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Damon stood up, his body aching slightly, but quickly going back to normal. He smiled at Garnet, and laughed, although it was filled with venom, instead of joy. "oh, it's just begun." he said, and in a swift movement, kicked Garnet in his abdomen, sending him flying backwards. He ran after him, catching him by his shoulders, only to swing him down and against a tree, ending with his Hand choking him.
Raka stared, and coughed slightly, still tasting her blood and wondering how Garnet could have liked it. She felt horrible for not having the strength to fight with him, all she could do was hope for the best on the sidelines, just like before. She wondered what would happen in the end If they did win. She couldn't bring herself to think about Damon's death, no matter what he had done. He was still her brother, but she knew they would have to do it..
  kirpa22 / 10y 9d 17h 31m 10s
Garnet felt immense jolts from her as they kissed. This feeling he gets from being Raka's soulmate surges through him as her blood flows within his veins constantly. "I'll win for you no matter what. It's time I show Damon not to mess with us." he told Raka seriously and he stood to face Damon. "That overconfidence will kill you." he told him with no cockiness but as if saying a fact. In that instant he grabed Damon's neck and through him towards the ground. As he hit the ground he kicked him towards a tree causing several trees to fall in a domino effect. He then walked over to Damon who was slowly standing up as the bruises on his body slowly began to heal. "It ends now Damon." he told him, his eyes a burning red but Garnet was in complete control.
  Navarro / 10y 10d 14h 12m 20s
She nodded, somewhat lightheaded. "i'm fine, although i doubt i'll be able to fight with you." She said looking in his eyes,and smiling lightly. "will that be ok?" she asked, and already knew it would be an obvious yes. She looked behind her at damon, who was smiling, and clapping. "So touching. Now can we get to the part where you die?" He said, looking at GArnet. Raka looked back at Garnet, and gave him a long kiss, wanting to piss Damon off, and feeling jolts of electricity. she pulled back and smiled. "you better win for me." She said and got up and slowly walked over to a nearby tree, to rest.
  kirpa22 / 10y 10d 17h 57m 28s
Garnet felt constant jolts as he drank Raka's blood. It was odd how alluring it was to him. He stopped drinking her blood and looked up to her. His eyes fading back to a normal colour and he stood up and hugged Raka. "I'm feeling a lot better. How are you feeling?" he replied. He then looked at Damon who was staring at them. "You ready to fight?" he asked feeling somehow stronger.
  Navarro / 10y 10d 20h 40m 22s
Raka nodded, and removed one of her hands from his face, and put her wrist to her mouth, and bit down hard on it, until she tasted the oddly disgusting taste of her own blood, she hesitantly put It up to his mouth, and she felt his fangs deep in her wrist, but no pain. "Garnet, you have to drink." she instruceted. There was a pause, but then she started feeling herself drain, and a bit weak, but it wasn't pain. Far from it. Soon she didn't need to hold his head, as he grabbed her wrist, and drank on his own. She smiled lightly, and when she felt his fangs retract, she loosened his grip on her, and pulled her wrist back allowing it to heal. she looked at him,"Are you ok?" she asked, putting her unbitten hand on his face. She looked at her wrist as it begAn healing, and then back up at him.
  kirpa22 / 10y 11d 15h 21m 42s
Garnet was confused a a little bit of shock at Raka's words came through his pained face. He wasn't sure how she deducted this but just nodded his head. "Ok..." he managed to say through with a few heavy pants afterwords.

