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The Night World...

Love Has Never Been

So Dangerous

The Night World isn't a place... It's all around us. The creatures of Night World are beautiful and deadly and irresistible to humans. Your best friend could be one...So could your crush.

The laws of the Night World are very clear:
1. Humans must never learn that the Night World exists.
2. Members of the Night World must never fall in love with a human.
Violate the laws and the concequences are terrifying.

One more thing. There is something called the Soulmate principal. It has been rumored to only be a myth, but something is happening. More and more of the Night World's creatures are starting to get Soulmates...The dangerous part is so far, most are to humans. It is an instant connection that both can feel and it is unbreakable, this is a problem.


~Romance needed, but cybering is not allowed on the thread.

~Swearing, keep it to a minimum okay?

~Be semi-literate at least, I don't want tiny little two sentence replies, at least two paragraphs or one really good written one.

~Let me know if you'll be away for more then two days.


Witches: Simple, they are humans that have magic. There are two types of witches. One, the kind that know about their power and two the kind that don't. The witches use their spells by creating amulets, potions or enchanting things. A love potion could be simply an enchantment on a necklace or ring, if you have some blood of the target, as soon as that person looks at the object it will take effect. There are also MALES but not very many.

Vampires: There are also two different kinds of vampires. One, called the Lamia... Vampires who are BORN as vampires. Two, the kind that were turned into a vampire, these kind are pretty much forbidden. The Lamia can decide when they want to stop aging and can also be out in the sun without being killed, their power simply weakens. They can only be killed by a stake or by being burned. Vampires often hunt humans but can enter their mind and make them forget about it, though they may also hunt animals.

Werewolves: Simply put, half wolf half human. Can only be killed by silver. When they hunt they have to eat the WHOLE body. Werewolves are often protective of their land and will do anything to protect it. They also don't need a full moon to change. Their hunting habit's must be hidden since many creatures of the Nightworld find it rather barbaric and evil.

Shape-shifters: Night People who can shape-shift back and forth from their human form to their animal form.All shape-shifters have the senses of the animal they call, which are often extraordinary. They can smell differences between foods, feel things many times the intensity than humans, and can hear both higher and lower pitches. They also have excellent night vision.

Humans: Self explanatory, they don't generally know about the Nightworld since it's forbidden, but who knows what can happen with the Soulmate principal going around.

Soulmate Principal

This is the idea that for everyone in the world, there is a soulmate. You don't have to look like your soulmate, act like them, be the same age as them; heck, you don't even have to like them, but from the moment you meet them, you know that you'll never be completely happy without them.When you're soulmates, it hits you like lightning, and you know that's the one person in the world you were meant to be with. At skin contact you feel a literal zap and that's when the Soulmate Principle and these thoughts begin to arise, the thoughts that without them life is pointless.


Weapon(s): Only two maximum.
Soulmate: {Request permission first}


Name: Tyla Loveheart
Age: 17
Race: Witch
Weapon: Charms and a knife.
Soulmate: Ahir

Name: Ahir
Age: 19
Race: shapeshifter
Weapons: Katana and throwing knives
Soulmate: Tyla Loveheart
Rhiann's older brother

Name: Takumi
Age: 19
Race: Shape-shifter
Weapons: Martial arts, and his animal form.
Soulmate: Raeona

Name: Rhiann
Age: 17, soon to be 18
Race: shapeshifter
Weapons: Staff with a blade at both ends and a few charms with simple spells.
Soulmate: ???

Name: Arcuied
Age: 17
Race: Human
Weapons: Pocket Knife.
Soulmate: Keiri

Name: Raeona
Weapons: None
Soulmate: Takumi

Name: Keiri
Age: 17
Race: Shape-Shifter
Weapons: A Scythe.
Soulmate: Arcuied

Name: Raka
Race: Vampire(Lamia)
Weapons: dagger and shot gun
Soulmate: not yet

Name: Garnet Clarke
Age: 18
Race: Lamia Vampire
Weapons: UMP45 and SAP Gloves
Soulmate: ???

