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lol, thanks.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 89d 20h 42m 34s
There I posted just because Keiri would be the first one to know you guys are there. OwO
  Keiri / Keiri / 10y 89d 22h 8m 7s
yup, gonna take some time.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 90d 5h 12m 32s
I guess we wait for them to respond.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 90d 5h 15m 54s
Haha I know. Same thing happened to me a few years ago. The librarian was asking if I had a parent or guardian with me. So rude.
K bye!
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 90d 7h 45m 52s
hmmmm... Well I have to work in the morning so I'm off to bed *waves* night everyone. x_x
  Remi Shiotani / Keiri / 10y 90d 7h 46m 1s
Yea, that book is amazing. You should have seen the librarians face when I asked them if they had a copy. That was a few years ago and the English in it is so obscure XD
  Keiri / Keiri / 10y 90d 8h 3m 38s
Some books keep the whole image, with a few added details, like night world. Those are the only good ones. But still, Dracula holds my vote as best. Lol
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 90d 8h 6m 47s
*nods* mmhmm. Especially when their running from deadly siblings :D
  Keiri / Keiri / 10y 90d 8h 12m 41s
I know. Haha don't you just love when you have to give back to someone who helped? Lol
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 90d 8h 15m 48s
lol it's so true, I don't join many RPs with vampires since those books ~_~ This one is good though since it's based around the Night World series and Twilight can't possibly invade it. o_o

Well Keiri owes Garnet for the previous day so she can't possibly object :P
  Keiri / Keiri / 10y 90d 8h 24m 30s
Haha I know right! And anyway, not to hurt Any ones feelings also, but those books really destroyed the whole image of vampire. And yeah you are gonna be my shield soon....hopefully. Lol
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 90d 8h 28m 40s
Bah I know... What makes me sad is Vampires used to be blood thirsty demons and now they sparkle... ~_~ Don't get me wrong I have a ton of vampire romance books ^_^;; but the fact that twilight became so popular when it's not even that good of a book scares me. I've read the entire series and I've had many books which I enjoyed much more XP I don't want to make anyone angry about it because I know some people are touchy about it, but I miss traditional vampires some times x_x

Oh also, seems like Keiri's becoming your shield soon XD
  Keiri / Keiri / 10y 90d 8h 35m 20s
Yeah, well a bunch of these creatures have evolved. Vampires used to be able to fly, now they run. Fairies were cute and annoying, now they are blood thirsty and ugly.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 90d 8h 38m 33s
I'm just amused how different people create different types of zombies. They're all zombies but some can see others can only hear things. Some die from fire or decay, some just become scarier when lit on fire. o_o It interests me how everyone imagines it different. Also the way characters handle it amuses me. OwO
  Keiri / Keiri / 10y 90d 8h 43m 30s

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