancelled. They don't know when it will be back up yet. Don't worry about picking me up. Tell mom and dad when you get up. Thanks.]]
Tara was undoubtedly still sleeping, so he knew she wouldn't be responding anytime soon. He had given her enough information to deal with. After messing about a bit longer on his phone, he unplugged it from the cord and handed it back to the lady. He waited for her to take it, then asked, just a bit nervously, [+indigo "Do you wanna go get some food or something? It'll probably be a while before the flights get back up, and sitting here doing nothing for hours doesn't sound very entertaining."]
  Fate Enzu / EffoEverton / 7d 17h 51m 18s
Isabelle’s smile widened while he chatted about the weather a bit. If she had to guess, she’d say he was a little nervous. Probably about the whole delay mess and having to ask a stranger about their cell phone charger. He seemed pretty nice. There were some guys that came across as creepy right away, and those guys she would have politely distanced herself from. Instead she made an attempt at continuing the small talk.

“I know, right? I’m not really used to snow.” Not sure what else to say for now, and guessing he’d be more interested in trying to get his phone on and send his message, she checked her message to her dad one last time and hit send. There, at least now her dad shouldn’t worry when he got up to come get her from the airport.

She glanced at the guy borrowing her phone charger to charge his totally dead phone before she looked at the screen on the wall with flight information. As if that would tell her anything besides that her flight was delayed. No one knew when they could leave. She realized she didn’t even know the guys name, she’d completely forgotten to ask. Would it be weird to ask now?
  Yavanna / 10d 23h 27m 33s
[+indigo "Yes, thanks,"] Jeremy breathed, a huge grin gracing his face. He sat himself down in the chair next to the lady. She was nice, really nice; by the way she answered the question, Jeremy could tell. He liked her already. After a bit of fiddling with the charger and his phone, he realized he had the thing turned upside down. He righted it as he continued the converstation. [+indigo "Yeah, it's crazy, isn't it? We have people whose job it is to tell us the weather, but we still get it wrong half the time. Most of the time it doesn't matter, but...well, I don't know much about snow, but it seems to matter quite a lot."] Jeremy paused for a moment to look at his phone. It wouldn't let him turn it on yet. He wished it would hurry up. He didn't know much about this lady, and even though he thought she was nice, he knew there were people out there who just pretended to be nice because it was what was expected. Maybe she was actually really annoyed that he asked to use her charger, but said yes anyways because it was the polite thing to do.
Or, maybe she was just a nice person who liked being helpful and was not at all concerned with the fact he was sitting right next to her, using her charger to charge his phone. Yes. Jeremy liked this possibility. This is what he decided he would believe until proven otherwise. Though he didn't know he decided it, really.
  Fate Enzu / EffoEverton / 14d 16h 59m 38s
Isabelle Lamb was ready to spend another quiet Christmas at home. It would also be the first time seeing her dad since she left for college. She was a little worried about how he was doing all by himself. She talked to him pretty regularly, but she still got concerned about how he was eating and if he was cleaning the house. Isabelle had taken care of a lot of those chores when it had just been the two of them.

There were also a lot of old friends wanting to meet up over the holiday break. Isabelle had a lot of friends she talked to pretty regularly. She was often the first one they went to when something went wrong. A fight, a breakup, bad grades, or just complaining about stepping in gum. Problems big and small had people coming to her for comfort.

Hardly anyone was up this early though, unless they had flights to catch at ungodly hours too. For once her phone was pretty quiet, instead of buzzing with notifications every few seconds. As if on cue she yawned during the announcement that it was five thirty in the morning. It wasn’t like she could sleep even if she wanted to. Besides the fact that she was waiting on her flight to California, the airport was packed with other travelers. It was loud and busy, despite the fact that most people she looked at seemed about as tired as she felt, or worse.

Her phone battery wasn’t low, exactly, but Isabelle didn’t like to let it get below fifty percent. When she pulled it out to check if she’d missed any messages it was at sixty-two. That was close enough that she wanted to charge it a little while she still could. She’d deliberately chosen a seat near an outlet, and who knew when she’d next get a chance to charge her phone once they boarded. Of course she had her charger, and with her phone plugged in she was scrolling through social media for any updates she’d missed.

Somewhere in that seemingly endless scrolling there was another announcement that had her sitting in shock. [i Canceled]? Being from someplace warm like California the idea of canceling anything over snow was always something that happened somewhere else. She didn’t even live in the mountains, and that was generally the closest any snow related stuff happened. But here she was with her flight home canceled due to snow. Her dad would be at the airport waiting for her.

He might still be asleep, so she didn’t want to call. Instead she opted to text him about the delay, and promise to keep him updated. It was all she could do. It wasn’t like anyone at the airport could get flights un-canceled while the storm was still going on.

She flinched at the sound of another announcement, this time for some flight that wasn’t hers, to board. Probably the last one that could beat the storm. Bad luck that it wasn’t hers. She readjusted to sit more comfortably in her seat, not that the seats were very comfortable in any position. How people slept in them was beyond her.

Just when she was nearly done editing her message to her dad so he wouldn’t worry when he saw it someone came up and started talking to her. A guy about her age, she guessed. All she could do after several seconds of him talking was smile. It wasn’t like she’d never been approached by a stranger before who wanted to strike up a conversation, people tended to use words like ‘approachable’ to describe her. Besides, he obviously found the situation a little awkward and she didn’t want to make him feel more awkward.

“Sure,” Isabelle didn’t even have to stop and think. Of course she’d help someone out, especially if it was as simple as letting them use her phone charger,”No problem. Need to let someone know not to rush to pick you up, right? I think the snowstorm caught us all by surprise.”

