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"Why are you blushing?" She heard Jack's voice coming from the other side of of and then he followed her sight line to Jay and he smiled widely. "You two are so in love, it is really cute you know."

Aurora rolled her eyes and slapped him arm a little. "What do you want?"

"Harrison asked if he could work on our engine project today. I'm here to pick him up. Is he inside?"

"He is just washing up. You go on in and get him." She said still looking over at Jay.

"I'm really glad that you two were able to make this work. I was hopeful you would get together right from the start." He reached out and touched her stomach with a smile. "And how is the little guy doing?"

"I don't know what everyone thinks the baby is a boy." She smiled and shook her head. "[I She] is doing just fine. She's starting to get fidgety. Not kicked properly yet but I can feel her moving."

Jack smiled widely and kept his hand there as if waiting to feel the baby. "You better call when he does start kicking."
  Aurora {Apocalypse} / d1gn17y / 246d 23h 31m 17s
Two months seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye. Jay wasn't sure where the time had gone, but the only time it seemed to slow was when he was alone with Aurora. The nights were cold and the winter had been relentless and they stayed huddled together to keep warm. The nights when they made love were very much like the second time they had. She was the only one he would let see his scars, mostly because he knew they didn't mean anything to her.

Jay didn't realize as it was happening, but he had somehow become King's right hand man. He felt much better in these shoes than he had being a leader. King asked him for his opinion quite a bit and took his answers to heart, but he never left the actual decision making up to him when it came to things of huge importance.

He was back to going on runs which he enjoyed. They were extra careful now. But sometimes King sent out groups without them, knowing they were needed more at the complex. They heard from these groups that there were signs of people littered about. Places having been lived in that hadn't been before. And it looked like a large group.

They could be harmless, sure. But they also could be looking for a place to call their own. They might want what they have. So Jay and King set to trying to make their perimeters more secure.

They were just getting back to work after taking a break to eat a little something when he saw Aurora coming out of their apartment. [right [pic]] He looked her over, his heart filling at the sight of her, distracted because she had stolen one of his shirts to wear that day. It wasn't something new, but every time she did it, it made him want to melt. He realized he was staring and he waved back while King chuckled behind him.

He turned to look at the man, squinting. "I swear," King said in explanation. "Sometimes you two look at each other more like high school crushes and less like a couple preparing to have a child." Jay rolled his eyes and handed him a hammer. They were boarding up the gates so they were harder to get through on all sides of the complex. "That's not a bad thing," King added with another laugh.

Jay spared another glance back over his shoulder at Aurora. He wondered if she even knew the kind of affect she had on him.
  Jay Hartley [Apocalypse] / linkthehero / 247d 5h 35m 18s
Spending every night wrapped up with Jay was beginning to feel more and more perfect. Most nights they would talk until they fell asleep or they would make love as quietly as possibly so that they didn't wake Harrison. By the time another two months had passed Jay seemed to be getting back into his routines and he had built some of her strength back up. Aurora had pulled back on some the duties around the place since she figured that she had no need to distract herself anymore.

Aurora stepped out of the apartment and glanced around at everyone going about their day. Most people waved and some even stopped to check in with her, everyone so wrapped up in her pregnancy. She couldn't even count the amount of times people touched her belly and gave her blessings. Aurora didn't mind it, after all it was giving everyone something to look forward to.

She looked over at Jay and caught his eye and she waved towards him. If it was possible she could have sworn she was more in love with him now than she ever had been.
  Aurora {Apocalypse} / d1gn17y / 247d 5h 59m 21s
Jay sighed once they had all climbed into bed. He loved laying like this next to her. No more barriers. He pressed his chest to her back and kissed her hair softly. Her hand found his and he squeezed.

"I'm excited, too," Jay said softly. "Just wish I could show it like him. And not be worried at the same time." He pulled her closer under the covers. "This is gonna be a long six months, isn't it?" he asked. "We just hope things stay stable here..."

Somehow in the night she had turned around and he woke to her head against his heart. He looked at the ceiling, letting his thoughts wander. He wanted her to get plenty of sleep. She needed it now more than ever. And the last thing he wanted to do was wake her up my moving.

