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Garnet simply smiled in response to Raka's question. "I'll tell you later." he said momentarily after the smile. He then looked down at Damon who was now looking the other way. "I think damon will be alright on his own now. Should we head for the airport again?" he explained and asked raka.
  Navarro / 10y 8d 23h 46m 42s
She Held him, feeling the jolts, and smiled. "For what? I should be the one thanking you." she said and looked down at damon, who was turned over and looking the other direction. she hoped he would consider his other option, and turn back to normal, but she knew it was a slim chance. She sighed and lais her head on his shoulder, forgetting about their wedding plans.
  kirpa22 / 10y 9d 7h 19m 46s
Garnet walked up to Damon and Raka and kneeled next to Damon and placed his catch next to him, two deers. "Awake are we? This should help." he told Damon. His eyes were back to normal and was in total control. Garnet sliced the neck of one of the deers with his nail and placed the neck of the deer above Damon's mouth so the blood would easily flow into Damon's mouth.

After Damon drank all of the first deer Garnet placed the emptied deer next to him. He then stood up and hugged Raka tightly. "He will be alright in a few hours. What would we do now Raka?" he asked her. Garnet was filled with a jolt of tingles when he hugged Raka and couldn't help but kiss her cheek. "Thank you." he whispered into her ear.
  Navarro / 10y 9d 13h 24m 54s
Raka nodded and saw Garnet leave. Damon stirred, and she looked at him. "I know you heard all that, you jerk." she said through gritted teeth and Damon chuckled looking up at her. He smiled. "I won, so where's my prize?" he asked, his voice strained. Rak looked at him, knowing she probably made a huge mistake, but hugged Damon tightly. At the same time, she put lots of pressure on his wound, to make him feel pain, which he did. He laid there, unmoving, just breathing, and then spoke. "Why do you love him? What does he have that I don't?" he asked calmly. Raka smiled. "first, he isn't my brother second." she paused, smiling even broader. "we're soulmates." she said and looked in the direction she saw Garnet leave in. Damon tensed up under her. "you have a Soulmate? They aren't real." he said to her, a bit angered she believes in that now. She shook her head. "they are. You have one as well. She isn't me though. You didn't win Damon, because I still choose Garnet." she said and let go of him standing up. She looked down at him. "we are getting married soon, a few hours, if we haven't already missed our flight. Come as my brother, who wants peace, or don't come at all. If you do." she paused, and saw Garnet return "I won't think twice about letting Him kill you." she said finally, not looking at Garnet. She hoped she had changed Damon's mins.
  kirpa22 / 10y 9d 14h 26m 9s
Garnet nodded and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Alright, I'll get him some blood so he will be able to recover more quickly." he told her. He walked away from the site to hunt for some animals. As he went to hunt he was worried about Raka, however he knew she needed time alone with him and at Damon's current condition he couldn't do anything to Raka.
  Navarro / 10y 9d 14h 39m 44s
Raka looked at Garnet, and then back at Damon. Her heart felt like it stopped, as she ran Past Garnet to Damon's side, and sloowly knelt beside him, looking at his bitten neck. She felt tears start to stream down her cheeks, and she held Damon's unconscious body in her arms. He looked peacefu, like when they used to be togeth in Asia. She was always awake, while he slept, always smiling, bur his smiles back then weren't cold. His smile now, didn't seem cold. She thought for a moment, as her tears fell onto his face. "I-I want him to live." she whispered slightly, feeling weak, and stupid, but more over, she felt selfish. "Am I wrong to want both?" she whispered even softer, not knowing if she wanted Garnet to hear or not. She knew it was best for Damon to have died, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. They were siblings in blood, no matter what happened, and anything that involved her causing him his death, would be painful. She knew she would probably be hurting Garnet. Damon was right about her, and she hated it that he was.
  kirpa22 / 10y 9d 15h 5m 49s
Garnet was surprised at Damon forcing his hand into him. Garnet was loosing it, he was doubting himself now. "I'm sorry Raka if I made the wrong choice..." he whispered to himself as a tear trickled down his cheek. "See you soon Damon." he added as he bit down hard into his neck and began to drink his blood. After a few moments Damon fell unconscious but not dead. He carefully laid Damon down and turned to Raka. "It's not just my fight. It's up to you now. What is it going to be? Kill him or let him live?" he asked her.
  Navarro / 10y 9d 15h 16m 4s
Damon grabbed at Garnets hands, but instead of trying to pull them off, he was pushing them towards him, hurting himself, and looked at Raka who was coming back with the wood, her head down. He smiled and Looked at Garnet. "That's it. Just one more step away. What are you going to do? You know you want to protect her, so get rid of the threat. Get rid of me." he said calmly, and saw Raka's head start coming up.