She didn’t even bother to check her battery level before unplugging her phone and offering him the cable. It wasn’t like hers was anywhere close to dying, she’d be able to send her dad the message and have battery to spare while his charged a bit.
  Yavanna / 16d 19h 5m 47s
Jeremy Banks was simply giddy with exictement. Christmas break had officially started yesterday, but today was the day he would get to go home and see his family again. Jeremy just adored his family. Like, college was cool too, there was no denying that, but Christmas had always been a really special time for him, because all his family members would come together for this huge Christmas party. It was a lot of fun.
Jeremy had always had trouble making friends. Well, not making friends exactly; Jeremy was kind of an expert at that. Keeping them was far harder. But family didn't need to be kept. Family would have your back no matter what. Whether you hadn't seen them for a couple years didn't seem to matter. This was why Jeremy loved his family so much.

Jeremy was also tired. It was far too early in the morning for anyone to think it a sensible time for getting up, yet here he was, sitting in an airport, waiting for a plane to take him back to Texas where his parents would be waiting to pick him up.
As if on cue, the speakers scattered about the airport made a loud dinging noise, then proceeded to tell everyone that it was five thirty am in an almost robotic sounding female voice. Because everyone sitting in the airport didn't already know that. Someone had told Jeremy once that the lady telling the time wasn't actually to inform people of the time, but to keep them from falling asleep and missing their flight. Which didn't make much sense to Jeremy, because anyone capable of falling asleep in a strange place surrounded by unfamiliar people and loud noises would certainly not be woken up by something as insignificant as the airport time lady. But he didn't say this to that somebody then because she was already fed up enough with his pestering as it was.
Jeremy sat and watched the passerby, still almost an hour away from his boarding time. Some walked around like zombies, clearly unhappy and tired from having to be up so early in the morning. Others just seemed happy to going somewhere, anywhere new. The young children were the best examples of this divide, either fast asleep in their parent's strong arms, or tugging at their parent's pants to "look at that!" and "can we get ice cream?" There was another group of kids too, those that were too old to be comfortable falling asleep in a strange place, but too young to fully understand what was going on. These were often dragged behind frustrated parents, moaning quietly with their eyelids half shut.
A big man with a little dog passed by, then a couple teenagers with what looked to be ukulele cases slung over their shoulders, laughing at something personal to them. These sorts of things made Jeremy especially happy to be alive. Right then, in that moment. Jeremy smiled.
And then he frowned. Someone was talking over the intercom again, but it wasn't the timeteller lady. It was a man's voice, who apologized for the inconveniece, but said that because of a freak snowstorm, all flights would be cancelled until futher notice. He then said not to worry, and that they were doing everything in their power to get the flights back up again, so that people could make it home for Christmas. Which Jeremy thought was incredibly nice of them.
Nevertheless, this meant Jeremy had to inform his parents and older sister that he wouldn't be there when he thought he would be. And the rest of the family, too, but those weren't as important to inform because they weren't the ones supposed to be picking him up from the airport in a few hours.
Jeremy unzipped his carry-on and began digging through the contents. He was an outright terrible phone owner, but that was okay, because phones didn't have feelings--yet. If phones had feelings, Jeremy would undoubtedly be better at taking care of his phone. But they didn't, so he wasn't.
Jeremy was still trying to locate the rectangular piece of plastic, when a loud clack--BOOM noise echoed through the airport. It was the intercom again. "Sorry about that," said intercom guy, who obviously didn't really know what he was doing, but it wasn't every day something like this happened. Jeremy figured he was doing his best. "Here to inform you that flight ay-one-oh-six will be leaving as scheduled in just a few minutes; again, that's flight ah-one-oh-six leaving in a few minutes." There was another clack, softer this time, as the intercom turned back off. Jeremy glanced up at the TV mounted on the wall that had his flight information on it. His did not say A106. He was already pretty sure it didn't, but it certainly didn't hurt to double check. People were already getting up and meandering about, unsure quite what to do. He heard somebody say very loudly into a phone, "Yeah, I'm gonna go get some McDonalds. Yeah, I know. Love you honey," as they walked past.
Jeremy finally found his phone in his jacket pocket. It was dead. This was an unsurprising turn of events, but not an unimportant one. Jeremy spent another few minutes scouring his backpack, person and surroundings, before remembering he had packed his phone charger in his luggage, the location of which he doubted anyone was quite sure of. Later, the intercom guy would announce that all unshipped luggage would be down in the pickup area so the poor, stuck people could go pick up their stuff, but now was not later, so now Jeremy was stuck without a way to contact his family. Which was really terrible.
He contemplated going to the airport staff, but they were busy enough as it was and--hey look, a phone charger!
A young lady, about Jeremy's age, was sitting on one of the many hundreds of chairs about the airport, her phone plugged into a phone charger, plugged into a power outlet. Without a second thought, Jeremy walked over to her and said, [+indigo "Hey, uh."] At this point Jeremy was thinking that maybe this wasn't such a good idea, but he was already standing there talking, so he couldn't really do much else but continue,
[+indigo "I was wondering if I could borrow your phone charger 'cause mine is dead--my phone, not my phone charger, I can't find my phone charger, actually, that's why I'm asking if I can borrow it..." ] Jeremy had a few more things to say but also figured he'd embarressed himself enough, so shut his mouth. He was intimidated by this odd lady in the airport, but he wasn't quite sure why. It probably had something to do with the fact he knew nothing about her, but Jeremy didn't think of this. He just knew it was time to shut up, so he did.
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