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Jules and Rey <3


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The next day, I snuggle into Rey, hugging my pillow close.
  Julian / Kitten- / 158d 13h 52m 31s
Okay, so skip to then then :)
  Greyson / 158d 13h 54m 8s
Well technically my birthday is the next day ahaha
  Julian / Kitten- / 158d 13h 55m 20s
Yeah, I guess.
I don’t know what to skip to though so..
  Greyson / 158d 13h 57m 11s
That’s fine. You wanna skip to something else I guess then?
  Julian / Kitten- / 158d 13h 58m 54s
I don’t feel like doing that kind of stuff wirh something modeled after me.
  Greyson / 158d 15h 4m 58s
I smirk softly, sucking gently. My hands slide up over Greyson’s chest, tracing every curve of his body.
  Julian / Kitten- / 160d 17h 49m 30s
I almost drop my eyes, but don’t, forcing myself to keep his gaze.
  Greyson / 161d 1h 25m 27s
I tilt my head up and bite his earlobe, my gaze darting up to meet his. My eyes are full of love and passion and heat, and an overwhelming amount of lust.
  Julian / Kitten- / 161d 2h 11m 24s
I keep my eyes on him, face slowly turning red, like my neck.
  Greyson / 161d 10h 53m 20s
I smile softly before bending my head to his neck, kissing and massaging his skin with my teeth and tongue.
  Julian / Kitten- / 161d 12h 48m 22s
“Fine, fine.” I fix my gaze on him this time, smiling a little.
  Greyson / 161d 12h 49m 18s
“I said shh. Let me pleasure you for now, okay?”
  Julian / Kitten- / 161d 12h 50m 57s
“What? I’m not joking. I’ve literally creeped my own self out before.”
  Greyson / 161d 12h 51m 39s
My eyes narrow. “Don’t joke like that. You’re perfect. Now shh.”
  Julian / Kitten- / 161d 12h 52m 15s

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