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[b [center [i 911 Dispatcher: 911, how may I assist you?]]]

[b [center [i Victim: Oh God! It's my husband! He just killed the kids...! Please send help!]]]

[b [center [i 911 Dispatcher: What is your address ma'm?]]]

[b [center [i Victim: It's...Oh no! He knows where I am! Frank! Stop this! This isn't you! FRANK! AHHH!]]]

[b [center [i 911 Dispatcher: Ma'm?]]]

[b [center [i CALL ENDED]]]

[b [center [i 911 Dispatcher: This is dispatch, we received a call from a domestic victim. Husband killed the children and the wife is in danger. Possibly dead. Call was cut short. Please investigate and be armed and ready.]]]

[b [center [i The Interrogation]]]

This is an experimental RP. The plot is about a man named Frank Weathers who is being accused of murdering his wife and children but he has no memory of it at all and he is being questioned by an ace detective who begins to suspect something suspicious. Maybe Frank didn't do it? Was there another person? Was Frank possessed? Who knows? All that is known is he was found holding the bloody knife and his wife identified him before her death.

Standard ES rules apply.

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[font "times new roman" Listening to her husband talking about his passion's made the woman's heart melt. It was just like they were younger again. She took in everything her love told the other's. When Gale turned to her a moment later a small smile passed over her lips. [#E37789 "I'm a florist. I arrange flowers for birthday parties, anniversaries, even funerals. Before we ended up moving here I was so close to opening my own shop"] she said with a sad tone in her voice.]

[font "times new roman" [#E37789 "Honestly I'm hoping that we will be here for a long time coming, so that way I can finally open up my own shop, and Frank here can keep doing his work."] she admitted. It would be nice to finally settle down in one place, plant their roots and hopefully one day call this place home. She looked towards Gale's wife and smiled warmly towards her. She looked beautiful in the dress, and she felt like she was under dressed. In a way she felt like the other woman was judging her.]

[font "times new roman" Just because she, herself was in a pair of jeans and a sweater. She wanted to be comfortable more than anything. She slipped her arm through her husband's, as she let the other's speak. [b "That sounds amazing honestly. I know Deborah would love to get some advice on some flower arrangements for her sister's birthday. That's only if you are willing to help her. We will also pay you for them as well"] Gale said. Deborah nodded her head and beamed. [i "Yes! That would honestly be a huge help for me, and it'll take a load off for the party ideas as well"] she cooed.]

[font "times new roman" [#E37789 "I will be more than happy to do that for you. Just let me know a day, time and place, and I'll make sure to bring my photos, so you can see which style you like the most"] she promised. It was kind of nice meeting new people, and the way the other woman beamed at the idea of Nadine doing the flower's made her relax a tad bit more. Maybe this rich neighborhood wouldn't be so bad after all.]
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Frank smiled and nodded. He gently caressed her cheek and slid his trench coat on and opened the door to the front. He waved at the neighbors who waved back. "Friendly bunch they seem." He told Nadine.

They walked over to the house and greeted themselves.

"Gale DeLaney...Of DeLaney Studios. This is my wife Deborah. Have you ever heard of us?" Mr. DeLaney asked.

Frank nodded in disbelief. "You...You're the owner of DeLaney Studios? I have to say I have a few favorite films.from your roster. You got an eye for talent!"

Gale couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah that's true." He looked over towards his wife. Both of them were in their early 50's and both white. They wore the most cliche clothing perfect rich neighbors wear; The husband with his vested patterned sweater and an old fashioned wood pipe, meanwhile the wife wore a nice dress and had her long hair nicely done with a brunette color. Her husbands hair short and slicked back looking like salt and pepper. "It's good to have new neighbors. What's your profession Mr. Weathers?"

"I work for a company that specializes in vaccines. We are sent the finished vaccine and run some.tests before running the vaccine through multiple decontamination checkpoints. Once that's done we run it through again for safety. Then we put them up in a deep cold storage for a few days and then send it off to the CDC for extra testing and whatnot. Pretty serious stuff." Frank said.

Gale gave a shocked smile. "Well I bet! Look at you saving the world! Good on you!" He turned his attention towards Nadine and bit down on the wooden pipe a bit hard. "Now you. Where do you work at?" He asked her gently.
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[font "times new roman" The woman sighed lightly wishing the male hadn't let go so soon, but she did understand why he did. He was looking out the window at their new neighbors. Maybe it would be a good thing to go over there, and at least let the other's know they had just moved in. Maybe it wouldn't. She didn't really know. She took a breath before speaking. [#E37789 "I mean we have all day to get settled in. We can always go over there, say hello and then head into town for a bite to eat"] she said lightly. Seeing as they didn't really have anything to eat inside of the house yet.]