Good thing he didn't want to move. He wanted to stay right here in her arms all day if he could.
Harrison pouted and little and poked her stomach gently. "It feels funny."

"Does it?" She asked curiously and chuckled a little when he nodded. "How so?"

"Well it looks like you ate too much pasta and it's hard." He laughed. "Will your belly get big like our old neighbor's?"

"It will. I'll be waddling before you know it." She picked him up and kissed his head. "You should try to bed, mostly because Mommy needs to sleep!"

Harrison agreed and after saying goodnight to Jay and soon enough Aurora was crawling into bed with Jay herself. "He is very excited isn't he?" She asked as she took his hand and snuggled into him.
  Aurora {Apocalypse} / d1gn17y / 247d 6h 16m 37s
When Harrison went back to his mother Jay fell into one of the comfortable chairs in the living room. He couldn't help but laugh at Harrison practically shouting at Aurora's stomach.

He listened to their conversation, looking in on it fondly. Harrison obviously hoped they were having a boy. He probably wanted someone else to play with. A little brother. Jay didn't burst his hopes by telling him that by the time the baby would be old enough to play the way Harrison wanted, he would probably have outgrown playing in the first place.

Jay didn't get hung up on what he did or didn't hope they were having. Any baby was a miracle in this world. But he couldn't help but wonder what kind of challenges might face them. And if it was a girl... how much harder things might be for her.
  Jay Hartley [Apocalypse] / linkthehero / 247d 6h 27m 38s
Aurora smiled as she watched the two embrace and she found herself quite emotional. Her hand went to her stomach and she looked down at her hand for a moment. She couldnt wait to bring another life into this family. Regardless of all the fear she was happy to bring the fact that their family was going to be bigger and she was doing this with Jay.

"Mom, is the baby ready yet?" He asked as he ran over to her and placed her hand on hers in top of her stomach. "Can he hear me?" He placed his lips next to her stomach. "Hello in there!"

Aurora laughed hard and placed her hands in his shoulder. "The baby needs another six months to grow sweetheart. You think we are having a boy huh?"
  Aurora {Apocalypse} / d1gn17y / 247d 6h 34m 44s
Jay did as he was bid, ready to rinse the grime of the day off. He knew they were privileged to have that option these days, but he would take advantage of it while he could. He slipped quietly away to their apartment before word got to Monica and Scarlett that they had returned. He wanted just a few minutes alone.

He set the bags down- he had taken Aurora's so she didn't have to haul it across the complex- and headed in for a shower. Despite his nerves about the pregnancy and the baby, he felt good. In fact he hadn't felt this good since before he had been taken. Their trip had done him good. His had memorialized Miguel and he felt like he could finally start the process of moving on.

He kept his shower short and he was just stepping out when Aurora returned with Harrison. He dressed ran the towel through his dripping hair before stepping out into the living room to pull him into a hug.

"Were you good for King?" he asked and Harrison nodded.
  Jay Hartley [Apocalypse] / linkthehero / 247d 6h 48m 11s
Aurora was tired after the trip and she would keen to see Harrison but she waited around to tell King about their short trip. After Jay gave him the bottle she was pulled into a hug and she smiled towards King. "We can celebrate the baby tomorrow. For now, I need to sleep and hug my baby. Where is he?"

"He's just playing a game of monopoly with Gabriel."

"I'll go grab him. You go on home Jay I'll see you there soon." She placed a kiss on his cheek and went over to King's place and knocked in the door before poking her head around the door.

"Harrison, we are home." She smiled a little when he ran towards her. "You ready to go home?"

"Jay is with you right?"

"He's waiting at the apartment for us."

"Yay!!" He jumped up into her arms and ruffled Gabriel's hair.

"We will see you soon." She said as she made her way home.
  Aurora {Apocalypse} / d1gn17y / 247d 6h 55m 47s
Jay leaned into her touch when she moved the hair from his face and returned her kiss. He held onto her words like they were a lifeline. He wanted t believe that they would get through this.

They were greeted by King and Jack inside the gates. "Toss me the keys, I'll park the car. You guys go rest," Jack was saying as they climbed out. Aurora did just that and they grabbed the bags from the back of the car.

"Looks like you made an extra stop or two," King said with a smile, pointing at them.

