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Garnet relaxed a little realizing this. He turned to Raka. "An online booking?" he asked her guessing at how they will book their tickets. Garnet didn't show but he still felt unnerved. Like he was being watched.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 57d 17h 24m 1s
"it's 2 am. Most stores aren't open, and normal humans would be sleeping right now." she shrugged her shoulders and looked around. "let's just get home. We can book the flight." she smiled, reassuring him.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 57d 17h 27m 19s
Garnet looked around the town. There truly was no one. This is unusual. I don't like this..." he told Raka and stiffened a little. Garnet looked around warily.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 57d 19h 34m 23s
"good idea." she smiled and set storm down and walked towards town, taking Garnets hand in hers. She made sure Storm followed and found she had taken a fancy to Garnet's shoes. She smiled at that and looked around the town. No one was there, understandably. She looked at the shops. They weren't open for another hour or so. She sighed. "well there goes the pet supplies."
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 57d 20h 47m 36s
Garnet tingled at her long kiss. He then stared at the bear and kept his fingers away from Storm this time. "Well, lets continue into town." he suggested and began walking a couple steps. He waiting for Raka to put Storm down.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 57d 21h 22m 3s
She smiled looking down at Storm and then back at Garnet. She gave him a long kiss. "Don't hate her. I think she's starting to like you, and your shoes." She laughed and leaned down to pick up the bear. It squirmed a bit, and then calmed down. "See." She showed him when she calmed down.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 57d 21h 55m 55s
Garnet hugged her as she began to pannick. "It's OK, don't worry so much about it. This wedding will happen." he reassured her and planted a small kiss on her lips. Garnet stopped after feeling a slight tug on his leg. What the? he thought and turned to see storm pulling on his shoe. "We are going to have a difficult time aren't we?" he asked the bear not expecting any kind of an answer.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 57d 21h 58m 28s
"Oh it'll be fine. We can just say she was a deformed puppy. She's the perfect size, and her fur kind of makes her look like one since it isn't as bushy." She looked down at her and then back up at Garnet. "After we book the flight to Australia, we should think about what to do on the honeymoon, and also about your family. Your family seemed to like the fake me. What if they don't like the real me and, like, call off the wedding. They can do that you know." She said complaining to him and panicking again.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 58d 11h 59m 28s
Garnet flared red in a lot of embarrassment. "he he" he said a little uneasy. He couldn't help but smile as the bear obeyed her order however. "How are we going to bring storm into town?" he asked her.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 58d 12h 5m 39s
She turned towards Storm and then back at Garnet just in time to see the face he made at Storm. She stopped walking and started laughing. "Wow, real mature." She said through her laughter and looked at Storm. "Be nice." She said, doubting she understood her, but she went next to Garnet and stopped the growling. that made Raka laugh even more. "hmmm, i think i like Bears better than dogs now. They are more obedient." She smiled at Garnet.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 58d 12h 13m 39s
Garnet sighed. The bear hates me, great.... he thought to himself and held onto Raka's hand and began to walk towards town with the bear following and growling slightly. Garnet turned his head and pulled his right eyelid down and poked his tongue at storm without Raka seeing.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 58d 12h 19m 17s
She laughed. "sHe's still scared. It'll take some time for her to get used to us." She smiled down at the bear cub. "Well, you at least. I think she likes me." She smiled and set the bear down. It walked around her legs and pawed at her legs. She smiled at it then looked back at garnet. "Ready?" She asked.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 58d 12h 23m 20s
Garnet smiled. "I like the name." he replied. Garnet walked over to Raka as she picked up storm. He then gently rubbed its belly when the bear quickly bit his finger. "Oww...very cute." he grumbled.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 58d 12h 28m 49s
She followed his gaze. "storm. I named it storm." she smiled and gave him a kiss. "ok, let's go book the tickets, then we should go get some pet supplies." she said and walked over to storm and picked her up. She squealed a bit, but then Raka started holding her like a baby, and she became quiet. She smiled. "well this will be easy. It's a human bear." she smiled.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 58d 15h 20m 20s
Garnet was last to finish since he was really thirsting. However he kept himself clean this time. He stood up and looked to Raka. Garnet looked a lot better now and not as pale and cold. "We should probably book those tickets soon." he suggested and then looked over to the cub.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 58d 15h 24m 37s

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