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( that’s okay

Oikawa watched him quietly, eyes following Iwaizuimis every move.
  Greyson / 2d 3h 40m 42s
Iwaizuimi nodded. “Two it is.” He began making the oatmeal.

((I’m not gonna reply to this one for a bit if that’s ok cause I gotta do homework and this isn’t on the top of my priority list ^.^’
  Akaashi Keiji / Kitten- / 2d 3h 41m 53s
Oikawa thought for a minute before holding up two fingers. “How about two?”
  Greyson / 2d 4h 20m 13s
“Yep! One packet or two?” Iwaizuimi put the other flavors away.
  Akaashi Keiji / Kitten- / 2d 4h 33m 14s
Oikawa made a face but nodded. "What flavors do you have? Do you have peaches and cream?"
  Greyson / 2d 4h 35m 23s
“Is oatmeal okay?” Iwaizuimi pulled out a few packets of different flavors of oatmeal.
  Akaashi Keiji / Kitten- / 2d 4h 36m 3s
Oikawa shrugged lightly. "Whatever you can make easily, i suppose."
  Greyson / 2d 4h 39m 4s
Iwaizuimi led Oikawa into the kitchen and let go of his hand, rifling through the cupboards. “What do you want to eat?”
  Akaashi Keiji / Kitten- / 2d 4h 40m 36s
Oikawa nodded, soundlessly following him into the house. Despite having only slept a little his eyes were bright and alert.
  Greyson / 2d 4h 41m 34s
Iwaizuimi cocked his head sympathetically. “I’m sorry. Let’s get you some tea and something to eat, yeah?” He tugged Oikawa towards the house.
  Akaashi Keiji / Kitten- / 2d 4h 46m 36s
Oikawa shrugged. "I guess you could say I'm scared of the things in my head."
  Greyson / 2d 4h 48m 34s
Iwaizuimi frowned a little. “You seem scared of something.”
  Akaashi Keiji / Kitten- / 2d 4h 51m 49s
Oikawa tipped his head to the side. "I'm not scared of them being here."
  Greyson / 2d 5h 10m 39s
Iwaizuimi gripped his hand, smiling softly. “It’ll be okay. No one’s home.”
  Akaashi Keiji / Kitten- / 2d 5h 25m 28s
Oikawa scrambles towards him, grabbing his hand and squeezing tightly.
  Greyson / 2d 12h 52m 33s

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