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"a few hours actually. I was able to book it this late, and also was able to time it with your family's. I should probably start packing." she smiled, and gave a kiss, getting a shock, and she smiled broadly as she left, running up the stairs, taking two steps at a time. She walked into her room, and packed what little amount of clothes she had. She always bought new clothes everytime, but she wanted to keep some of the important things she had in this area. She wanted to keep the memories with the items, and clothing.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 17d 18h 22m 41s
Garnet smiled. "Ah ok, it must of tasted different because I felt sick or something. Anyhow the wedding is close. When are we headed off for Australia?" he asked as he remembered that she ordered the tickets already.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 17d 18h 29m 47s
She nodded. "it's blood." she said truthfully, although making sure not to say what type. She didn't want to lie to him, but if she had to keep small returned from him, she would try and be as truthful as possible without making them known. "I'm glad you're feeling better though. I wouldn't want you hurt be fore the wedding." she said and smiled, thinking of how close the wedding was. She didn't feel like panicking though, part of that was the help of Damon not showing up, but she had a gut feeling he would show up soon, and at the worst possible time.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 17d 18h 35m 20s
Garnet smiled as he felt the shock or Raka kissing him. He hugged her closer and kissed her before he began speaking. "Ah thats good. I'm really happy you get along so well with my sister." he told her and then looked away a little. "I don't know whats really happening. During the whole ordeal I couldn't really hear anything, I also just felt enraged and in constant pain. After taking that cold liquid I managed to feel like myself again. What was that liquid anyhow?" he asked her and looked into her eyes in curiosity.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 17d 18h 40m 41s
She smiled looking up at him and smiled. "oh, just wedding preparation stuff. The brides secrets, with her maid of honor." she said and leaned up to kiss him, getting a shock, and she smiled. She looked up in his eyes, putting her arms around his neck, and thinking about the wedding. "will you be ok? What happened to you? I thought I saw a hint of darkness in your eyes." she said wanting to check in on him with that other part, of which kairi didn't know about.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 17d 18h 50m 31s
Kairi smiled as Raka whispered this to her. "Thanks for understanding and doing this." she whispered back to her and then she held Raka's hand and place another vial of blood in her hand. "This should be enough for another day or so." she added whispering again. She then looked at her watch and saw that it was nearly daylight. "I best leave. See you guys at the wedding!" she said in her happy voice again so that Garnet heard as well and she left the house and went at full vampire speed when she left the house to make it to her parents before the plane will leave.

Garnet stood up and walked up to Raka. "So what was that all about? You know Kairi wanting to speak with you in private?" he asked her as he hugged her tightly around her waist.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 17d 19h 2m 18s
She looked at Kairi, wondering so many questions, and then looked down the hall at Garnet. He was facing the other way, which she was glad, for she wouldn't be able to look him in the eye after hearing that without showing something wrong in her eyes. She looked at Kairi, and then at the ground. "I don't know." she said silently, then looked up at her. "But i'd be willing to do anything to get the supply." she said, determindely, but still at a whisper.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 18d 16h 6m 2s
Garnet felt the shock and intensity of the light kiss as well as Raka and smiled at her. "I'll just wait here for you too." he told Raka and Kairi but in within his mind he was wondering why Kairi wanted to speak something with Raka in private.

Kairi turned and walked into the hallway and and stood by the wall with her ears on the wall as if trying to hear for something. She then turned to Raka who just entered the doorway. She then walked right up to Raka and placed her mouth by her ear to make sure Garnet could not hear them. (b "Raka... Garnet will need vampire blood for a while along with a regular diet. Any ideas on how your going to get this supply? My parents struggled with me because this must be kept a secret." she whispered into Raka's ear.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 18d 18h 55m 34s
She looksed at kairi and nodded slightly. She looked up at Garnet, and leaned up to give him e alight kiss. no matter how light it was, it still had an intense shock to it. She mailed, this time with truthful joy. "I'm glad you're ok." she said, before walking over to Kairi, and wondering what she wanted to talk about.. She didn't sound very happy, but she didn't sound nescesarrily angry.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 21d 16h 33m 39s
After a few minutes Garnet's eyes went back to it's normal colour. He looked up to Raka and hugged her waist lightly. "Sorry I worried you." he told her softly. Kairi sighed in some relief and stood up. She walked to the window and then turned around. "Raka can I speak with you alone for 5 minutes?" she asked and then she looked at her brother as he stood up slowly.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 21d 16h 43m 12s
She nodded looking at Kairi. "of course. I wouldn't tell anyone." she said and looked at Garnet, sighing with relief that he would be ok. She smiled, a bit, but she always smiled, even when in pain. She felt she had to be strong at that moment, for what ever reason it was, she just felt that way.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 27d 12h 12m 23s
Kairi picked Garnet up easily and placed him on his back. "He'll be fine now that he has taken some of this vampire blood." she told Raka. She then held Raka's hand tightly and looked into her eye. "Please don't tell anyone outside or family what goes on here. It's looked down but it seems to be the only way to stop these effects." she added with a serious tone in her voice.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 27d 14h 51m 46s
She squeezed his hand back. "will he be ok? Is he gonna die? What is it?" she asked rapidly starting to panic. She looked in Garnets eyes as they darkened to a crimson red, and had a shadowy tone to them. She looked at the vile and back to Kairi. "what is that?" she asked looking in her eyes, searching all the answers.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 38d 20h 56m 25s
Garnet held Raka's hand tightly as the pain increased. Kairi lifted her hand and placed it on Garnet's forehead. "Hmm... It's hard that my brother is going through this so early." she commented and she rummaged through her jeans to retrieve a vial. "Raka, our family has a different bloodline to many other vampires, its quite rare. A few years ago in fact it nearly killed me." she added. Kairi then opened Garnet's mouth slowly and poured the contents down his throat.

Garnet felt the cold liquid down his throat and looked as Kairi and Raka were around him. "What's wrong with me?" he whispered as his eyes darkened to a crimson with a slight dark Aura.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 38d 20h 59m 37s
"umm, a couple days now, but it's not constant. It varies." she said, making sure nothing about dark aura, Damon, and her past were included. She saw Kairi's concern and turned her hand under Garnets, and squeezed his hand, worrying about him.
  raka / kirpa22 / 10y 39d 7h 23m 54s

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