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Okay, so, hi! I’m going to do a Haikyu!! fanfic here because I want to and because I don’t have any other writing platform.

Note: This is not an open roleplay. It’s not even a roleplay. Please don’t request into the thread or ask for acces. This is just for me to write my story. Thank you! *^^*


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Kuroo glanced at the couple and then at Tsukishima, grinning. “Feed me, Tsukki~!” he begged, grinning.

Kei glared at the boy and grabbed his spoon, taking a spoonful of Tetsorou’s ice cream and shoving it in the Nekoma captain’s mouth. It shut him up pretty effectively.
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[i Keep quiet or I’ll tell them how loud you are when I bite your neck.]

Bokuto’s eyes widened. [i I’ll be quiet,] he signed quickly, and Akaashi smirked, erasing the words quickly. [i Feed me ice cream,] he wrote instead, pouting slightly. His boyfriend laughed and fed him a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
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Akaashi buried his face in his hands before pulling away to scribble in his notebook. He flipped it around. [i None of your business if I do. For your information, Koutarou and I haven’t gotten to sex yet. As if it’s any of your business.]

“I was kidding, but okay.” Kuroo laughed. “Nice to know. We can’t have Bokuto wrecking our poor, innocent Akaashi.” He winked at the couple, laughing.

Bokuto colored, then grinned. “Keiji? Innocent? Ahh, you’re kidding, right? He’s always the one to—“

Akaashi slapped his hand over Bokuto’s mouth. Tsukishima grunted. “Thank you. I didn’t need to hear as much of this conversation as I did.” Akashi nodded, scribbling quickly with his free hand in his notebook and showing it only to Bokuto.
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Ukai set down two strawberries, a vanilla, and a chocolate, complete with spoons, and smiled, bowing before she walked away. Her hips were swaying way too much; her eyes peeking slyly at Kuroo. Tsukishima felt something weird run through him.

What the hell? She could flirt with Kuroo. He didn’t care.

He stabbed his spoon into his strawberry ice cream, tuning back into the conversation.

“…And so I managed to get the spike through!” Bokuto was saying, eyes shining brightly. He didn’t notice when Akaashi reached over and stole a bite of his chocolate ice cream, but he looked up when Akaashi poked his shoulder. “Huh?” Akaashi held up his vanilla ice cream, singing that he wanted Bokuto to feed it to him. “Aww, princess, sure!” Bokuto teased.

Kuroo snickered, hiding his smirk behind a spoonful of his strawberry ice cream. “So Akaashi’s got a ‘princess’ kink now, huh?” His eyebrow lifted.
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Tsukishima shrugged noncommittally. “It’s fine. I get it. What were you trying to say?”

Kuroo stopped Akaashi from writing it, smirking lazily. “Sign it. I’ve been working on my sign language.”

Akaashi shrugged and began signing. [i Bokuto needs to calm down. I also want him to feed me my ice cream.]

Kuroo squinted. “The dog saw the plane. You need a shower of confetti?”

Bokuto laughed as Akaashi smiled, shaking his head. “No, bro! He said that I need to calm down and he wants me to feed him his ice cream! Right, Kaashi?”

Akaashi nodded; Bokuto was right. He wasn’t really calming down, though.
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“Ah, you don’t know him in bed,” Bokuto teased. “He’s a demon. He—“

Akaashi whacked him in the back of his head. Bokuto winced, then watched as he signed something before turning to the group. “Akaashi would like you all to know that he loves me a lot and—“

[i SMACK.]

Akaashi gave his boyfriend a glare that said, ‘We talked about this.’ The setter pulled out a notebook and pencil and scribbled for a minute before showing Tsukishima and Kuroo.

[i Please ignore Bokuto. I tell him to correctly interpret my words, but he messes around sometimes. It’s probably best to just forget everything he just said. [s Who cares how I am in bed; it’s not like you guys will ever]]
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Tsukishima shrugged. Kuroo was close. Really close. “It’s good. I haven’t found that ‘click’ moment or whatever, but yeah.” He turned to gaze out the window, but Kuroo giggled at something and poked his ribs and Tsukishima turned back to see Akaashi and Bokuto kissing. He sighed.

Akaashi’s hand slipped beneath Bokuto’s shirt, and one of the coaches whacked Bokuto in the head.

“Ow! That was all Akaashi; why am I getting punished for it?!” Bokuto whined, rubbing his head.

“Because Akaashi would never hurt a frickin soul, and you know it,” Kuroo stated, leaning back with a lazy smirk on his lips.
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The coaches began taking orders. There were a few strawberries, a lot of chocolates, and a few vanillas. Hinata, Noya, and Tanaka couldn’t decide and changed their mind every two seconds, driving everyone nuts.

