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Aurora could hardly stop smiling when she was around Jay. He gave her butterflies in her stomach, although these days she often confused them with the familiar flutters of life growing inside her. It was an amazing feeling really, to know that Jay's baby was growing that little bit more each day.

She chuckled when Jay pulled her close by the hips for a kiss and then kept her eyes trained on his face when he told her that he had meant it. Aurora smiled even wider then. Perhaps it was silly of her to be so happy about this, especially since they probably would never [I really] be able to get married.

He was kissing her again and she couldn't help but moan softly against his lips as she allowed her arms to wrap around his neck. "Just know that if the opportunity ever arises I don't want to waste it."
  Aurora {Apocalypse} / d1gn17y / 241d 6h 44m 36s
Jay was about to pull some night clothes from his dresser, but Aurora managed to pull him back, her voice sweet like honey. He smiled down at her and the way her hand moved down his chest. He kissed her back, pulling her close by the hips, her baby bump pressed between them. "I love you," he mumbled back against her lips, feeling a little drunk by her.

He listened to her question, pulling back just to read her face. And he finally nodded. "I meant it," he said softly. "I'd marry you right now if there was someone here who could marry us," he said with a crooked smile. It was so unlike him to feel this way. To just want to dive right into marriage. "I know in the world before... It would probably be too soon, but..." he shrugged. "I don't care. I can't imagine [i this] world without you."

He brought his hands up and put them on either side of her face. He pulled her close again and kissed her deeply.
  Jay Hartley [Apocalypse] / linkthehero / 241d 6h 54m 4s
Now Jay was in the room she spent most of the time looking between the two people she loved most in this world. When things were like this they forgot that people outside their walls were infected or had been hardened by the world that surrounded them. This was just bliss and they were a family and nothing could change that. When the baby arrived that would only get better and since Jay had spoke about marriage, she felt closer to him than ever.

Aurora smiled up at Jay when Harrison jumped into his arms and she followed them as he put Harrison to bed. She wished him goodnight and kissed his head and then followed Jay to their room. When she got there she took hold of his hand to stop him from walking away too fast.

"Hey...get back here you." She smirked and ran her hand down his chest. "I love you Hartley." Aurora kissed him softly and then looked him in the eye. "What you said before, about us getting married one day...did you mean it?"
  Aurora {Apocalypse} / d1gn17y / 241d 7h 3m 49s
When Jay returned, looking forward to sleep, he was greeted by the image of mother and son on the sofa. Harrison didn't hear him come in and Aurora put her finger to her lips.

The boy was reading aloud to the baby and a smile grew on Jay's face. He crossed his arms and leaned against the doorway, watching and listening to the story. He felt a warmth overcome him. He wished it could remain like this forever. And perhaps it could. Maybe this really was home now. Perhaps they could really fortify this place. Get rid of their enemies and make this place stronger than it ever was before.

Maybe they could make a life here.

When the story was over, Harrison kissed Aurora's belly and moved to sit up on the couch. He saw Jay in the corner of his eye and looked up, smiling widely. He hopped off the couch and met Jay halfway, jumping up into his arms. He was a little too big for this, but neither Jay or Aurora said so. Jay kissed his cheek.

"I was reading to the baby," Harrison said proudly.

"I saw that," he replied with a grin. "Come on now, time for bed."

He tucked Harrison in, kissing his forehead. After goodnights were said, he moved past Aurora on the way to their room, his hand brushing over her belly as he did.
  Jay Hartley [Apocalypse] / linkthehero / 241d 7h 15m 50s
Despite what Jay thought about Aurora and her lack of wanting to rest in this occasion she listened to him and did just that, spending most of the day being lazy with Harrison when he came home.

After several hours of lazing around Harrison had found his way onto the sofa. He was lying on his stomach kicking his legs in the air as he held a book in front of his face. He had insisted on reading to his unborn sibling and it warmed Aurora's heart to witness. Occasionally he would kiss her stomach in between pages and she wondered if he even knew he was doing it.

