BTS...Park Jimin x OC ❤ (1x1)

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I purple you too! :3

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  Seoul Kim / Lunaxlynn / 11d 23h 42m 14s
Yeah! I am an ARMY! I've been an ARMY since before they debuted! I love them so much it's unhealthy lol. I purple you!
  LeahLockheart / 13d 21h 48m 43s
Hey Leah! I don't mind at all and yeah lol I've been since 2014! Are you an ARMY?
  Seoul Kim / Lunaxlynn / 14d 21h 46m 13s
Hey, Luna! Would it be okay for me to roleplay with you on this as well? I didn't know you were an ARMY!
  LeahLockheart / 15d 6h 27m 48s

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