Jay nodded and handed over the bag of guns. "Found these at the prison. Figured we could use 'em," he said. "Then we stopped at a store on the way back." He dug inside another bag and pulled out one of the whiskey bottles and held it up for King to take. "For all you've done for us," he said.

King looked at it with wide eyes and took it from his hand as if he were touching something of high value and he was afraid to drop it. "Wow. Jay, I can't."

"It's fine. I got one, too," he said with a smile and slung the bag back over his shoulder.

"How the hell did this survive?"

"Everyone was in too much of a rush to get into the locked case, I guess."

King brought him in for a hug. "We'll share some. To celebrate the baby." Jay nodded and King moved to bring Aurora into his arms as well. He proceeded to ask about how things went and if there had been any trouble. Then he sent them on their way to wash up and rest.
  Jay Hartley [Apocalypse] / linkthehero / 247d 7h 15m 2s
Aurora could see their home in the distance as they continued to speak about their fears. "That means the world to me Jay, to know that [I our] children will always be safe with you is all I need to know." She smiled and took his hand again as they stopped at the gates, waiting for them to open.

Aurora leaned over and kissed him and shifted the hair from his face. "We will get through this." She sat back in the driver's seat and then the gates opened and she drove through them, quickly greeted by King and Jack who were seemingly hanging around the gates.

"You made good time!"
  Aurora {Apocalypse} / d1gn17y / 247d 7h 25m 11s
It was a relief to hear that Harrison hadn't been a c-section. That didn't mean that this baby wouldn't be, but it at least lowered the chances. Jay didn't want to think about it. But he couldn't even imagine what Aurora might be feeling. It was her life on the line to bring their child into the world. He glanced over at her and nodded slowly when she spoke again.

"I will," he said softly, hardly over a whisper. "And Harrison. I... I can't imagine doing any of this without you... but if somethin' happens I want you to know that I would never let anythin' happen to him. He's as much my kid as the one we're havin'."

He looked over at her once more. The apartments were in sight now and she pulled up to the gate. "But I'm also gonna do everythin' I can to make sure you get through this."
  Jay Hartley [Apocalypse] / linkthehero / 247d 7h 34m 52s
It did make Aurora feel a little but better to hear that Jay was scared too. It meant that she wasn't alone in the way she felt. She was also glad to know that she could be vulnerable with him. Aurora didn't have to be strong all the time in front of him. He was also right about the fact that they had lots of people around to support them.

After a little bit of silence she looked over at him. She sighed. "Harrison wasn't a c-section. I'm still quite young so I don't have age against me are right things could go wrong." She definitely didn't want to think about it but there was something she needed to say. "I want you to listen to me, if, [I if] things do go wrong, I want you to make sure our baby is okay."
  Aurora {Apocalypse} / d1gn17y / 247d 7h 42m 53s
Jay knew this was coming. It was one thing to be excited about bringing a child into the world, but [i this] world? He had been having these same thoughts and he was glad to know he wasn't alone in his doubts. That just meant that they could talk this out and help each other be strong.

"I'm scared, too," he admitted. "But you don't have to do this alone. I'm here now. And Monica and Scarlett. And Jay and King. And the rest of them. And whatever happens is gonna happen and we just have to try our best."

There was a long stretch of silence. He played with his hands and sighed. "Aurora... we have to talk about what could happen... If somethin' goes wrong. I certainly don't want to even think about it, but..." He swallowed hard. "Please tell me Harrison wasn't a c-section. The chances of you needing one... I know the doctor said he has supplies, but... the infirmity isn't a hospital."
  Jay Hartley [Apocalypse] / linkthehero / 247d 7h 58m 36s
Aurora chuckled as she looked over at Jay and shook her head. "It's not stupid. No you are not going to be an old Dad. Plenty of people have kids a lot later in life." She smiled a little and glanced at the road ahead before looking back at him, her smile having faded a little.

"Do you think we are going to be okay? Bringing a child into this world?" She chewed on the inside of her lip nervously. "I'm scared." She admitted after a minute and looked back over at him. "I don't know if I could do this alone."
  Aurora {Apocalypse} / d1gn17y / 247d 8h 5m 49s

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