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i can be literate if i need to but if its not required i wont do that but if it is i will you see im a writer also and im in the middle of writeing a book as well i just dont feel the need for literacy if it isnt required
  tomoyo / lalouche / 10y 111d 8h 5m 12s
Um, I guess... It's just there are constant spelling and grammar errors. You don't use capitals and you have run on sentences. It's just that things like that are included in literacy and they bug me. =/
  Tyla / Islyn / 10y 111d 8h 6m 40s
im literate im just in a writers blck right now andim sort of focosed on my music for a very very big festval comeing up my band is playing ther and ive been working my ass off for this festival
  tomoyo / lalouche / 10y 111d 8h 9m 55s
You need to fill one out... And I'm sorry but I don't believe by your typing and such that you're as literate as I'm asking for.
  Tyla / Islyn / 10y 111d 8h 10m 58s
ya i red the skelitons and stuff
  tomoyo / lalouche / 10y 111d 8h 12m 27s
...No, like... Did you read anything besides the storyline?
  Tyla / Islyn / 10y 111d 8h 14m 25s
this is the profile ijust made it
  tomoyo / lalouche / 10y 111d 8h 15m 7s
Umm okay, but if you're going to join you need to make a profile...
  Tyla / Islyn / 10y 111d 8h 16m 55s
lol i found a funny 300 video
  tomoyo / lalouche / 10y 111d 8h 18m 7s
There we go ^^
  Tyla / Islyn / 10y 111d 8h 18m 45s

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