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"we have to have sex, darling. That way, you can have access to my powers and use it for your magic." She said and smiled. "i am a succubus after all."
  Natsuko / wingedwolfy120 / 344d 9h 1m 1s
[b "Seal our bond..? How does that work?"] Ashley asked, squeaking at the tugging on of the clothes. This...well this seemed like she signed up for something she was NOT ready for.
  Ashley / SheDevil / 344d 9h 13m 54s
Natsuko smiled and said. "Then seal our bond!!!" She soon began to tug on her clothes and began to get frustrated.
  Natsuko / wingedwolfy120 / 344d 9h 27m 58s
The girl chewed on her cheek as she studied the other. And after a moment, Ash let put her breath. [b "Um..okay.."] What else could she say? She had summoned her and well it wasn't like she had any friends or anything.
  Ashley / SheDevil / 344d 9h 38m 11s
"i can teach you." She said and smiled. "Please?"
  Natsuko / wingedwolfy120 / 344d 9h 43m 9s
Her cheeks turned a dark red as she was hugged. She wasn't exactly used to the kind of affection that Natsuko was giving. [b "Umm..are you sure about that? You see I don't know the first thing about being a mage."]
  Ashley / SheDevil / 344d 11h 22m 40s
she took the offered dress and put it on before hugging Ashley. "will you be my new mage?"
  Natsuko / wingedwolfy120 / 344d 11h 29m 59s
[b "That means you're from the fourteen hundreds? Yeah...people don't live that long..So I am sorry..."] God she felt awkward and like she needed a looneybin. This was all a dream and she would wake up soon, right?
  Ashley / SheDevil / 344d 11h 37m 39s
"you mean I've been waiting for my mage for six hundred years?!" she cried out surprised and frowned. "that means... she's dead...."
  Natsuko / wingedwolfy120 / 344d 11h 40m 54s
Her eyes went to the book she had dropped. [b "Right...the spell. And thar's because it's not the same. The year is 2019..."] She said and handed her the dress she had gone to get.
  Ashley / SheDevil / 345d 1h 9m 27s
"you summoned me here." She said simply and looked around. "This place is strange.... It does not look the same as the last time i came to earth...."
  Natsuko / wingedwolfy120 / 345d 1h 16m 32s
This had been the last thing that she had been expecting to even happen. She didn't even believe in any of this. And yet, her stood the very demon from their history lessons. [b " name is Ashley.."] Came soft words as her eyes trailed the other girl and she blushed. Attractive as she was, Ash COULD not think about things like that. [b "Fun is not what we'll be doing.. How did you even get here?"] She asked and went to get the girl something else to wear.
  Ashley / SheDevil / 345d 1h 24m 41s
Natsuko looked around confused and soon looked at the summoner. "You, female... What is the name of my summoner?" She asked and stepped closer. Her body was lithe and her breasts were ample and perky. She was wearing little to no clothes at all as she bent down to take a closer look at the girl. "You are a very attractive human.... Perhaps i should have some fun with you." She said as her green eyes gleamed with mischief and a little lust.
  Natsuko / wingedwolfy120 / 345d 1h 28m 52s
Brown eyes widened when the lightening flashed in the middle of the circle and there stood a blonde girl, brushing hair out of her face. Had it actually worked? Ashely just stared wide-eyed as she was in too much a state of shock to even move or try to speak.
  Ashley / SheDevil / 345d 2h 24m 10s
natsuko blinked awake hearing the words to the spell a mage had placed on her centuries ago and stood up. she grinned and held her hands up as lightning engulfed her. the blindingly bright blue lightning struck in the middle of the little summoning circle and natsuko flipped her hair out of her face.
  Natsuko / wingedwolfy120 / 345d 2h 58m 42s

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