[font "times new roman" [#E37789 "Maybe get some groceries while we are out as well. Might as well get that all done now, so that way we can be home the rest of the evening"] she said with a small shrug of her shoulders. She didn't know when they would be able to do it. Because they both would be starting their new jobs in the next few days, so getting the groceries now would be the better choice. She walked over and grabbed the car keys, and slid her jacket back on before looking to her husband, and held the keys out to him, showing she had made her choice after all.]
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Frank smiled back and pet her hair gently before kissing her. "I love you too Nadine Weathers...So damn much." He chuckled and let go after a while. He stared out of the living room window, the blinds open. He saw one of the neighbors aving a barbeque outside with a group of people. It was an older Caucasian man with salt and pepper hair, his wife looked to be in her late 40's. She had long black hair and was African American. "Hmm...They look nice. Should we get settled in first or introduce ourselves?" He asked Nadine.
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[font "times new roman" The woman nodded lightly. [#9966CC "You have nothing to thank me for. The assholes who work here, think they own the place, and just want to get things going the way they want them too. They don't have a choice but to listen to me, since I'm higher up than they are"] she said with a small shrug of her shoulders. It was true too. She was higher up than they were, and she still had some time with the older male. She wasn't about to shut this case down any time soon. She leaned back into her chair, as she got ready to listen to him talking about meeting the DeLaney's, and his family. This was going to be an interesting couple of hours left.]

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[font "times new roman" Nadine looked out the front windshield of the car, and her breath seemed to catch in her throat. When Frank pulled into the driveway, shut the car off and climbed out she unbuckled her seat belt and climbed out when her opened her door. She broke out into a smile as she looked towards their new home. [#E37789 "Frank, honey, it's perfect"] she breathed out, and meant it too. It's been years in the making, but they were finally in their new home, a home she had been looking forward too for the longest time.]

[font "times new roman" When he opened the door and let the movers inside, she pulled the male aside, and slid her arms around his waist. She looked up into his eyes and broke out into another smile. [#E37789 "It really is an amazing place Frank. I love it. I can't wait to start getting it set up the way we want it, and make it our home for the rest of our lives"] she said. Every word that left her mouth was the truth. She leaned up, pressed her lips against his, and then stood flat back onto her feet. She looked out at the yard, and sighed a bit.]

[font "times new roman" This was going to be their home, and she couldn't wait to make it that way. She leaned her head against his chest, just taking the whole thing in. [#E37789 "I love you Frank Weathers, so damn much."] she whispered lightly. She kept her arms wrapped around him, her head against his chest, enjoying the view from their new home.]
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Frank nodded. "Thank you." He told her gently. He smiled when the food arrived. "I should probably explain the backstory on how we met the DeLaneys first...Deborah DeLaney and my wife always hung out and did stuff together. I sometimes hung out with Gale DeLaney during football games or cookouts. We met them when we first moved here. About maybe...10 years ago. We didn't have the kids at the time...It was just me and Nadine. I can remember it like it was yesterday..." Frank said.

[center [pic]]

Frank pulled up to the decent sized 3 bedroom one story home. He opened the door to the car and stepped out and opened Nadines side. "So what do you think?" He asked her. "Nice looking neighborhood. Decent looking people." He said to her.

He went to unlock the door to let the movers in as soon as they pulled up in the movers truck.

Once they did they got to work with unloading the truck. It took about a couple hours but they got everything moved inside the house.
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[font "times new roman" Melody wrote everything the male said down. She was about to ask him another question when the door opened, and she narrowed her eyes a bit. [#9966CC "Excuse me? You don't have a right to end something like this. Only I have the right to do that. You are more than welcome to bring whatever Mr. Weathers wants to eat inside of here. He's not going back to his cell until I'm done with him. Now leave"] she snapped. The men looked at one another, and then back at the female before them. [b "You aren't hungry Melody?"] one of them asked. She crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head.]

[font "times new roman" [#9966CC "No I'm not. If I wanted something to eat, I would get one of you lazy asses in here. Now you can get what Mr. Weathers wants, and then leave us alone"] she said lightly. The two men looked at one another once more, and then walked out after they got what the older male had wanted to eat. She then turned back to her note pad, and looked at the hand writing. She wrote down the name [b [u Kevin]] along with what he looked like, along with the woman he had been with. Missing girl? That's something else she would have to do some digging into, but didn't mind the extra work at all.]