Aurora's hand found his hair and she smiled down at him, simply listening to him read the story until she was disturbed by the sound of Jay coming home. When she looked up she smiled and placed a finger on her lips and pointed to Harrison. This moment was too sweet to disturb.
  Aurora {Apocalypse} / d1gn17y / 241d 7h 25m 27s
Jay's heart went out to Aurora. He wished he could fix all of her problems without it being so difficult to do so. He nodded when she finished and gave her a half smile. She was right. All that mattered was what was right in front of them.

"I love you," he said softly, kissing her again.

When he pulled back he looked back over at the gate and the attempts being made to fix it. "I'm gonna give them a hand," he said. "I think you should go rest. I know you won't, but it's what I think," he said, smirking a little. He leaned in for one final kiss and started his way over towards the gate.

The hours dragged on and Jay felt the nerves rise up within him. Tomorrow they would execute the prisoners. He wondered if it made them any better or worse than anyone else in this world. There were other volunteers. Abigail. Damien. They were willing to help. It took a certain kind of person to be able to stare another human being in the eyes and pull the trigger in cold blood. But they had all agreed it had to be done.

By the time the sun set he was feeling numb. But at least he was able to curl up next to Aurora again.
  Jay Hartley [Apocalypse] / linkthehero / 241d 7h 30m 55s
Aurora sighed and shook her head before she looked back up at him. "I had accepted that he was dead. When I heard what happened to most of those in San Francisco I made myself believe we were free of him now, that he wouldn't come knocking on my damn door to see Harrison." She chewed on her lip for a moment and then shook her head once more.

"I won't let him talk his way out of the mess he got himself into. Now he is just a asshole who tried to take over our home. He's not my ex. He's not Harrison's father." She said looking him in the eye. They both knew Jay was.
  Aurora {Apocalypse} / d1gn17y / 241d 7h 40m 10s
It was not lost on Jay that Aurora didn't ask questions. That she understood all that she needed to in just as many words as he spoke. They both understood that the past was the past and talking about the details wouldn't help anything. It was also the first time he had told that story since he had gotten out of prison all those years ago. He would have thought it would hurt more. But perhaps this world and the killing he had had to do had softened the blow of his past. Perhaps [i Aurora] made it easy for him.

He nodded. She was right. It had been difficult. But what they were going through now was just as difficult. The world and the way it was...

"I'm sorry your past won't leave you alone," he said softly in return.
  Jay Hartley [Apocalypse] / linkthehero / 241d 7h 44m 40s
Aurora did not know if this was a real proposal or whether he was only saying such things because he thought they would never meet someone who would be able to marry them. At that moment though, it didn't really matter all that much. All that mattered is that he asked her and that meant the world to him and it was perfectly sealed with a deep kiss.

When it was over she leaned into his hand and smiled up in him as he searched her face, leaning against him as he stepped back to lean against the tree. This was everything she could have wanted. Even now as he opened up to her, he couldn't know how much his honesty meant to him.

"I'm sorry." She said as she placed her hand on his cheek. "I can imagine that was very difficult for you." The fact that he 'went too far' didn't even phase her at this point.
  Aurora {Apocalypse} / d1gn17y / 241d 7h 52m 32s
He could tell the words meant just as much for her to hear as they did for him to say. When her answer came he could not help but smile once more. He put a hand on her cheek and pulled her close for a long, meaningful kiss. When he pulled back, he let his eyes wander her face. The face of the woman he would love until he died. The mother of his child. His children.

"I don't ask that lightly, you know," he mumbled softly. He leaned his back against the small tree and pulled her close. "I guess it's my turn to open up... I was engaged once. A long, long time ago. Some asshole forced himself on her and I... I tried to protect her. I went too far. I went to prison for five years. When I got out she'd moved on." He shook his head.