“So, Tsukki!” Bokuto perked up. “How are you liking volleyball?”
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The coaches talked briefly before turning to the group. “We’re going out for ice cream!” Ukai calls. “Our treat! Now pack up!”

The teams bowed, chanting, “Thank you, Sensei!” Then they followed the coaches across the street to an ice cream parlor.

It was amazing that the small parlor fit them all. Bokuto and Kuroo had squished Tsukishima and Akaashi into a booth, trapping the two against the wall. Bokuto was with Akaashi, of course; they were dating. Who’d expect any less?

Kenma had been dragged over to the stools at the counter by Hinata, who chattered happily in his ear. Kenma didn’t look that annoyed by it; he was even smiling a little.
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[b [i Friday]]

The Karasuno team loaded off the bus, disgruntled and annoyed.

Except Shoyo.

The little ball of energy was bouncing towards the two waiting teams, grinning. “Kenmaaa!!!” Grinning, he latched onto the setter. Kuroo laughed.

Tsukishima was promptly tackled by Bokuto. Kuroo and Akaashi walked up behind with a wave and a “Hi, Tsukki!”

Yaku and Suga began to chat amiably about the antics their teams got up to.

And no one else talked.

Great start to team bonding.
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Kenma glared. “So then what am I supposed to say about you and that beanpole?” he snapped back.

Kuroo laughed easily, forcing back a soft blush. He’d gotten good at that. “Are you kidding? He hates me. He only likes me for my blocking advice.”

Kenma looked unimpressed. “Whatever. I’ll be watching you two on Friday,” he warned.

Kuroo grinned. “Likewise.”

Then it was his street, and they parted ways.
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[b Tokyo: Nekoma]

“Kenma. We need to go.” Kuroo pulled at the boy’s game, and Kenma legit hissed at him.

“Mine!” Kenma pouted stubbornly, blowing a strand of hair out of his face. “I can walk and play at the same time, okay?”

Kuroo shook his head. “Finish the level and put it away. I don’t want you getting hurt. Neither does Shoyo,” he added, eyebrows raised.

Kenma blushed. “Shut up,” he mumbled, but he put the game away anyway. “We’re just friends.”

Kuroo laughed. “For now, Kenma. For now.”
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Akaashi would have laughed, but that didn’t really work. Instead, whenever he tried to laugh, it would look like a movie put on mute. Which he kind of was.

So Akaashi just smiled, taking Bokuto’s hand as they headed for the living room. He snuggled into his normal position: between Bokuto and the pillows on the arm of the couch. The pillows eased some of the weird feeling in his chest that wouldn’t go away.

“You ready?” Bokuto said, holding up a spoonful of the ice cream. Akaashi smiled and nodded, leaning forward past the spoon to press a soft kiss to Bokuto’s lip. The ace laughed, delighted, while Akaashi are the ice cream on the sooon. Bokuto took a bite, then Akaashi, then Bokuto, then Akaashi… they continued like that for a while. Bokuto occasionally brought up random pieces of gossip about various people and such, and Akaashi occasionally commented on them.

But overall, Akaashi was relishing what were likely the last sweet moments he’d share with his boyfriend. There was no way Bokuto would still want him if he confessed that something was missing in their relationship.

And so he didn’t tell him that night, falling asleep instead. He couldn’t do it. Not yet.
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Bokuto let go of Akaashi’s hand as they reached the kitchen, heading for the freezer to get a large bowl of ice cream for them to share. Akaashi sat on a stool near the counter, shoulders slouched. His life… didn’t feel busy enough? He didn’t know. But something wasn’t right, and it was bothering him.

“Hey.” Bokuto bumped his hip against Akaashi’s knee. “You alright? You look angry.”

Akaashi smoothed out his tired features. [i I’m fine,] he signed quickly. [i Just thinking about Friday.] It was a lie, but it would get Bokuto off his back about things. At least until later.

“Hm. Okay.” Bokuto shoved the Chocolate Panda Paws back in the freezer and held up two spoons. “One or two?” Akaashi held up a single finger, and Bokuto grinned, sticking one spoon back in the drawer and the other in his ice cream. “Come on. I’ll feed you.”
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Bokuto wanted to kiss that smirk away, but that would be hard in their current position. He arrived at his empty house—his mom had left when he was a kid, and his dad was often away on business—and nudged Akaashi awake. “Get the door maybe, babe?”

Akaashi blinked and sighed, nodding as he reached for the doorknob and pushed the door open. [i Ice cream?] he signs hopefully, pushing himself out of Bokuto’s arms now.

“Sure. C’mon!” Bokuto leaned forward and kissed Akaashi’s forehead, holding out his hand to see if that would be okay. It was one of those times when Akaashi didn’t feel like talking, and the setter laced their fingers together as they walked to the kitchen.

He still felt uncomfortable. Like something was missing. Like someone should have his other hand.

What was wrong?
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