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Jenny wrapped her arms around him and sighed out softly. She knew he loved her but she was so afraid that this pretty little woman would turn his head somehow. She nodded when he said they had to get you and she pressed a kiss to his neck before getting up and throwing on a cardigan. The months were getting colder and she knew the winters could be hard in the mountains.

Jenny stepped outside and looked to Dana. She sighed out and had to bite her tongue. She looked to the other women, they should have known better than to indulge in such things.
“Lunch won’t prepare itself.” She pointed out and raised an eyebrow as she joined Dana in getting lunch set up. She looked over to the men and saw one was hurt.

“What happened? It’s meant be sparring, now claws and no drawing blood.” She asked as she approached and watched some of the healers come out to take a look.
“Hmm, it’s not his fault he’s stronger than some weakling.” Sabrina said as she came up and Jenny shot her a look.
“We don’t hurt our own pack members.” She said to the woman with a bitter tone. Jenny watched the scene, concerned in every aspect that this was a way to weaken the pack.
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Christian was relieved to hear he wasn’t to blame, but he certainly felt bad about how this was affecting Jenny. He could tell she was jealous, and it wasn’t like she had any reason not to be. Christian nervously chuckled then as Sabrina had hit a pretty low spot. Still, wherever she was from she had to know that wasn’t the only responsibility of a Luna, at least not what Christian expected. Maybe she would’ve done well enough had Malcom still be here. It was a bitter thought to think, but it very well was the truth. He reached out and drew her in close to him. “And you are my Luna, the only woman to hold my heart. I know I told you to keep an eye on them, but don’t let them – don’t let [I her] get to you. She’s not worth it. In fact, I’m pretty sure that they’ll be out of our hair soon. They’ve already used two strikes.”

Christian shook his head. They had done a good deed letting them stay with them, protect them and feed him – even housing them. Though the feeling he had that day at the market was slowly turning to be for a reason. He brushed her hair out of her face then “C’mon, everyone is probably wondering where we are.” Little did they know that Jason had already started the sessions, and some of the woman with Sabrina, had parted, sitting down laughing and gossiping.

“What –“ Dana came running over to them. “I’m so glad you are here. That – [I girl] has not allowed anything to be done.” She snarled. Christian sighed, he didn’t know what was going on with the men, but it wasn’t before long to find someone had been hurt, a younger wolf that was sparring with Jordan apparently.
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Jenny heard Christian come in and she knew that Christian and her trusted each other and she just didn’t trust Sabrina or Jason. She knew what Sabrina was trying to do and she hated herself for being so badly tempered with it all and perhaps it acting as dignified and graceful as other Luna’s would have been in this situation but she was so afraid of losing Christian.

She felt his touch and then his lips and she turned over to watch him. She knew it was far too early to actually sleep but she just didn’t want to lash out at Sabrina but she knew she would and she would look like the idiot.
“It’s not you.” She said softly as she sat up, carefully and watched Christian. She trust him but she didn’t trust the other two.
“I don’t trust her around you, Christian.” She murmured.
“How she is around you, how she follows you like a shadow and I know what she wants.” She said to him.

“She wants to be your Luna and have your children and I....” Jenny sighed and ran a hand through her hair, she honestly understood. Christian was attractive and strong and deserved a strong child but the stress of everything had been taking its toll. But she had been glowing lately.
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Christian got a look from James which definitely signified this was not good and he could tell by the looks a few of the pack members were giving him. Christian cleared his throat, trying to wash the lump down with a cup of water. This was the quietest Jenny had been with him when it came to breakfast. They were all talks and giggles just the night before. He finished his food after Jenny, eyes wide as she stormed off. He knew he’d have to talk to her, but Jenny’s temper was a bit out there and truthfully, he wasn’t sure he’d be prepared for that. Still, there was the chance that if he didn’t talk to her, it’d only make the situation worse and he didn’t want her blowing up at Sabrina, though it was something very [I very] likely to happen.

Sabrina had given a small smirk, turning her attention to her meal, satisfied that the plan was going great. Christian headed toward the cabin then, Jenny was curled up in the darkened room, her back to him. He walked in; a bit wary as maybe there was something he could’ve done. He should’ve spoke up, should’ve told her to move. Now, his pack was looking at him odd and he was afraid Jenny was buying into it. Christian sat on the bed then, his hand reaching out to gently rub her back.
“Jenny?” He said softly then, not sure if she was trying to sleep the irritation off. They’d had this talk, and both had agreed they certainly would remain with each other and each other only. Their mark on their necks meant more than anyone could ever know. He himself was a bit irritable, but figured he was picking up on Jenny’s mood. He leaned down to kiss her on her cheek.
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Jenny watched Sabrina as she sat down and she bit her tongue, determined not to say anything but it did bother her. This girl was just here to impress Christian and she was overstepping her boundaries massively. Jenny barely ate, hot temper stealing her appetite as she looked to Dana,
“Excuse me.” She mumbled as she set her plate away and went back to her cabin.