Raka was walking back with the fire wood, her mind set on killing Damon, but he heart wasn't. He was the only family she had left, and she didn't want to lose that. As she walked back, she dropped the firewood on the ground, and looked up to see Garnet about to Kill Damon. Her heart was blaring in her ears, pounding fiercely, and quickly. She had to make a choice.
  kirpa22 / 10y 9d 15h 22m 2s
Garnet was edging on killing him for what he said. "That's it!" he yelled starting to get mad as he grabbed Damon's throat and pined him to a tree and began to crush his throat and got his hand ready to rip his heart out.
  Navarro / 10y 9d 15h 29m 14s
Damon winced slightly, but remained smiling. "I will, once you're gone. Dead, and out of our lives." he said and looked into his eyes, seeing them getting even darker, and darker. "go on. I know you want to kill me, right here and now. So why don't you just rip me apart already. It'll be easy for you." he said edging him towards his anger, and dark side. he thought, trying to compel him, knowing in that stage, his mind was vulnerable to it. He was counting on Raka to save him from Garnet though, knowing what he was capable of doing now.
  kirpa22 / 10y 9d 15h 36m 16s
Garnet closed his eyes for a moment. "Fine then, explain it to her then instead of taking her away forcefully. Try to at least repent for what you did.") he told him. He then showed some anger as he bared his fangs. He felt ripping Damon apart. He couldn't bare waiting for an answer and with his foot crushed his wound causing it to bleed some more. Garnet was now looking directly into Damon's eyes with his blazing red ones.
  Navarro / 10y 9d 15h 43m 11s
Damon smiled at him, knowing his tactics, since the question wasn't very relevant. "That's between me, and Raka." He said, and smirked, feeling some of his injuries heal, and feeling better, but faked that he was still in pain, coughing up blood every few seconds, and wincing slightly, but kept his masochist's smile on. He looked at raka, seeing her stumble slightly, since she was hearing their conversation.

Raka was picking up whatever wood she could find, also paying attention to Garnet and Damon's conversation. His question caught her off guard though. why did he want to know that?
  kirpa22 / 10y 9d 15h 51m 54s
Garnet nodded his head side to side. "Raka knew this was a possible outcome... I know it in her blood. She will be sad, however you were unreasonable Damon. What made you want her after not wanting to marrying her for all these years?" he replied to Damon but kept his distance. Garnet had tasted Damon's blood but it was unclear to him still his intentions with the small amount he had. Garnet's plan was for him to either tell him or to take it out of him by force.
  Navarro / 10y 9d 15h 56m 23s
Raka stared in amazement at Damon. He was lying on the ground, dying. She never thought she would see him like that. She began to run for the wood, but at human speed, a bit scared of Garnet after what he had just done.
Damon was lying there, chuckling up at Garnet, thinking of how he won. "I can still win. You and I both know she doesn't want me to die. She doesn't want to lose me. You, on the other hand, may have just scared her off." he said, and smiled. He knew garnet was under the influence of the dRk aura, and that all it took was for him to get angry, for him to go on a killing rampage for blood. Anytype of blood would do, but from what he saw, he knew he would need vampire blood.
  kirpa22 / 10y 9d 16h 14m 36s
Garnet needed to move fast out of this position. He used his free legs to kick Damon into the air"I totally agree with you on that! It's just the beginning of the end!" he yelled and he met him up into the air and he used Damon to propel himself further into the air and send Damon hurtling back down into the ground. Damon hit the ground with a loud crunch.

Garnet was no where to be seen for a few moments until he cam hurtling down at a much higher velocity and elbowed Damon right in his chest causing a large Crunching and grinding sound and some blood sprayed over Garnets face. Garnet smiled as he backed away from Damon as he laid there on the ground bleeding. Garnet then licked off Damon's blood which was on his face. He has to be incredibly hurt after that. he thought to himself but knew not to underestimate Damon. He Yelled out to Raka but kept looking at Damon. "We have to do this together Raka. I promised! Can you start a fire? We have to make sure he doesn't get back up!" he yelled out to her.
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