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Leah and Jimin had been friends since they were in diapers, pretty much. Leah was Jimin's only American friend, yes, but she spoke the language, so growing up it never really affected him, although he often had to stand up for her at school. Leah often got bullied for being a foreigner by her classmates, stating that she would never fit in. But, Jimin was like an older brother to her. The two were inseperable. One never went anywhere without the other.

One day, 5-year old Jimin and Leah were playing outside. Jimin was gently pushing Leah in the swing, light conversation occurring, giggles dotting the air every now and again. The sun shone bright on the Korean boy's face. Clouds were out, and there were plenty of flowers to be had. Leah had loved flowers. Once, Jimin brought them to her when they were playing in the garden. She got upset when her mother threw them away.

Presently, Jimin was pushing her in the swing. After a bit, Leah smiled at him. "Hey, Jimin-ah?" she asked, looking at him. "Yeah, Leah?" she giggled shyly. "When we gwow up, all big and older, will you ever forget me?" Jimin stopped pushing her and giggled, hugging her. "Of couwse not, Leah! You're my best friend! I could never!" Leah smiled softly. And son enough, that time had come. Leah and Jimin were in high school. Leah had..slowly developed feelings for Jimin. Her best friend. The guy who had always been there for her. A school party at one of the football's team member's house was being held that weekend. She pondered whether or not to ask. 'No, I can't ruin our friendship!' she thought. "But then again..ugh, stop it, Leah!" she thought again.

She smiled when a text appeared on her phone from Jimin.

"Morning, Leah!~ Be there in 5, be ready! Lol love ya!"

She chuckled. "As always."

Leah grabbed her bag and belongings, and headed out the door, waiting for his car to pull up.

Jimin had been picking Leah up for school since he had gotten his first car, and ever since then they've had many adventures. He truly was someone she enjoyed spending her time with, and she felt committed. Jimin was especially close to her, and she was grateful for him.
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Oh, thanks! I'll go ahead and reply, haha. I haven't been on the site recently so I was unaware of the thread!
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