Usually she wouldn’t ever leave Christian’s side but there was something about that girl being there like a constant shadow that was grating on her. Jason was no different with her though, following wherever she went and deliberately causing tension. Jason watched and quirked an eyebrow.
“Trouble in paradise.” He remarked and shrugged and smirked to himself, going back to his food.

Jenny showered and wrapped a towel around herself as she closed the curtains and got dressed into something comfortable. She shouldn’t have sympathised with those two, she should have told them they didn’t have room but her nature had gotten the better of her. She wasn’t sure why instinctively she was overly protective of Christian like this lately but she figured it was because Sabrina was so open about her intentions.
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Sabrina was a bit thrown off by Jenny’s straightforwardness and it was clear that she had every intention to fight for what was hers: Christian. Sabrina didn’t doubt her skills though, no man had resisted her before. “Well our talk seemed to adjust he’s been interested in another Luna; you know a mate who cares and who be a mother.” Sabrina said before quickly walking off. All it took was to get him defenseless, as soon as Jenny doubted Christian, it would be easy for Jason to take her under his wing as one of his many planned Lunas and that would be easy once she lured Christian to his death.

After sparring, Christian had made his way over, he was thinking a lot about what Jason had said and he worried a lot then. The both of them seemed as though they were ready to take over completely, but the game they were playing was subtle. Still, not subtle enough for Jenny or Christian. He walked over toward Jenny and gave her a kiss. “After breakfast, let’s talk alright?” He took a seat on one of the ground around the fire, Sabrina offering him a plate before taking a seat beside him. It wasn’t unusual, no one was really higher than the other. Still, it was unknown for a woman to sit at his side other than Jenny and even James had been concerned as he squeezed in. His other side was the most important, however.

Christian was feeling a bit uncomfortable then, looking to Jenny. He tried not to think anything much of it, pushing it to the back of his mind as he worked through eating his breakfast. He just hoped breakfast would be quiet enough.
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“I slept great.” Jenny said softly as she kissed his cheek and gave him a knowing look before nodding. They had to get set for another day of work and she headed out, helping some of the females with their own sparring. Jenny always thought it was right the females be able to defend themselves. She watched Christian and smiled a little, still loving seeing him spar and how strong he looked. She watched the exchange between him and Sabrina and she knew she had to keep the girl in check.

“You’ve still got that glow.” Dana said as she eyed Jenny, “I’ve seen it before, you know?” She giggled and Jenny eyed her curiously. Dana rolled her eyes and figured the youngster would figure it out soon enough as she helped prepare lunch for everyone, a rich stew and Jenny looked to Sabrina.

“Sorry about yesterday.” Sabrina said and Jenny just gave her a look,
“I’m not sure what game you’re playing, but I don’t take kindly to girls thinking they can claim what’s mine.” Jenny remarked, icily calm as she cut some vegetables and Sabrina smiled a little, glad to be getting a reaction.
“It’s only yours until it strays.” Sabrina muttered with a sickeningly sweet smile.

Jenny grit her teeth and she knew damn well Sabrina was after her Alpha.
“Try it, see what happens.” Jenny remarked. She had killed Iris for being a threat and she wouldn’t hesitate with Sabrina if she was a threat. She looked to Dana who gave her a small nod and handed Sabrina a job to do. Jenny sighed and got in with preparing lunch.
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Christian unfurrow his brows, looking down at Jenny with a smile before kissing her lips. “I’m great,” he said with a smile. “Just couldn’t sleep, went for a run,” He said kissing her cheek. Christian didn’t want to worry Jenny, he knew no good would come out of not telling her, but he could wait just a bit. He figured maybe he should talk to Sabrina, see if he could get a bit of information. He couldn’t tell if the wolf had been one of their own or another lone wolf – maybe this would be a pack ambush onto another pack. Christian was too far to see the other wolf as clearly before they had run off.

He pulled away to head and gather some clothes to shower and changed into. “You sleep alright?” He asked her as he walked up and wrapped his arms around her waist. He nuzzled her nose, relishing in the memory of their night together. He watched Sabrina as she had passed along to her cabin. He wanted to talk to her alone and tried to figure the best moment to come for her.