[font "times new roman" She then turned her eyes to the older male, and she reached out and touched his hand gently. [#9966CC "Thank you for opening up to me. I know it's like a broken record, but I promise you I will figure all of this out, and I will get you out of here"] she said lightly. She meant it too. She didn't want to see this man behind bars, for something he didn't even do. She was going to put in the hours, and get all of the information she would need. She sighed lightly, and leaned back into the chair, trying to figure out what else would need to be covered.]
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Frank looked down for a bit and didn't say a word. He intertwined his old fingers and clasped his hands together. Finally after a while he looked back up at Melody. Finally he spoke.

"All I remember is glasses and a black suit and black tie. He had grey hair as well and a beard." Frank said. He smiled sadly at her. He sighed and sat back. "There was also someone else. A man named Kevin. He was a very charming looking man. Messy medium length hair, a chisled face, and a white dress shirt with black slacks. He had a girl with him who looked to be in her early 20's. Looked like that missing girl a few years ago. I can't remember though."

Soon some.officers came inside the room. "Hate to end this early but it's time for lunch for the both of you. After that it's back to the cell with you Mr. Weathers."

Frank nodded.
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[font "times new roman" The woman pulled out her note book, and started taking notes as the male spoke. There was something in his voice that made her believe him. When she was about to say something else, was when he remembered something else. This man named [i Mr. V.] just the simple sound of the name sent a shudder down her spine. She looked at the other male before her, and she leaned forward a bit, resting her arms on the table in front of her. [#9966CC "Do you remember what this man was wearing by chance? I know it was a while ago, but every little detail you can share will help me out"] she said lightly.]

[font "times new roman" Her mind was racing, she then looked towards the door and nodded a bit. The door was opened and her partner walked in. [b "Everything okay Mel?"] he asked her. He looked towards Frank, and sneered a bit. He wasn't too keen on leaving Melody alone with him, but she cleared her throat and he looked towards her again. [#9966CC "Can you see if you can find anything about this man? I don't like the sound of his name, but just something about it, is really rubbing me the wrong way"] she admitted. The male took the paper she handed him and nodded. [b "I can see what I can find. I'm not going to make promises though"] he said.]

[font "times new roman" [#9966CC "Thank you so much. Also, will you get me a large mint coffee as well? I'm kind of needing it"] she said lightly. The male nodded, and walked out of the room shutting the door behind him. The silence washed over them once more, and she waited to see if Frank would try and talk more, or if this was all she was going to get out of him for the time being.]
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Frank looked over at Melody and sighed. "All I remember was coming home from a fancy party. A colleage was throwing a big party at his mansion and I was invited. I had a few drinks and some food.before I went home...I remember exiting my sober friends car and entering the house. It was late at night but my wife, she worked late hours at her job so she wasn't home yet...It was just me and the kids. They were already in bed and that's where I was heading. Last thing I remember was me laying down in bed and closing my eyes. Next thing I remember was the cops over me while I held the knife dead wife. I could never hurt her or the kids...You have to believe me." Frank said. Tears going down his old face. He tried hard to remember other aspects about that night but he failed to do so. It was then at that very moment he remembered something...Or rather someone, at the party.

"There was a rather strange individual at the party that night. I remember seeing him a few times at the DeLaneys. Those were one of my neighbors across from us. He had this aura and charm about him. It felt like this damn man could sell you actual shit with no problems. People called him Mr. V...Don't know what the V stood for but it was very mysterious. I think he was one of the VIP members of the party so he must have been really.important. I talked to him for a bit but for the life of me I cannot remember our conversation." Frank told Melody.
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[font "times new roman" Melody was the youngest person on the force. She was also one of the few female detectives as well. Many people told her over and over again, that she wouldn't be good enough. That she wouldn't be able to handle the crime scenes she would have to see. Just because she was young didn't mean a single thing. She worked her ass off, and she wasn't about to let a bunch of men tell her that she's not good enough. She was going to prove to all of them, that she could be as good as them, or better. Didn't really matter to her either way. She sighed lightly as she looked down at the folder in front of her.]

