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ah ok, Yeah I'm a bit bored as well. Waiting for my next class then home.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 129d 1h 49m 39s
Haha it's fine ^^ And not too much, drawing... I'm super bored.
  Raeona / lslyn / 10y 129d 1h 50m 28s
hey, whats up? Thought I should actually participate in the ooc lol
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 129d 1h 51m 12s
  Raeona / lslyn / 10y 129d 1h 51m 51s
So anyone on atm?
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 129d 1h 52m 57s
  Arcuied tsunade / Arcuied / 10y 129d 3h 43m 46s
Posted ^^
  Apocalypse / Apocalypse / 10y 130d 16h 21m 28s
  raka / Kirpa22 / 10y 130d 17h 49m 7s
Okay so him and I can start up again soon. I believe we have ourselves already awake.
  Raeona / lslyn / 10y 130d 17h 56m 9s
I'd say about dawn. And I think everyone was just wakin up.
  raka / Kirpa22 / 10y 130d 17h 57m 5s
XP Why how far is everyone? Wait, where are we? Morning of the next day?
  Raeona / lslyn / 10y 130d 18h 11m 18s
I'm so bored. X/
  raka / Kirpa22 / 10y 130d 18h 11m 25s
lols XP
  Apocalypse / Apocalypse / 10y 130d 18h 12m 3s
It's fine =P
  Raeona / lslyn / 10y 130d 18h 35m 47s
oops, wrong profile.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 130d 18h 41m 36s

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