Christian kissed her cheek, “Come on, let’s get to work yeah?” Christian said. Christian noticed Sabrina heading toward the meeting ground for the women. He’d stopped her then, to which she raised a brow at him, clearly surprised but in a way expecting his approach.

“I need to talk to you.” He said to her.
“About what? You being an eavesdropper?” She asked as she cocked her hip. He stared at her in shock. “Yeah, I can smell you from miles away. You have a very, [I strong] smell.
“So, who was that wolf? Others are not allowed without mine or Jenny’s permission.”
“Right Jenny – “ she said sarcastically. “Look, Jason and I just like to talk alone sometimes. That’s who it was alright?” It was true, he’d only sparred with Jason in human form so far.
“Just try not to stray away, alright?” He told her before heading toward the males.
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Jenny had never known Christian to be so passionate, so protective and powerful as he claimed her and she had tried to match him. She of course slept wonderfully and she felt Christian part from her, stirring a little and reaching out to try and convince him to stay in bed but she was too late. She sat up a few minutes later and blinked around the room. She went for a shower and changed, knowing everyone would still be resting.

Jenny looked up as Christian came back, watching him transform and he looked like something was on his mind. She tied her hair up and away from her face, looking over to him.
“Everything alright?” She asked him, going over and looping her arms around his shoulders. Last night had been incredible and she was still wary of the two newcomers and their intentions. She didn’t think any member of the pack should be going off alone just in case hey were set upon by the pair.

Jenny kisses Christian’s cheek and sat by the window as she fixed her hair and looked out at the area they called home. She noticed Sabrina walking back into her cabin and raised an eyebrow. Where had she been? She looked to Christian, green eyes surveying him.
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Christian was glad they had been able to have a moment of peace at least and he eagerly wrapped his arms at Jenny. He caressed her cheek as they kiss. He wasn’t paranoid of Jenny; it was of Jason. If he had kissed her that easily, his strength was questionable and what if Jason’s actions went even farther? He couldn’t risk it, but he would never doubt Jenny’s love for him, much as he hoped that she wouldn’t think he’d fall into some blatant disrespect as being with Sabrina. He tipped his neck then, feeling her lips gentle against his scar. “I love you too,” he promised. Christian had drawn Jenny in for another kiss, hovering over her. It was interesting then that Christian’s love for Jenny wasn’t about this sick sense of possession. It was just the idea of being tied to someone you could love so much you would die for them; it did feel like in a way you each [I belonged] to one another.

This was different. Jason had stepped into their territory and violated the right of an Alpha and a Luna. It invigorated Christian and maybe it was stupid and not needed, but he wanted to prove to Jenny or to himself just who was the Alpha of the pack. Growling against her neck, he’d taken Jenny like unlike before. They had changed quite a bit, but their love would remain.

Christian awoke earlier than usual in the morning, he sighed out, he had suggested a later sparring session, so everyone get a good bit of sleep in and recovery. He kissed Milli on her forehead, gently peeling away from her and heading to the bathroom. He was returning back to the bedroom when he smelled a slightly knew scent, but it was familiar. Christian looked toward Jenny, debating whether to check it out or not, she would kill him for not telling her. Christian walked out of the cabin, shifting when outside, stealthily climbing the mountains he picked up the scent. He hid in the shadows; it was Sabrina talking to a wolf. Her hand had reached out to pet it. Almost as if knowing they were watched; they both ran off.

Christian quietly headed back to the cabin, his mind running with questions as he shook into his human form.
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Jenny was surprised by Christian's actions of such a public display of affection but she didn't stop him. She smiled a little and it felt nice to state their claim to each other in the presence of others. She watched him in the low light and glanced to Jason, figuring Christian was right, it was best to avoid him at all costs. She watched as the night wound down slowly and followed Christian back to the cabin, leaning on the dresser as he undressed.

"It was nice." She agreed quietly. They had dealt with vampires and all out war but they had not ever dealt with anyone trying to rip them apart in this way. She changed her clothes so she was more comfortable and got into bed, turning out the light.
"You know I love you, right?" She murmured gently. She truly did love him and she didn't want him to doubt it when it came to this new mess they found themselves in. If Jason was here for trouble then so was Sabrina and Jenny wasn't sure she would have the same control as Christian if the other woman made a blatant move on him.

