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  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 80d 1h 59m 8s
I'll post tommorrow. Got to go to work. cya
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 80d 2h 2m 5s
Hey, I'm advertising again. Does any guys want to participate in this rp? You can get the details at the link.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 80d 11h 1m 23s

I just been sick....what's happened so far...i didn't mean to be away.
  Arcuied tsunade / Arcuied / 10y 80d 11h 32m 30s
o_o is Arcuied going to post again?
  Keiri / Keiri / 10y 80d 21h 5m 48s
HI! anyone on?
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 81d 6h 26m 44s
It's fine, I'm patient =P
  Raeona / lslyn / 10y 81d 8h 26m 15s
Sorry Islyn... I've been having so family problems... it's making it really hard to post...
  Apocalypse / Apocalypse / 10y 81d 8h 26m 58s
Hey, does any one want to join this RP?
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 82d 12h 41m 26s
ok, feel better
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 85d 4h 47m 22s
I'll be back later. Not feeling well.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 85d 4h 47m 35s
K night.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 86d 12m 3s
I'm going to head to bed. Night
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 86d 15m 21s
  raka / Kirpa22 / 10y 86d 2h 54m 8s
brb dinner
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 86d 2h 55m 5s

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