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Christian took the phone, kissing her in return as she walked away. Christian took a seat on the bed then, sighing out as he opened the phone and scrolled the contacts before finding Lauren’s number. He called from his phone then, waiting for an answer.

“Christian?” Lauren’s voice instantly made him relax. He laid back on the bed with his eyes closed, remembering the times she would hug him or ruffle his hair – anything to comfort him on his worse days and she was always sticking up for him when it came to fights with Marcus. “Is everything alright?” She asked.

“We lost the pack,” he said, and he could here the slight ruffling, knowing that Marcus more than likely had taken the phone.
“Let me guess, a doe eyed girl with too much libido and a jackass of a brother?” He yelled into the phone. There was a lot of background noise and Christian wondered just where they were.” He sat up then.
“Yeah Jason and –“
“Sabrina,” Lauren snarled, and something told Christian that she had the same experience with Sabrina as Jenny. “We came across them about maybe a month after leaving. Felt bad for them, took them in and let’s just say, they got us and got us good.” There was what sounded like glass shattering in the distance.
“Listen Christian, can’t talk now, but it’s best you’re far from them. I’ll call when we’re safe, tell jenny we miss her.” The line went dead then and Christian looked to the phone in shock. [I When they were safe?] Just what was going on?

Christian washed up and headed downstairs, figuring he’d tell Jenny about what happened when they were alone. The place looked a bit better, a little more lived in with people at the table alight. Dinner smelled and looked great. They all finally came to sit at the table, and it was just as a pack was supposed to be, like a family – relaxed and trusting. Christian figured it had been a stressful day and wanted them to just enjoy their meal. They could figure out their plans and scheduling in the morning after a goodnight’s rest.
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Jenny watched Christian and she didn’t want him to think that she somehow thought any less of him. He had walked away from a fight, yes, but for all of the right reasons. In a fair fight, she knew Christian would outsmart Jason but in a fight where Jason would no doubt cheat and sneak, she wasn’t so sure. Christian was a good man, an honest man and she adored him for it but she also knew how badly it could go wrong.

Dinner sounded good, amidst everything she hadn’t realised she was hungry. She nodded to him and rifled around for her phone, taking it out and handing it to him.
“I’ll give you some time, alright?” She said softly and she kissed his lips before setting the flower in a glass of water by the bed and heading downstairs.

Everyone seemed in good spirits, comfortable at least for now and Dana was humming away in the kitchen and Jenny smiled a little, glancing to Cara who was resting with little Dawn.
“Smells good.” Jenny complimented and Dana nodded as she turned the radio up a little.
“Think we’ll be alright here?” Dana asked Jenny. Jenny wasn’t sure, but she knew it was the best option they had right then.
“I think so.” She said softly with a comforting smile.

“Something smells great.” Jason said as he came in the kitchen and chuckled,
“Where’s your alpha gotten off to?” He asked Jenny and she smiled a little,
“He’s just got some stuff to deal with. Don’t worry.” She said as she helped Dana and then set up the dining table. She set some glasses out and Dana plated up. Jenny sat at the table and then eyed everyone sitting around it. They were all lucky to be here and she was grateful for their presence.
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Christian chuckled as he held her close, glad she accepted his apology. Christian kissed her forehead. “I know, it was for the best. This is why love you,” he told her with a small smile. Christiana and Jenny both looked up at the same time, but he figured maybe it was just an animal or maybe just a bit of their imagination. He was a bit paranoid, knowing they were all they had was a bit scary. Still, all those weeks spent training and sparring would finally come in handy.
“And you’ll always be my Luna; my smart beautiful Luna.” He said. Christian was still a bit on edge. “We should maybe set up patrols. Just for the first week you know, I want to make sure we know the area, just as well as you do.” Christian suggested, there he was back in Alpha mode, but this time almost as if he were anticipating an attack or ambush. By who? He was still unclear about.

Christian brushed back a bit of her red hair. “So, us men decided to help with dinner.” He said to her. “I guess if we are going to be here, we have to treat it like our new home and with that, comes our first communal dinner.” Would they be here forever? Christian wasn’t sure. He figured that eventually the pack would come to their sense and he could reclaim the mountain, though Christian knew even if the people turned on him Jason would challenge him.

“Lauren mentioned something about giving you a number; do you still have it?”
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Jenny was fixing the sheets on the bed in her and Christian’s room, finally making it look presentable. She opened the doorway to the balcony and stepped out, looking over the lake and running a hand through her hair. She knew they were more at risk out here by themselves, there was a safety in numbers when it came to packs.