She leaned up and pressed a kiss to his lips, letting it trail down slowly to the mark on his neck. Tonight had been wonderful and reminded Jenny that despite how busy they both were sometimes, Christian was the same man she had fallen in love with all that time ago.
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“Well, let’s just say Jason is here to [I prove] himself and not in a good way. Just, don’t let him near you.” Of course, it went without saying for Jenny as they both worried about one another when it came to their safety. Christian wasn’t going to say he was intimidated by Jason, but he did have some qualities that would make him vicious and relentless when it came to coming at Jenny and knocking Christian from his position. He pulled back to look at. Jenny, she looked gorgeous and her har seemed to glow, illuminating her face perfectly. Every now and then the light would catch on the mark on her neck; it was a sign that would bound them together forever and no one could easily come between them. Christian leaned into kiss Jenny. It wasn’t usual they shared such a deep kiss in public, but he couldn’t help himself.

Christian pulled back gently, his lips brushing gently over her lips and tugging on her bottom lip ever so carefully. He smiled down at her and looked into those bright green eyes. “I love you,” he told her, as though she would need a reminder. He brushed a strand of hair from her face, looking up to see the look of anger on Jason’s face. He could see his sister walking over, but Christian had no intentions of playing into that. Still, Sabrina thought it best to feel out where Jenny was, she knew her brother kissing her would’ve caused a light to burst in her. After all, Jason was a bit persistent.

Christian spent the night with Jenny, just wanting to enjoy themselves with Dana and James, who also did not like the wolves. The night soon came to an end and Christian kissed Jenny as the entered the cabin. He was extremely happy and relaxed for once. “That was a good idea,” Christian said as he pulled away, getting undressed then.
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Jenny looked somewhat relieved when Christian made it back safely, in time to toast to the health of the newest arrival. She did hope that in the coming months they would have their own celebration but Jenny was worried the death of their child was a warning sign that maybe she wasn't supposed to be a mother. She looked to Christian when he asked her to dance and set her drink aside.

She took his hand and nodded,
"Always." She murmured in acceptance to his offer of a dance. She watched him as she leaned up and kissed his cheek softly.
"What was that about?" She asked him quietly, curious on what had transpired between the two men. Christian didn't look hurt but he did look handsome by the firelight and she couldn't remember the last time she had just enjoyed his company and been this relaxed, not worrying about what job needed done next.

Jenny wrapped her arms around him, placing her hands on his shoulders, watching how his features caught the light. She knew how protective he was of her because she felt the same way as him, for him.
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“Hey Jason,” Christian said as he reached the small cluster. The others had quieted in their conversation, though the festivities were still going on behind them.
“Christian,” he said with a cocky smile. Christian cleared his throat, “Can we have some privacy guys?” He asked, the crowd soon departing he knew Jenny was worried about him, but he had told himself to just remain calm. “Look, I just want to say I don’t know your past and I’m not really sure what your intentions are for your sister, but what I will say is if I hear anything from Jenny regarding you that I don’t like, or if you even touch her – next time we meet won’t be so pleasant.”
It was quiet then, though his hand was on Jason’s shoulder, holding him with much force. He could hear Jason growl to which he growled in return.

It was soon the time to officially welcome Dawn and Christian knew it was important for them to be there.
“Do we have an understanding?” Jason had shrugged his hand off his shoulder.
“Yes, and I agree, I am one to watch,” he muttered as he made his way back to his sister. Christian clucked under his tongue and gladly accepted his drink, toasting to the health of the little girl and overall for the pack. He came to Jenny’s side then and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Soon they would be having their own celebration. He easily took bac the drink and after eating, he wanted to get Jenny dancing, though mostly wanted to be closer to her to discuss what was going on with the two and his experience with Jason.

“Do you want to dance?” He asked her with a smile.
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Jenny sat with some food and she watched the others, glad to be introduced properly to the newest member, Dawn, who was just weeks old but her mother had brought her out to meet everyone. Jenny smiled and looked to Christian, a little wary but she nodded. She spotted Sabrina trying to move after them and Jenny watched her,
"Stay put." Jenny muttered and wondered if she knew anything of pack life.

Jenny relaxed by the fire and did her best to focus on Christian. He was strong, he was bright and he wouldn't get himself in trouble of Jason but she did worry when he was out of her sight in times like this. Red strands fell into her eyes, glowing in the firelight as she watched the pack together, toasting to the health of the newest member and she couldn't help but think it was beautiful. She would have never imagined their life would be like this when she first met Christian. She felt like she belonged and it was wonderful.

Jenny watched Sabrina and how edge she seemed to be about her brother being alone with Christian and she made sure the woman didn't leave her sight.
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