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Sure, though she's a shape-shifter not a witch.
  Keiri / Keiri / 10y 150d 14h 24m 58s
Hey Keiri....wanna be my soulmate?
  Arcuied tsunade / Arcuied / 10y 150d 14h 27m 31s
Well Airi is a witch if it's okay with you both. And alright Keiri, I added you in.
  Tyla / Islyn / 10y 150d 14h 36m 43s
Okay then. I'm not going to make a new profile only because I like this character and her bio is made to be adaptable. ^_^

Name: Keiri
Age: 17
Race: Shape-Shifter
Weapons: A Scythe.
Soulmate: No one yet
  Keiri / Keiri / 10y 150d 14h 39m 18s
A few more yes. And don't forget to ask each other about being Soulmates then just message me about it and I'll add it.
  Tyla / Islyn / 10y 150d 14h 40m 19s
Soo, now we just wait for more people, right?
  Mei / Kaji / 10y 150d 14h 41m 26s
I haven't read the book, but i fully understand the Bio.

So i think i can do this easily :P
  Arcuied tsunade / Arcuied / 10y 150d 14h 42m 4s
It is, but loosely based so people who haven't read can join and understand.
  Tyla / Islyn / 10y 150d 14h 47m 8s
Just out of curiosity, I assume this is based off of the Night World series? It's been a while since I've read them but the story line just sounds like it's directly from the books correct?

  Keiri / Keiri / 10y 150d 14h 49m 21s
race:taimal vampire
weapons:a pistol and all of his powers
soulmate:does not have one yet.
  tomoyo / lalouche / 10y 150d 14h 56m 15s
No problem ^^ After a while I'll put an advertisement up to get more people.
  Tyla / Islyn / 10y 150d 14h 56m 40s
Okayyy~ Thanks! :)
  Mei / Kaji / 10y 150d 15h 1m 53s
Accepted, we have no more guys yet to be your soulmate but I'm sure they will arrive soon enough ^^
  Tyla / Islyn / 10y 150d 15h 4m 10s
Hey, can I join?

Name: Airi
Age: 15
Race: Witch
Weapons: Machine gun and katana
Soulmate: Can I have a soulmate? :P
  Mei / Kaji / 10y 150d 15h 7m 10s
Umm okay, but I'd still need a skeleton filled out.
  Tyla / Islyn / 10y 150d 15h 9m 41s

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