[font "times new roman" She had taken on the Frank Weathers case. The older gentleman that supposedly killed his whole family. She wrapped her fingers around the handle of her coffee mug, and read the pages over again. There was something missing. She didn't know what it was, but there just wasn't enough statements, or evidence either. She chewed on her lower lip as her phone rang. She sighed lightly as she reached for it, and answered on the third ring. [#9966CC "Detective Lovewell speaking. What can I do for you?"] she asked. [b "Good morning Melody, Frank is ready for you"] came the voice on the other end.]

[font "times new roman" A small shudder passed through her at the male's voice. It was Donte, one of the men that told her she wouldn't be able to do anything right. That and the way he looked at her, made her stomach turn. [#9966CC "I'll be there in about fifteen minutes. What room will he be in?"] she asked. [b "He's going to be in room one. Just don't get all butt hurt when you don't get the information you are looking for"] click... The female looked at the dead phone in her hand and rolled her eyes. The male as such an asshole, she wanted to wring his neck, but wouldn't. She didn't want that on her mind as well.]

[font "times new roman" She slipped her phone into her pocket, and then finished her coffee. She went to her room, changed out of her pajama's and into a pair of jeans, and a light blue t-shirt. She then ran her fingers through her hair, and went to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth, made sure she looked alright, and then grabbed the rest of her things. She made sure she had her gun in the waistband of her jeans, along with her wallet, car keys, apartment keys, and cell phone. She was finally ready. She made her way out of the apartment, locked the door behind her, and went to her car.]

[font "times new roman" A couple of her neighbor's called out to her, and she waved towards them. She unlocked the car, slid in behind the wheel, started it up, and pulled out of the shared driveway. She didn't live that far from the station, but she was going out after she got off work. She pulled into the parking lot, parked in her normal spot and climbed out. She made her way into the building, nodded a hello to Charlotte, and a couple of the other's, before heading to the interrogation room that Frank was in. She stopped outside the door, and looked towards the guard there. [#9966CC "Everything okay?"] she asked him.]

[font "times new roman" The male nodded lightly. [b "Just say the word and we will come in"] was all he said. She thanked him, and opened the door slipping inside. She spotted the older male, and her heart went out to him. He reminded her of her grandfather, and her heart broke. She walked over to the empty chair, pulled it out and sat down. [#9966CC "Mr Weathers, I'm Melody Lovewell. Will you please tell me everything you can remember about the night your family was murdered?"] she asked lightly. She might as well get right to the point, instead of beating around the bush. The silence washed over them, as she leaned back in her chair, letting the male have the floor to speak.]
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It was a harrowing few days. Frank was kept in a holding cell and being interrogated by numerous law officials. He gave them the same story; he doesn't remember any of the events that took place that haunting night. All he remembers is being lifted up by police officers and escorted to the cop car. They tell him he murdered his wife and children. Even the neighbors such as the DeLaneys and Porters were watching the spectacle. Poor Frank Weathers being arrested for a crime he doesn't even remember commiting. "I didn't do it!" He pleaded. Those were the words that those officers have heard lots and lots of times before. They didn't do it...But what if Frank was right? What if he actually didn't do it? Frank loved his family. According to Mrs. DeLaney, Frank couldn't even hurt a fly. He was always a kind gentle soul who would bring leftovers with his wife. The kind of man to give up his seat to someone on the bus. The kind of man who holds the door open for you at a restaurant. Now here he is being told that he killed his family? Absurd...Well that's what Frank himself thought but he was holding the knife and was covered in hia wifes and children's blood. A whole lot of it. Just like that peoples views of him changed.

"To think we had someone like that in our neighborhood! He was always over at our house watching the football game. Were we next?"] Mr. DeLaney reported

"It's a tragedy. Just a horrible tragedy. Tjose poor kids and poor Nadine. I think Frank might have a mental disorder...It has to he the only explanation."] Mrs. Porter said.

Other neighbors gave their input but that's just it. Input. It doesn't change the true verdict.

Now here's Frank, about to be escorted back into the interrogation room but this time a detective has taken over the case after digging deeper in it.

Frank hopes she is his saving grace and can prove his innocence.

[center [pic]]

"Come on. It's time Mr. Weathers."] A guard said.

Frank nodded slowly and got out of the bed. The cell doors opened and he was led out towards the interrogation room.
"I'm really not in the mood for the same officers. They are one sided, don't believe a word I say."] Frank told him.

The guard just kept quiet. He opened the door to the room and made Frank sit down before handcuffing him to the table. He pointed to the camera to show Frank that he is being watched. The guard left the room.
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