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Tyla Loveheart seemed like a normal high school girl to everyone but those in her family. Her sister and her had just moved in with their grandmother in a large city after their parents disappeared while out on one of their little 'dates'. They always had found it good to continue going on little dates to keep up the romance. Tyla's sister always just said they could always do a love charm to keep it up, but Tyla knew that would be just like a false love.

Today was her first day at a new school, her sister was already out of high school and was therefore job searching. Tyla and her sister Serenity met up in the kitchen to eat breakfast and then said their good-byes as they left the house. Of course, she'd gotten the whole 'no magic' and 'no charms' at school thing from her, something she was now well accustomed to.

Finally she reached the school, a good three blocks away from her house. It was already filling with students who scattered across the field of the school and crowding at the doors. It was still a good fifteen or twenty minutes until class, so she walked over to a tree on the edge of the field and sat underneath it, leaning back and looking around curiously as all the humans, wondering if there were any Night Worlders here like her.
  Tyla / Islyn / 10y 106d 3h 33m 59s
Accepted, please join in on the OoC. We need to put you with someone so we can start. So yeah, message someone that's free for Soulmate's and ask them if it would be okay to pair up. ^^
  Tyla / Islyn / 10y 106d 5h 12m 29s

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