You can control my character for the blood drinking part like for how he drinks it or whatever.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 11d 15h 30m 11s
"Garnet!" she gasped as she saw him fall, and knelt down to him, putting and arm around his shoulders, a strong sense of worry coursing through her. Damon just shrugged and leaned against a tree, waiting, and watching his prey, thinking he wouldn't need to do anything. "Garnet, look at me." she told him and held his head, between her hands, moving infront of him. She looked in his eyes, and saw they were crimson red, just like before. She looked at him, sadly, and pained. She hated seeing him like that. She couldn't think of a way to get him the vampire blood, but then a thought came to her mind. She took a deep breath and looked in his eyes she thought to herself. "Garnet, you need blood. Not human blood or even animal blood. Vampire blood. I'm going to give you mine. You have to drink it. Ok?" she said looking at him painfully.
  kirpa22 / 10y 11d 15h 43m 52s
Garnet chuckled a little. "Don't act so confident..." he huffed out and began to stand up straighter as his eyes grew more red and he began to feel a burn and incredible pain through his body which is really starting to affect his health. He stared at Damon and saw him in a slightly different way. He wasn't so a much a threat as he was before. He began to look more like food. Garnet then snapped out of that train of thought and with one burst of energy managed to get around him and beside Raka. "I promised to fight with you." he told her but his thirst and pain caused him to fall to his knees.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 11d 15h 51m 12s
Raka turned towards Garnet, and then back at Damon, who was smiling, back at her. "looks like our little match will have to be put on hold." he said to her, and turned to Garnet. "nice of you to finally join us." he said and walked a bit closer. Raka watched Garnet, especially his eyes. she thought to herself, and wondered what she should do.
  kirpa22 / 10y 11d 15h 57m 54s
Garnet finally caught up when they stopped and he place Storm on the ground. "Let her go Damon!" he said as he began to breath heavily. His eyes were glowing a little red and Garnet tinged in a bit of pain. Argh, not this pain...Not now. be thought to himself but tried to keep himself strong.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 11d 16h 1m 37s
Damon finally stopped, and raka looked around. They were obviously in the woods again. She looked around, seeing Damon, away from her, and she smirked. "why do you keep doing this? You aren't gonna win." she said to him, walking towards him, slowly. She looked around, wondering where Garnet was. Damon smiled. "I think I will." he said and leaned up against a tree. "you're little boyrfriend isn't coming. Was I to much for him?" he taunted and laughed. Raka ran up to him crushing his neck in a grip, and pushed him up against a tree. "he's strong enough to fight you, that's for sure, unless you'd prefer to fight me." she said and looked in his eyes. Those eyes that were identical to hers, but tinged with hatred. He smiled, and pushed her off, although with some struggle. "why not. It'll be fun to train with my baby sister again." he said, before making the first move.
  kirpa22 / 10y 11d 16h 15m 31s
Garnet was about to run after Damon and Raka when he remembered about Storm. He ran to the door and picked up Storm and began running at full speed after Damon and Raka. He was catching up to them but at a point Garnet couldn't seem to keep accelerating. He was pushing himself even now.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 11d 16h 55m 54s
Damon smirked at Garnet, shaking his head. "it's no use concealing how nervous you are. I can smell it rising from you. I told you i'd be back, so." He used his vampire speed, and ran up to raka, holding her arms. "I'm back. catch us if you can." He said, snickering, and ran out of the road, and into the night, chuckling, his laughter floating on the wind
Raka, felt damons hand crush her arms, and she didn't have enough time to struggle, before she was pulled back and running with Damon. Why am i always taken away? she couldn't help but think that, and remembered that Storm was in the back seat of the car.
  kirpa22 / 10y 11d 16h 59m 58s
Garnet held onto Raka's hand tightly as he looked into Damon's eyes. "Why are you hear again Damon? Can't you just leave us alone." he told Damon in a calm and collected voice. Garnet however was very nervous for he hasn't trained in a while and whatever happened in the house could possibly happen again.
  Garnet / Navarro / 10y 11d 17h 5m 5s
She looked at him hesitantly, not wanting him to get hurt, or anything to happen. she prayed, although she wasn't sure if she was actually praying to anyone. She slowly stepped out of the car, and walked over to him, holding his hand, and intertwining his fingers, as Damon looked at them Smirking.
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