She heard the men come back and looked over her shoulder when she heard footsteps, glad at least the place was back to habitable and eventually they would make it their own.
“Hey.” Jenny said, hesitantly, almost wary of what mood Christian would be in. He probably had dented pride and it must have felt bad to walk away from the pack. She looked to the flower he had picked, smiling softly at him.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cause all of this but I don’t want to see you hurt.” She said to him quietly.

Jenny had to double take as she could have sworn she saw movement along the treeline that surrounded the house and she figured it was a trick of the light, maybe. She looked back to Christian and wrapped her arms around him.
“You’re still my Alpha.” Nothing has changed in her eyes.
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The boys had headed out in the truck, toward town. Jenny was right, it was a nice location. It was still private, flat land which meant easy to pick out strangers in your territory and it was close to town. They’d loaded up on food mostly, some medical supplies if needed. Christian kept feeling like something was off, and at first, he considered that maybe Jason was stalking them, but he couldn’t even pick up the scent of that mutt. That was what freaked him out, he knew that there was someone there, but he couldn’t sniff them out. Christian figured maybe h was just stressed from this whole pack situation. When they arrived back at the house, everything seemed to look better and the house smelled like cleaning supplies and a burning cinnamon candle.

They unloaded everything, Nte and James in the back setting up a pit to grill the meat. Christian figured the women had been doing a lot of work and maybe it would be nice to help out with dinner by serving it; things were much more intimate with a small pack and Christian started to think about how this reminded him of Marcus and Lauren and Cecilia. That’s seemed like so long ago. He missed them terribly. If Marcus was here, he would’ve told Christian what to do. Was it right that he hadn’t fought Jason?
Christian wen on the hunt for Jenny, holding a loose flower he had picked at the market. He knew earlier he had been a bit of an ass and hoped that he could at least make up for his actions. It wasn’t her fault and she was looking out for him, as usual.

In the distance, a twig was snapped underneath a silver heeled boot, a cloak waving in the distance as the man walked the perimeter of the home, watching as men and women came in and out. He knew their kind, all too well.
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Jenny looked around the dusty home and she remembered coming here as a child and having family reunions. She looked to Christian and watched him, she could tell he was annoyed and she wasn’t sure if he was annoyed at her or not. She nodded when he mentioned going to town.
“I’ll stay, sort some of the cleaning here.” She said to him and looked to the others with a small, but hopeful smile. This wasn’t ideal for anyone. But if they had stayed, they could have died.

Jenny set about with Dana and Cara, sweeping and doing what they could without supplies for now. The front room had a massive fireplace and Jenny figured maybe there was some logs in the hut out back as she hopped outside and inspected for a while. She figured they could at least get some heat in the place. She lit the fire and watched it roar into life, smiling a little as she took the white sheets off of furniture. It had been around a year or so since she had been here and nothing had changed.

She went upstairs to inspect the rooms and put her case in her favourite room, one that had a wooden balcony outside and a great view of the lake. It wasn’t the biggest but she suggested Cara take that one for Dawn and her Alpha. Dana took up the far end room, content with privacy for now. Soap and water was easy to come by as Jenny started to wash down surfaces.
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Christian tried not to look back and he knew that there was no need in trying to convince everyone that they were making the wrong decision. He got into the car then; Dana and James were sitting in the bed of the truck and Nate and his Luna and their baby were in the back sat. The car ride for the most part hadn’t been entirely too long but was a bit uncomfortable with how silent it was, and it was clear that everyone was unhappy with being forced out of their own pack, from their own territory. Christian was fuming and a part of him wanted Jenny to turn around, but he knew that this was for the best and if they wanted to follow someone blindly, then so be it. The other wolves had started to head toward the house it was in good condition and would no doubt just need some cleaning which they could all take part in.

“Should be,” Christian mumbled as he leaned against the truck, looking down at his hands. “This is bullshit,” he said, and he wasn’t frustrated at Jenny, but he certainly was upset. He grabbed their things and started to head inside. The house had a good amount of bedrooms which was nice, considering Nate and his Luna Cara had their daughter Dawn to consider. “We need food, maybe some cleaning supplies,” he said out loud.

“You want to go into town?” He asked James and Nate. He just wanted to discuss with his closest men, what their thoughts were on moving forward and he just needed to get out and work through his frustrations by staying busy.
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Jenny watched Sabrina, a bored expression on her face as she did so.
“Good luck winter, you’re going to need it.” She said to the group as she looked Sabrina over from head to toe, very slowly before turning and heading over to pack her own things, throwing it into a case and loading up the truck. She didn’t want to stay here, not like this. Whoever wanted to stay, could say but she didn’t want anyone getting dragged into this. She loaded up the truck and cast a look over the pack once more. She got into the driving seat and gripped the steering wheel.

