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BokuAka College AU. Akaashi is a DJ. Bokuto is not. :)


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Akaashi smiled lopsidedly. “Mkay. Let’s go?”
  Akaashi Keiji / Kitten- / 6h 31m 42s
Bokuto nodded. "of course it's okay,"kurro purred.
  Bokuto Kotorou / Greyson / 6h 34m 17s
Akaashi blushed. “Is it okay if I shower with you? I… nothing weird. Just showering.”
  Akaashi Keiji / Kitten- / 6h 34m 47s
Kuroo laughed. "Wanna shower with us or not?" Bokuto said nothingl.
  Bokuto Kotorou / Greyson / 6h 36m 25s
Akaashi smiled and pushed himself up, wincing at the stickiness. “I need a shower.”
  Akaashi Keiji / Kitten- / 6h 38m 7s
grammar good indeed

Bokuto nodded, leaning forward to press a chaste kiss against his cheek.
  Bokuto Kotorou / Greyson / 6h 40m 41s
Amazing grammar lol
So anyway

Akaashi lay still, coming down off his high. “Th…thank you,” he panted softly.
  Akaashi Keiji / Kitten- / 6h 42m 32s
j us t he lp ing
not actual insertion thingyt thingo
  Bokuto Kotorou / Greyson / 6h 44m 24s
((I guess. Sadly. We’ll just say Kuroo sticks his hand in Akaashi’s pants and leave it at that lol
Also do they just jerk him off or actually have sex?
  Akaashi Keiji / Kitten- / 6h 46m 46s
i think we should probably skip lol this is getting// hot
  Bokuto Kotorou / Greyson / 6h 48m 41s
Akaashi automatically leaned into the touch. He bucked against the sheets, whimpering. This was embarrassing.
  Akaashi Keiji / Kitten- / 6h 50m 3s
Bokuto nodded, reaching out to brush gently at Akaashi's cheek.
  Bokuto Kotorou / Greyson / 6h 51m 48s
Akaashi’s heart rate quickened. Apparently, his heart wasn’t the only part that liked it. He ground reflexively against the sheets, moaning in embarrassment. “…Yes?”
  Akaashi Keiji / Kitten- / 6h 55m 42s
Kuroo chuckled. "Do you want us to helo you then?" This was Bokuo, much to his own surprise.
  Bokuto Kotorou / Greyson / 6h 57m 23s
Akaashi let out a soft squeak, shoving his legs together. This was awkward. Annoyingly so. And he had no idea what to do about it.
  Akaashi Keiji / Kitten- / 6h 58m 21s

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