Name: Jacktree Jack Skye
Age: 21
Race: Shapeshifter Eagle
Weapons: He's his own weapon
Soulmate: Rhiann


Tyla Loveheart and Ahir
Jacktree Skye and Rhiann
Arcuied and Keiri
Raka and Garnet
Takumi and Raeona

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Roleplay Responses

Raka chuckled, and nodded. "ok." She said looking at the airport ahead, and checking the time. they had about an hour left, till the plane took off. She tied her hair up tightly, and looked around.
  kirpa22 / 9y 349d 8h 6m 51s
Garnet nodded at her suggestion for blood but he wasn't sure when she smiled. He knew that she was hiding it to be strong but decided to not to mention it. "I just didn't want to hurt you, I know it may be weird but your blood is the most tempting." he said quietly as Garnet spouted at the airport. "We better hurry" he added.
  Garnet / Navarro / 9y 349d 8h 22m 56s
She chuckled. "there is a lot going on. The wedding will be off the list soon, and about the vampire blood, I don't mind being the one you feed on, but if you want someone elses, I'll talk to Kairi about it. She didn't seem like she knew where I could get some, but she must if she went through the same thing." she said and smiled at him. She knew she really wasn't ok, but she didn't know how long it would take for her to recover from the night, and didn't want to worry Garnet anymore than she already was.
  kirpa22 / 9y 351d 2h 58m 43s
Garnet didn't like how the question was redirected but didn't say anything about it. "I'm alright, I'm just thinking about things, we got the wedding soon, the vamp blood thing and a where we can get more because I don't want to keep feeding on you, it doesn't feel right. Plus I'm just worried about you." he said in a blur of words.
  Garnet / Navarro / 9y 351d 3h 11m 16s
She heard his question and was pulled out of her thoughts. "I'm fine." she said to the car window, and then turned around to him, smiling. "I think the question should have been directed to you." she said smiling.
  kirpa22 / 9y 351d 8h 15m 39s
Garnet walked around and sat in the driver's seat. He then turned the ignition as the engine roared to life. He placed the car into gear and drove off. Garnet was still tingling with the bond with Raka but was fading slowly. He turned to Raka and hos face showed some concern. "How are you feeling?" he asked her concerned with the events which occured recently.
  Garnet / Navarro / 9y 351d 8h 21m 24s
She nodded and sat down in the car, buckling up and looking out the window towards the forest. Good-bye Damon. She thought to herself, knowing he most likely would not come to the wedding. She sighed and waited for Garnet to get in the car.
  kirpa22 / 9y 353d 9h 40m 12s
Garnet chuckled at her attempt to joke. "Yeah, it does make sense. So do you think this vamp blood drinking is wierd? I sure do. I wonder what others will think." he rambled and as he spoke Storm made a small growl/snuff at them as they approached the car. " I guess we should hurry before we mis our flight." he added as he opened the car door for Raka and Storm to get into the car
  Garnet / Navarro / 9y 353d 17h 24m 17s
She smiled, and chuckled. "well, my blood was in you, so i somewhat was." She said trying to make a joke. "it would explain why the bond was stronger." She said, putting her finger, through his, and squeezing his hand, looking up at him. She felt waves of shocks through her hand, and up her wrist. it felt exhilarating, and also gave her a funny feeling.
  kirpa22 / 9y 354d 11h 12m 26s
Garnet looked down at the ground. "So I've got what my sister had a few years ago..." he said and paused briefly before continuing. "Yeah, I'm alright. Vampire blood just seems complex. When I drank your blood the soul mate connection felt stronger than ever, the feeling never left me while fighting Damon. It felt as if you were there fighting within me." he tried to explain.
  Garnet / Navarro / 9y 355d 5h 28m 47s
She considered telling him about her discussion with Kairi. She hugged him as well and smiled. "soulmates just know things." she said, and paused. "Also, that's what you drank earlier, and what kairi and I were discussing. Apparently it's something that happened to her as well, so she knew how to take care of it." she said and looked in his eyes. "Are you ok?" she asked.
  kirpa22 / 9y 355d 5h 45m 5s
Garnet hugged her tightly as they walked. "So are you OK? I drank your blood...and liked it..." he told her feeling ashamed at himself. They walked in silence for a moment before he spoke again. "How did you know I needed vampire blood?" he asked.
  Garnet / Navarro / 9y 355d 5h 49m 34s
Raka chuckled, walking closer to Garnet, and looked down at storm. She was walking a bit awkwardly, stumbling slightly, and with her nose up in the air. "probably, but you'll become friends soon. I hope." she said as they followed the little cub.
  kirpa22 / 9y 355d 6h 58m 53s
Garnet felt her jolts as their hands met. They began walking away from Damon and Storm ran up to them. Garnet crouched and patted Storm lightly. "Can you help find the car?" he asked Storm and he began taking the lead. They began walking again following Storm and Garnet turned to Raka. "Me and Storm will fight again tomorrow haha" he joked with her.
  Garnet / Navarro / 9y 355d 9h 20m 8s
Raka looked up at him, and nodded. She looked down at Damon, and sighed. "come with peace, or don't come at all." she told him, and took Garnets hand in hers, feeling jolts, and smiled. "let's go. If we can find the car." she said, and started walking away from her brother, leaving him on the ground, alone.
  kirpa22 / 9y 355d 9h 43m 10s

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