“Let’s go.” She said, pulling off and remaining silent for a while as she tried to navigate the roads to remember the roads to the old lake house. She figured it was hers now, her father had always said he would leave everything to her when he died. Jenny swallowed slightly and it took a couple hours of driving until they came into an opening. A large cabin was on the edge of a bright lake and it was quiet.

Jenny glanced to the other and motioned she’d be in,
“There’s a key under the plant pot.” She told them and took a moment. She hadn’t been here in a long time, and that had been with her father. She sighed out as she got out the truck and stretched her legs and arms, heading inside with her own case.
“Should be big enough for us.” She murmured but she did know that Sabrina and Jason would no doubt want to follow them. This was a good location, not too far from town, good hunting lands and ample water. It was sheltered and she knew it was a prime location but they wouldn’t run her off this land.
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Gasps shook through the group then and it was clear that Sabrina did not take her comment very lightly.
“Excuse you?” Sabrina stated as raised her brow, her hand on her hip as she watched Jenny. The two had bad blood the minute she stepped into her space and Sabrina knew it was all a fit of jealousy. “I’m pretty sure if I bothered to fight you. You’d be a shredded bloody mess and Christian would have no doubts as to who he’d be going after.” She knew Jenny wasn’t going to fight her. She cared too much about what others thought and more than likely had been forbidden to do so by Christian. Sabrina wanted Jenny to see the bigger picture. It was time that the wolves stopped hiding and stopped putting their faith in these Alphas stuck in the old ways. This was their land, and it was time they start acting like it. Christian was old and already one fight away from being broken – Jenny, was beautiful and strong – but too headstrong. This pack would only so well if Jason took over, a young and vibrant male with e passion to fight.

Christian had returned with James, and the other wolf Nate. They had packed the truck up with their belongings. It was interesting to Christian then how he realized the wolves wouldn’t have an easy time transporting items from town without a truck and game was rare during winter, which was an aggravating time when it came to hunting.

Sabrina was close to Jenny then, snarling in her face. “This little poor thing seems to have wound you up,” Sabrina puckered her lips then, kissing the air with a chuckle. Christian knew it was best they get out before one of them turned violent, but he wasn’t sure he could stop Jenny if she were to shift.
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Jenny for the most part kept her head down but Sabrina’s approach caused her to glanced up, eyeing the woman and she was horrendously calm as her eyes surveyed the woman.
“ [i Our] Christian, Huh?”] Jenny remarked and placed a hand on her hip.
“I don’t share, and you have no idea what sort of a man he is, what sort of Alpha.” She looked the onlooking pack members.

“You all know. He fought Xavier and Iris with you, he bled beside each and every one of you. If the Luna’s hadn’t fought that day side by side we would all be dead.” She said, watching a few of the Luna’s looking ashamed and glancing away.
“By all means, feed into these two children then by all means, knock yourselves out. But don’t think we will always be around to fix it.” Jenny turned her gaze back to Sabrina.
“I would rip your throat out, if I thought you were worth the effort.” She said and smirked a little.

“This pack’s loyalty runs as thinly as water. Luna’s should do exactly the same as their Alphas. Then again,” Jenny eyed Sabrina over,
“I wouldn’t expect you to understand, poor little thing doesn’t have an Alpja of her own so has to go sniffing around others.” Jenny was sick of this all.
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Of course, Christian was upset, and he wanted to go against everything that Jenny was suggesting. He knew she was right through and like any good Luna, she was doing the right thing in stopping him from making a stupid decision. Christian sighed out, not saying much of anything before kissing her on the cheek. “Fine,” he mumbled. He headed toward the other men, but it was clear that very few were on their side. James was his closest friend and had managed to convince a younger couple to stay on their side as well. This was the couple who had just had the newest pack member, Dawn. James and Dana had explained to them that it was in their best interest and for the safety of their child to stick close with them. They knew the pack wasn’t about who had the most power but looking out for one another.

The day didn’t seem to be going by very well, Jason was very easily convincing the wolves that he would do much good in being their leader. Christian couldn’t take it truly, he was becoming angrier by the second, his body trembling with the urge to act on his frustrations and challenge Jason. This was his and it wasn’t just given to Christian. They had all put their lives on the line. “It’s not worth it,” James said under his breath.

