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Roleplay Responses

The girl looked at Natsuko and could not help her blush that crept into her cheeks. And her hand gave a small squeeze.
  Ashley / MourningGlory / 232d 13h 45m 55s
She smiled at Ashley and flashed her red eyes playfully.
  Natsuko / wingedwolfy120 / 232d 18h 11m 11s
The range was incredible and alluring. And Ash found herself wondering if Natsuko had ever played the role of siren. It only came to mind because the other students looked to be so very drawn in.
  Ashley / MourningGlory / 232d 22h 33m 59s
She nodded and began to sing showing how much of a range she had.
  Natsuko / wingedwolfy120 / 232d 23h 25m 59s
The gentle squeeze was returned and she gave a small smile. [b "I'll follow your lead."] Ash softly.
  Ashley / MourningGlory / 232d 23h 41m 15s
"opera it is." She purred and squeezed Ashley's hand gently.
  Natsuko / wingedwolfy120 / 239d 22h 4m 36s
The teacher was most used to the students wanting the pop culture of the day. To hear that the girl knew so much more actually came as a shock. A nice one at the very least. "How about the two of you choose?"
  Ashley / MourningGlory / 239d 23h 6m 34s
She looked to the teacher for a moment and asked politely. "Since I know quite a few styles of singing, what would you prefer? Opera or something else perhaps? "
  Natsuko / wingedwolfy120 / 245d 21h 0s
A small smile came to her lips and she nodded. [b "I..okay.."] She whisperee softly
  Ashley / MourningGlory / 246d 1h 33m 46s
"just focus on me, my dear." She whispered and stepped back, holding Ashley's hand in hers.
  Natsuko / wingedwolfy120 / 249d 11h 13m 42s
[b "You're sure this will work out..? I mean I love music and singing..but this.."]
  Ashley / MourningGlory / 249d 11h 39m 29s
She leaned into her ear and whispered. "Just follow my lead."
  Natsuko / wingedwolfy120 / 249d 11h 43m 4s
Her cheeks were a dark red when it had been asked. She was about to say no and that she couldn't. But before she could, it was like something came over her and she nodded, taking Natsuko's hand.
  Ashley / MourningGlory / 249d 13h 47m 22s
"dear cousin, will you sing with me?" She purred and used her powers on her just slightly to boost her confidence.
  Natsuko / wingedwolfy120 / 250d 22h 24m 37s
The teacher smiled to Natsuko when she stood. "But maybe the both of you can sing together? It has two parts.."
  Ashley / MourningGlory / 250d 22h 29m 47s

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