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( again, you don’t need to tell me^^ just don’t respond when you aren’t feeling it. It’s what I do.
  Greyson / 1d 2h 31m 27s

((Okay I’m gonna be honest I’m getting kinda bored with this one rn
  Julian / Kitten- / 1d 2h 32m 56s
( good song

I nod, plugging it in and fiddling with it before I figured how to do it. “Yeah.”
  Greyson / 1d 2h 34m 37s
((I listened to that one yesterday. Forgot everything but the name lol

I mix the batter, nodding along to the beat of the song. “Could you turn on the waffle iron?”
  Julian / Kitten- / 1d 2h 35m 30s
I grin and put on a playlist I have on my phone with 800+ songs on it. I put it on shuffle. A BTS song comes on first, Make It Right.
  Greyson / 1d 2h 37m 7s
“Whatever; I don’t care. Just music.” I mix in some wet ingredients.
  Julian / Kitten- / 1d 2h 38m 42s
I nod. “Just BTS or do you mind if other groups are mixed in? They’re all good artists.”
  Greyson / 1d 2h 50m 27s
“Oh, please!” I pull ingredients out. “BTS?” I pour the waffle mix into a bowl.
  Julian / Kitten- / 1d 2h 56m 41s
I peek around him, humming to myself. “Wanna our some music on?”
  Greyson / 1d 3h 15m 13s
“Agreed.” I dig the pancake mix from the cupboard and check for the waffle recipe.
  Julian / Kitten- / 1d 3h 17m 54s
I wrinkle my nose. “When did I make ya eat steak? Unless it’s rare.. I can’t remember. I dunno. Let’s just make waffles!”
  Greyson / 1d 3h 22m 2s
I peek in the fridge. “Umm… that steak you made us eat. Green beans. Rice.”
  Julian / Kitten- / 1d 3h 27m 56s
“I dunno. Not pancakes. Waffles are yummy. What kind of leftovers do we have?”
  Greyson / 1d 3h 31m 33s
I shrug. “You want leftovers, pancakes, or waffles?”
  Julian / Kitten- / 1d 3h 34m 8s
“Lucky you,” I mumble, following him into the kitchen. “Are you going to make something or do we already have stuff made?”
  Greyson / 1d 3h 57m 57s

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