"Of course I never thought I would fall in love again. But... here I am."
  Jay Hartley [Apocalypse] / linkthehero / 241d 8h 5m 45s
Aurora leaned into his hand on her cheek. She closed her eyes for a moment because she simply wanted to enjoy the fell of his hand there and she couldn't stop herself from placing her own over the top of it. Her eyes only opened when she heard him say that he almost told him that she was his wife. She couldn't explain why her heart skipped a beat but she also couldn't help but laugh at the way he finished his sentence. "He has a fairly big ego so there would be a lot to clean up." She said with a laugh as she took his hand and started to walk back with him.

It was his next words that ensure her heart beat was almost doubling in speed now and when they came to a stop she looked up at him, his question lingering in the air between them for a moment. Could he hear how loud her heart was beating? Had she imagined what he was asking because it was something she wanted?

"Jay...of course I would say yes. I would love to be your wife."
  Aurora {Apocalypse} / d1gn17y / 242d 11h 58m 23s
Jay ran a hand down his face once everyone in the yard saw that everything was okay. They went back to working. He felt Aurora beside him and let her take his hands.

He couldn't help the small chuckle from escaping. He pulled one hand away from hers only put it on the side of her face tenderly before leaning in to kiss her. "I almost told him you were my wife, too, but that might have made his head explode and I didn't want to clean up that mess." He smiled softly and began to walk away from the apartments. "I'd do it too, you know. Ask you to marry me. If that were even an option these days. Maybe one day we'll meet someone who can help us do that and I'll ask you for real."

They reached a small secluded spot in the courtyard under a tree and stopped to look at her. "Would you say yes?" he asked.
  Jay Hartley [Apocalypse] / linkthehero / 242d 12h 18m 31s
"I'm his father Aurora, you shut me out for long enough. I deserve to see him." This made Aurora angry and she stepped forward.

"You deserve nothing. You left [i us]. You chose that. I told you before that you have no right to demand anything from me. So back the fuck off." She was done then, even though he still tried to plead with her she simply turned her back on him. He probably knew that he was going to die and was hoping their history would save him.

She sighed when she was out of the room and did not hesitate to leave the building. When she was outside she felt like she could breathe again. Aurora looked towards Jay and stepped a little closer to him, taking his hands in hers. "You know, you're hot when you are protecting your family." She said with a smile, trying to lighten the mood.
  Aurora {Apocalypse} / d1gn17y / 242d 12h 28m 47s
As Aurora was getting in her final words, Jay was checking to make sure that those they had posted on guard duty had this. Now without another room to guard they could spread them out, adding more to the teams. They nodded.

"We got this, Jay."

He nodded and put his hand on Aurora's shoulder, directing her out. Mitchell was still trying his best to get her attention, but neither of them paid him any mind.

"Gag them if you have to," he said, handing the rifle over just before they left and shut the door behind them.

They headed down the hallway and Jay was still working out his frustrations. The man really thought he could help break their walls down, then plead with Aurora. And act like he could help raise their child. He had to admit that he did feel a sick satisfaction at the look on his face when he realize that Jay was the father.

Mitchell looked like he had been a well put together man before everything. Probably had some trust fund money. Probably would have mocked Jay for his upbringing and his accent. But now they were all equals. There was no rich and poor. Only god and bad. Those free and those locked up.
  Jay Hartley [Apocalypse] / linkthehero / 242d 12h 36m 20s
Aurora hated the way that he was looking at her, like she might be his saviour and that she might want to rekindle something that had died over seven years ago. It died long before that really. Back then she was naive and she couldn't see through him but now she could. He tired coming towards her but Jay wouldn't let him near here, constantly pushing him back.

Aurora heard his words and she shook her head, almost laughing at the idea that she thought that she would be his wife at some point. That all seemed so long ago now. Her lips parted to speak but Jay was already putting him right, telling him that the baby was his and that Harrison was now his too. She couldn't help the rush of love that ran through her.

Aurora checked the closed door and then looked back at Mitchell. "You might as well give up. I'm not letting you see Harrison, not now, not ever."
  Aurora {Apocalypse} / d1gn17y / 242d 12h 44m 57s

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