Christian clenched his hands together, he felt like an outsider surrounded by who he thought were his own people.
“I’m going to go pack,” he said with the hopes that he’d have a second of time to get his anger out in the safety of his own cabin.
Sabrina had walked toward Jenny and the others. “Where you guys over here? Trust me, Jason knows what he’s doing and Jenny – you can’t tell me you wouldn’t rather just to spend your days, enjoying being in the arms of [I our] Christian. You’re a Luna, we shouldn’t have to work.”
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Jenny didn’t want to leave either but the alternative was watching Christian fight, and she believed in his strength but she didn’t trust Sabrina and Jason to act fair. Jenny looked to Dana as she nodded and went to find James. She turned her gaze to Christian, they had worked hard for this pack and it stung to know so many would turn their backs like this. She could tell he was angry and upset by it all but she wouldn’t watch him possibly die.

“We’ll find somewhere safe. My dad used to have a lake house, maybe we can set up there for a while?” She offered and she knew they didn’t have much but she was prepared to keep Christian safe and if Sabrina or Jason followed then she would be sure to teach them a lesson. She leaned over and kissed his cheek softly.
“Carry on as normal, just hope Jason doesn’t challenge you today.” She mumbled and looked over to where everyone was scattered around.

Jason and Sabrina were young, they didn’t know what it meant to lead a pack and what hardships would come their way but Jenny did know that the two of them were sneaky.
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“You think the whole pack would bend and fold against me?” Christian asked and his ego was blown some that it seemed Jenny didn’t think he could win the fight. Of course Jason would play dirty, but it was tradition to fight and Christian and Jenny had put a lot into this pack since the war. Surely, some of them had to be on their sides. Right? Had he disappointed Jenny or not proven himself considering he hadn’t fought Malcom?

“We can’t leave, this is our pack, our territory.” It was true though, the likelihood that Jason had planted some ideas in their heads that made everything seem wonderful now and twenty plus wolves against four weren’t really great numbers. Christian was torn. Jason had sauntered into his territory, kissed his Luna and was now taking over his pack and the three of them felt it best to just let him have it?

If he fought though, Christian knew that there was a high chance he could lose his wife or be injured so badly it would be impossible for him to ever fight again and what good what that do to protect Jenny and the others if he needed to. Sucking his teeth and shoved his balled fists into his pockets. “Fine, but we leave tonight alright? I don’t want to face the shame of being seen walking away.” Christian couldn’t believe this was happening, but he also knew that simply walking away wasn’t going to stop anything. Jason surely didn’t want any competition and he was positive that as soon as their backs were turned Jason would send an alert to attack.
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Jenny watched Sabrina saunter off and she looked to Dana who tutted. She glanced to the exchange between Jason and Christian, looking to the other pack members and shaking her head. She took Christian’s hand and lead him to the nearest campfire away from everyone else.

“We should go.” She said quietly,
“I don’t want this to end up in a mutiny, Christian. If an entire pack sets on us then we won’t stand a chance.” She murmured and she wouldn’t risk Christian’s life or his pride by fighting Jason. Dana has overheard and she approached.

“If you two leave, then I’m going too. I don’t like these young kids, and they won’t get us through a hard winter in the mountains.” Dana said and Jenny smiled softly to her. Dana has been nothing but loyal to them since the war with Xavier and Iris. She looked to Christian and knew he was an alpha and he would always be an Alpha in her eyes.
“I don’t want Jason to take this by force, it’s not worth it and he’s not the type to fight fair either.” She murmured.
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Christian was way beyond what was going on. He could see that first tear in the well-made fabric that kept this pack together.
“No matter what, we do not act like a bunch of rabid dogs in a cage – sparring is never to eb done in your wolf form.” He was shocked to find that the man had been harmed to such a degree and this wasn’t an accident, he knew that for sure from his sparring with Jason himself. The healers had taken him to a cabin to get his wounds tended to. Christian didn’t have to worry about the women, knowing Jenny was getting a handle of that and he also knew she more than likely wasn’t too happy considering Sabrina had been behind this and already had pissed her off for the day.

“Hey what’s your problem?” Christian said to Jason, dragging him from his little group by the arm.
“My problem is you handling me like I’m a little pup, knowing I can do worse by you than I did that wimp crying in the infirmary.”
“I gave you two passes; this is your final one. My Luna and I don’t take kindly to whatever you and your sister are [I playing at].” Jason wasn’t here during the war, when he and Jenny had risked their lives for these wolves. He didn’t know what it meant to be an Alpha. Jason was too cocky for his own good and one of these days it was going to catch up to him and he would soon realize what was loyalty and wasn’t.
“I don’t need a pass or a warning. You’re losing your pack; they’re tired of being worked by you day in and day out. We are powerful, we should be enjoying our gift. Just watch, soon I won’t have to do anything, they’ll just follow.”

Christian watched in surprise then as Jason walked away. He knew without words, Jason was trying to take control of the pack and by the looks of things, it seemed to be heading that way soon.
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